THE SCAMS INC GROUP INVESTIGATIONS, have assembled clear and convincing evidence of the fixes, bribery, fraud, mafia tactics, under color of law, money laundering, conspiracy involving slovak baron empy esqs, shaun Murphy Esq, Roemer Harnik and Mary Gilstrap Gsqs,  in concert with Judge David Chapman a incompetent sociop[ath who was selected by Gov Brown in 2012 as a Superior Court Judge on the “recommendation” of Gilstrap, Harnik and SBE. Then they recommended James Latting who worked for Roemer Harnik. Both of these “appointees” became the Judges in the Palm Springs Branch of the Riverside Superior Court System.

The perfect storm was spawned. Two corrupt and Fizxed low-line lawyers, given broad and sweeping power by a Governor who was conned, and then these Law-Offices, in Palm Springs formulate the Palm Springs Courthouse Civil Branch, severd it from Indio, and placed these two Fixed Judges in the Palm Springs Courthouse. Yes, just these two judicial whores who were and are owned by Murphy, Harnik, Gilstrap and Slovak Baron .

At the time all of this was being formulated thees Firms (Roemer Harnik and SBE) were little Firms in Palm Springs and Indian Wells Ca. Dick Roemer was still alive and a decent sort. But Brian Harnik from brooklyn Ny and Mary Gilstrap had higher aspirations, as did SBE and Shaun Murphy. The Aspiration to have a Courthouse and Judges thatb they Owned and where they can arrange FIXES, for Fees. Fixes for their own Cases and Fixes for the Firms that PAY TO PLAY.

The only 2 Judges at the Palm Springs Branch are Chapman and Latting. Once in a while a Roving Judge such as Haynes or Borjk show up and they better follow the Direction of the Ringleaders, and they Do. Haynes is  a Gay idiot who has abused many litigants by his fixed MO and or stupidity. Even harassing a 95 year old lady by Evicting her.

No sooner the Palm Springs Courthouse got going, so did SBE, Murphy and Harnik. Both got fancy Digs for Law Offices and Gilstrap and Murphy were the “Rabbis” for the setting-up of Fixes.

We have not only proved all of this but we have proved that each Clerk in the Palm Springs Court are part of the Scam.  Clerks such as Marty Allen, Maggi Martinez, Lety Reyna, L. Zuneiga, Gloria, Mr Carver, Chris and others alter and forge the Dockets, Spoliate Exhibits and Pleadings, forge courtroom Minutes, tamper and forge Transcrripts back Date Proofs of Service, Lie to Litigants over the phones, take Litigants Court Fees and letters and not record them in the Record.

This same activity spawns to the Riverside Superior Courts and the Riverside Superior Court Appeals Department. The Ckerks, Natasha Seltzer, L.Concepetione, L.Lopez and others forge the Docket, tamper with litigant Records and Spoliate them, lie, cheat and forge Records. This MO is all part of the Criminal Enterprise of the Riverside Court System where these Fixes and conspiracy make these Corrupt Lawyers, Fixed Judges and Clerk allies millions of dollars a year in Fixed Cases, manipulated by Ghostwriting of Rulings for these corrupt judges by Murphy, SBE, Harnik, Gilstrap and others; and by Rulings made that have no logic and that are transparent for persons who understand Court Larceny just as David Copperfield kows every Magic Trick.

The Riverside Superior Court Appeals Dept. have generated Rulings that are clear attempts to shroud the Corruption, larceny, fraud, depriving Due Process by proved acts engaged in by Chapman that any legitimate Judge would refer for Criminal prosecution.

The Appeal Department, Judge Marquez, and all of her cohorts, rather than be pleased that they have been put in a position of important Public Trust, and Honor it, they engage in cheating, lies, deception, depriving litigants homes rights and health for corruption. Marquez is Mexican and yet she abuses her position by acts of larceny, fraud and cheating. Colluding with Chapman, Murphy and Judge Dugan to cover-up the criminal enterprise they all, are a part of ——using the US and California Constitutions, the Penal Codes and CCP to loot, steal and extort honest litigants for unjust reward. If it were not for America, the ilk of Marquez would be picking lettuce in a Mexican farm field. So rather tahn savor her “good-fortune” she uses it to steal, loot and rob in concert with corrupt lawyers, other Judges who are incompetent crooks and now caught.

We have the evidence of Marquez acts of Larceny and eepriving the Rules of Law by Obsrtuction of Justice. This Criminal Enterprise in Riverside, Palm Springs and other Desert Cities has embraced the Police, Sheriff Office, other Law Enforcement, and as deep as embracing the Mainstreem Press and Television.

We have presented the Desert Sun Paper greg Burton and Sherry Barkas and others a carload of evidence of these criminal activities.We have delivered to KESQ Rich Tarpineg a plethora of evidence of these and other criminal activities involving Mayors, City Council and Lawyers involved in Ponzi scams, grand larceny and over $500Million in Scams, and these Mavens fail and refuse to inform yje Citizens of the Riverside, Palm Springs, La Quinta what thn hell is going on?

These idiots do not realize by their refusal to Report, such makes them Complicit in these established crimes.

The Desert Sun even refuses to retract outright fraud proffered by the Desert Sun Paper.

THE US CONSTITUTION demands that when a Judge or Public Official Abuses Power and violates Public Trust, such Judge must be IMPEACHED.

Here we have evidence of Chapman, Latting, Marquez and other Superior Court Judges engaging in a consistent pattern of Judicial Larceny, Racketeering and  Fraud.

We have proofs of Chapman in conspiracy with Murphy engaging in stalking, police-sheriff brutality, menacing, stalking,  intimidation by phone, at the Courthouse, at private property threats, trespass, breaking and entering grounded on Chapman-Murphy’s Fraudulent scheme in concert with the Riverside Sheriff Office, illegal eviction grounded on Chapman and Murphy’s fraud, forgery, doctoring of Records, threats, intimidation and racketeering with members of Organized Crime.

Chapman has been bribed and compromised by Murphy and his “Handlers”  since hie put on “Black-Robes” in 2012—–TO DETERMINE ANY LITIGATED ISSUE BASED ON THE ‘BRIBE” NOT THE LAW.


The FBI has a Field office in Palm Springs, Ca. We have delivered a carload of evidence involving the Criminal Enterprises, Ponzi Schemes, Grand Larceny, RICO, Civil Rights Violations under Title 18 of USC. Mail and Wire Fraud, and a myriad of USC Title 18 Violations of Federal Laws, involving Judicial corruption,
and City of La Quinta Fraud, Grand Larceny, Mail and Wire Fraud, Breach of Fiduciary Duties, Collusion involving the Press, Extortion, Threats, Grand Larceny, and much more.

We Know what EVIDENCE is and have provided it to the FBI, in Palm Springs.

Sadly, and based upon the paper trail and acts and failure to act by the 2 Agents in that Office, we are now even more allarmed that this Riverside Criminal Enterprise, may have polluted these Agents and it hasd polluted the Sheriff Office to engage in stalking, intimidation, threats, harassment, bullying, trespass, unlawful theft  of a Senior Citizen’s Property who has cancer, heart disease, COPD and other medical disorders, and grounded on a Chapman Ruling that was outright fraud, fabrication and conspiracy with Murphy and SBEMP.

The Damages Sustained are astronomical  as these bthreats, abuses and stalking resulted in Quad-Bypass Surgery, and

now criminal threats and harassment eminating from Murphy and Chapman who are and have hired again, thugs, under the guise of law, to harass, stalk, threaten and misuse interstate instrumentalities to extort, alarm and shroud this now exposed Criminal Enterprise.

We believe that Chapman and Murphy are desperate and dangerous Rats. Both are sociopaths who see their Criminal Enterprise crumbeling and want to try and stop it by engaging if threats, stalking and Larceny. Murphy is a Irish-Mafia Thug who cant win a Case without a Fixed Courtroom.

Chapman is a thief, cheat, and who likes his unjust and TAX-FREE, BRIBE MONEY.


We have the  GOODS on Murphy, Chapman and Latting and every Clery,  Marquez, Dugan and others in Riverside. We have advised Christopher Wray, the new FBI Director with all Evidence. We are delivering a entire file on this to Senators Al Frankin, Joh Mc Cain, Scheumer and others. We are sending the Package to Trump, Hanity, Fareed Zacharia, Rush, Rachel Maddeow.

The Criminal Enterprise we have exposed in Riverside is no different than the Criminal Enterprise we exposed in the NY County Supreme Court, Nassau and Kings County. In the NY Expose we spent 10 years developing that systemic judicial  larceny involving not only the Lower Courts but the Appellate Division 1st Department and even to the Court of Appeals. We have evidence of NY Judicial Larceny,Fraud, Bribery and Conspiracy involving a long list of present and former Judges (now with NAM Arbitration).

John Gotti believed that he was the TEFLON DON, until SAMMY GRAVANO  ratted.

We have the Goods on all of the Judges and the Lawyers who compromised them for Millions in Black Robe Larceny.

There is no  more Teflon. The matter before us here in California and Riverside, not New Yourk, which is for another day.

The matters now at hand are gravely serious as now Chapman, Murphy and others are desperate to shroud this multi million Criminal Enterprise involving Judicial corruption, Wells Marvin Old town Mega million Pionzi Scam

And the La Quinta Silverrock $500Million Scam involving the Mayor, City  Counsel, Montage Intl, Robert green Company, the Desert Sun Paper, Kesq and the apparent complicity of the Press ion the scam to shroud the Riverside Criminal Operations all proved with evidence materials.

Ludges do not have any compunctions to murder, as in Nassau NY State Gudge Goella was named by the Victim Sunny Sheu who was Bludgoned to death after Exposing Goella, and stated so on YouTube 3 weks before Sheu was Murdered.

We have the evidence of the Riverside enterprise of Judicial Fixes and the use of the Sheriff Depuities like Nazi Germany to loot, scam,. intimidate and bully under color of Corrupt Law.

We hope that the FBI Agents in Palm Springs were not Compromised, but the evidence and conduct is very alarming.

We believe that this MUST be aired out in DC and that a GRAND JURY  immediately convined to Prove the Mega-Millions being Stolen by Judicial Corruption in concert with Murphy, Latting, Chapman Marquez, a medley of Corrupt Courthouse Clerks, the Desert Sun Paper, KESQ, La Quinta City Officers, Wells Marvin and SBEMP, Harnik, Gilstrap, Murphy and others in concert with this Organized Criminal Enterprise.

We believe that Murphy, Chapman and their Thugs are mentally deranged and thus dangerous.