Our Forensic Associates have uncovered 4 years orf evidence confirming the conspiracies and dishonesty of A cheating, lying Judge David Chapman.

Our Investigators have caught Chapman engageing in Judicial racketeering, conspiracy with Shaun Murphy ESq to obstruct justive, forgery, violations of Due Process, extortion in concert with Murphy and Slovak Baron Empy and the Sheriff’s Deputies to harass, trespass, stalk and violate the Californua CCP and the Canons of Judicial Ethics—all in order to embezzle that rivhts of a individual who has uncovered the massive criminal enterprise ongoing in Riverside County and in Palm Springs, Ca.

Murphy has corrupted many, engaged in using Law Enforcement to threaten, extort, bully and Gag whistelblowers who have gotten the goods on Murphy, SBEMP, Chapman, the Riverside sheriff Office and a corrupt office of the Riverside DA.

Here we have a new “Set-UP” and Criminal Scheme ans Scam orchestrated by Murphy, SBEMP and Chapman.

Murphy engaging in Mail and Wire Fraud, perjury, and outright Fraud and “Sewer-Servic, has gabricated a case claiming THAT MURPHY HAS BEEN SLANDERED BY WHAT THE LAW DEFINES AS FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND FREEDOM OF THE PRESS.

MUrphy only nee the aid of a corrupy judge tp allow such a shake-down in the courts to survive. So he goes to is BOY Chapman. No matter that no Defendant is in Palm Springs and in California and a few do not exist, but, what the hell, Murphy only needs a corrupt Judge who has a Paper Trail of Falsifying the Docket, Falsifying the Court Minutes, making up Laws, violating the US Constiturion, violating CCP170.3l Trashinf Evidence, directing Clerks Maggie Martinez, Letty Reyna, Ms Zuneiga, Marty Allen, and others to Reash Declarations, Falsify bogus Defaults, condone Murphy Clains the he has been damaged got over $5million  because the verified truth has been exposed all about Murphy, his verified conspiring to deprive Due Proces, and condone a scam Case Filed by Murphy and STEERED to Chapman who has previouselly been AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFIED by virtue of Chapman’s willful violations of CCP170.3 and Chapman’s “WATTING AGAINST THE US CONSTITUTION, to name some

Chapman has been a Judicial Disgrace for years, he is a Sociopath, a man without any conscience, a thx cheat and a corrupted Judge.

Chapman has deprived access to the Coury, ignored Medical Orders , falsified Hearings, in concert with Clerk Martinez, Caused Marty Allen to Forge Court Files, Falsify supposed DEFAULTS, orchestrate illegal Evictions in direct violaftion of the Evidence, 0Chapman also Directed Depuity Sheriffs from Riverside to accost, threaten and menace a whistelblowre —-this in part was orsered by Chapman and direwcted his Order to accost by Sheriff Seputies PINA and PEREZ, at the palm Springd Courthouse and these deputies work in Chapman PS@.

Chapman and Murphy are two SAwindelers anxious to “Cut-UP’ over $5Million in a Case that Chapman is illegally involvrrd and in the Process Chapman has Ordered the Return of Evidence that proved the Case Murphy is desperate for Chapman to Order a Judgment regardless of Facts proving the Charges are Falsified, and evidence affirms that NO SUPPOSED DEFENDANT has been served and the Clains are msde by a proved corrupt Plaintiff murhy and SBEMP, the BRIBERY LIFELINE FOR CHAPMAN.

Murphy has been proved to be a cheat, perjurer, a affilliate of organized Crininals and a desperate thug.

Chapman is on his last Ride on the “NERRY-GO-ROUND” of the pervaive grand larcent ongoing in Palm Springs and Riverside, as if Chapman, acting in concert with Murphy and SBEMP, allows Murphy co continue his charade in Chapman;s PS2 and Chapman allows Murphy to fulfill his criminal embezzlement with the aid of Chapman—–we will assure Chapman he will be charged and Indicres as aiding and abbeting a confirmed thief (Murphty) who has been shaking Down and embezzling for years by looting Victims in the corrupt Courthouses of Palm Springs and Riverside and Undio.

We have evidence of Murphy enfaging in conspiring with the Riverside DA, Sheriffs, palm Springs PD and his Falsifying Statements, Reports, Ghostwriting Ruklings and Orders for Chapman, and othewrs.

Making matters worse for these racketeers are the Facts that Chapman is so desperate for “{THE GOOD LIFE” on looted, stolen and “Blood Money” Chapman will do anything for a Xash Score,

We have seen chapman engaged in Grand Larceny and Looting a Litigants over $45Million  by lying, cheating, depriving Court Access and Chapman’s ignoring his Automatiac Dusmisssal by Law as per the Ca and US Constitutions.

We at Corruption Untl Group intend aiding Law Enforcement and the IES to see Disgorgement, Indictment and convictions,

CHapman’s trashing  Declarations, evidence and Chapman’s forgeries will land this Judicial disgrace to  Prison———