George and Antonia Pavia

THE SCAMS INC GROUP INVESTIGATIONS and its Affiliates have been Investigating and Reporting  on the established crimes, bribery, racketeering and extortion engaged in by George Pavia allied by his larcenous affected wife and his Front Law-Office. All of them have been charged and convicted of money laundering, grand larceny, bribery of state court judges in NY and California, and worse.

Thus, we have decided to revisit and finally “put a lid’ on th Pavia’s crimes, Tax Evasion, Defrauding the USDC-SDNY, Bribery of NY State Court Judges Joan Madden, Paul Wooten, JHO Ira Gammerman, and others who are or were Appellate Court 1st Dept Judges in NYC. Here is the “beginning-of-the-end” for George Pavia who we are advised by informants is now wandering the Loby of 580 Park Ave, NYC where George and Antonia bought a Unit on the 2nd Floor with looted funds by stealing Rent Stabilization Rights from their Tenants at 18 E. 73  St NYC thanks to the dishonesty of NY County Judge Joan Madden who engaged in condoning perjury, witholding evidence and findings by the ECB-NY Court that the Pavias engaged in rampant perjury, fraud, forgery of Filings at the Department of Buildings in NYC, filing Forged DOB Certificate o9f Corrections, imperiling the safety of Tenants all ignored by Madden. We havde a carload of evidence of not only Madden’s Fraud Upon the Court, but Maddens scheme to pollute other Judges to serve her own Larceny in aiding the Pavias.

in Fact Madden and Pavia compromised Former Appellate Judge Louis Gonzalez who was caught also defrauding Rent Stabilization, Nepotism at the APp Dept and other suspect acts. Madden also aided Pavia and his Minion Kenneth Gomez in the Lootion of $230,000.00 in a Med-Mal case Settlement where Gomez engaged in fraud, perjury and money laundering before murdered Judge Shela-Abdus-Saalam at NY County Supreme Court.

Madden spoliated evidence surpressed evidence allowed perjury, deprived Inspectors of the DOB from testifying all to unjustly enrich Pavias at the expanse of Rent Stabilization Laws.

Madden was also caught engaging in ex-party conversations with her pal Jay Itkowitz who orchestrated the Pavia embezzling in concert with the Pavias, Kenneth V Gomez Esq and Others.

Then Pavias, in concert with Joseph M. Burke Esq and his supposed “client” John Siebert (who owed and owes over $50Million), and orchestrated by Madden, conspired from 2009 with Judge Paqul Wooten, whop is a Brooklyn con-man, allied with Jailed John Sampson and clarence Norman and who bought his Judgship as a result of a clandestine deal with Sampson to try a sham run for Brooklyn DA against Joe Hines. Wooten is a thief and a man without integrity, We have evidence of Wooten’s conspiring with Burke, Gomez, engageing in forgery, purging Court Files, bribery of Burke, Pavia and Siebert; falsifying the court Records; extortion, denying access to the Court, collusion with his Law Clerks arranging for Ghostwritten Decisions and other Wooten acts of Judicial corruption and Racketeering.

After a number of major law firms complained as to Wooten’s incompetence, scheming to be Bribed, Judicial Larceny, Wooten was Remobved from NY County Supreme Court (Part 7) and sent back to Brooklyn. Wooten Filed Forged Orders and Decisions lying that he was still in NY County Part 7 while unjustly enriching Siebert by about $85Million. Wooten Looted Agreements, Releases and Contracts where Siebert unconditionally confessed to these Obligations.

Then Wooten recruted JHO Ira Gammerman a well known Courthouse Bylly and Fixer. Gammerman conducted a Hearing in violation of Court Rules, permitted Siebert and Burke to engage in rampant perjury, then Gammerman lied as to the access of the Victim they were embezzling from who was in Hospital having Cancer Surgery.

Pavia and his Wife have been caught and charged with a massive tax evasion scheme.  They confessed in 2016 and were convicted of Tax Evasion. Sioebert was also Charges and Convicted of Tax Evasion as well.

Pavia, his wife and Pavia Harcourt have been recently charged with looting the Rogers Estate for $30Million, Money Laundering, tax evasion and secreted Bank Accounts.

In 2015 another Victim Sardoti Filed Suit in USDC-SDNY against the Pavias for looting, stealing, defrauding Mr Sardoti for millions. This was before USDJ V. Caprioni who figured out the Pavia larceny quickly thus causing Pavia’s to settle and “run-for-the -hills”.

Then Pavias engaged in bribery and conspiracy orchestrated by Joe Burke and Gomez to bribe Judge David Chapman in the CALIFORNIA STATE SUPERIOR COURT PALM SPRINGS.

The Result was Chapman engaging in Judicial fraud and literally Stealing a over $40Million Pavia Clear Default by extorting, harassing and violating CCP170.3 and CCP170.4 and contravening the Plaintiff’s Medical Orders evidenced by 3-4 Dr Affs, ignored by Chapman to steal for his FIXER CUSTOMER PAVIA”.

The Pavias have a long trail pof Larceny, fraud and extortion. George, a Jew, Ratted on Jews in Italy as a Espris De Corps Fachist.

Geprge and hios father exchanged human lives of Jews they Ratted on for a “pass” to get out of Italy.Then George came to NYC, finagled a law degree and allied himself with the Italian Mob, doing some legal work and bribery to get the low-line mafia thugs out of Jaqil in NYC and in Brooklyn.

Then George “married” Elana and robbed her until she kicked him out. The George met and Courted Antonia Pierce a vicious social climber and sociopath just like George.

When they were married the Pierce Faqmily GAVE 18 E. 73 St NYC brownstone to George and Antonia. They were so desperate they took in tenants and finally with the aid of Bribery of Judge Joan Madden looted Rent Stabilization from the rightful tenants.

Then these social climbing Pimps stole Mrs Pierce brownstone at 15 E, 77th St Nyc by a Novel theft orchestrated by George and Antonia and their theft of a $15Million Brownstone owned by a then Senile Mrs Pierce. No Tax was paid by the Pavias as a result ofv this $15Million widfall-theft, they wer Reported, audited and Charged with this intentional tax theft.

Now George Pavia is wandering the hallways and we are told is about Dead. We do not wish George Dead, we wish George to Face a Federal Judge who will disgorge George, Antonia his Mule adult kids Phillipa and Julian who have been used by George and Antonia to secrete their Thefts as well as Offshore Banks, Mule Kenneth Gomez, Shell Companies and other tax scams.

The Pavias have been Socially rejected for years. George was also allied with Nixon Psychiatrist Arnold Hutchneicker another Nazi Sympathizer.

George Pavia has been stealing for years either by looting Victims, tenants, clients, anyone George can embezzle and loot from. Finally he is on his last leg and one thing we do know is when George finally Croaks there will be dozens at his Wake with Hat-Pins, that they will stick into George’s Face, or Hand or his “Balls” to be sure this: