We have been engaged in the forensic investigation business for over twenty years. Our Founder Jim Couri has been involved in forensic exposes since 1960 having been a part of J. Edgar Hoover’s private investigative agency. Mr. Hoover was the founder and head of the FBI from the 1930’s until Mr. Hoover passed away in or about 1978.

The Desert Sun article and “supposed interviews” written by Reporter Hayden published a few days ago confirms to us a systemic and pervasive willingness to mislead by some of the persons who are or want to become La Quinta Public Officials (Mayor, City Counsel, etc.) or who wish to be re-elected by the La Quinta citizens. Either way, grounded upon our and our predecessor’s investigation into the following reveals unquestionable criminality and racketeering:
1. The Silverrock Development
2. The City Counsel
3. Mayor Linda Evans
4. Frank Spavacheck
5. Wells Marvin and Old-Town Ponzi scheme
6. Lawyers Shaun Murphy and SBEMP
7. Robert Greene, et-al
8. Montage Hotels
9. Colony Capital
About a dozen Expose Reports published on our Internet Sites (Scams Inc, Scamraiders, Americans Against Corruption etc.) expose in finite detail that the Silverrock Development is a “WHITE ELEPHANT” with zero prospects to be financed and developed.

Our careful construction of Silverrock Pro-Forma P & L statements grounded upon a investment of about $450Million to construct hotels, condos, etc., confirms there is no way such a project will accomplish a dollar in income. The fact is that not one supposed “investor” was a legitimate investor. Greene and Evans engaged in racketeering, fraud and larceny by falsely claiming Colony Capital was committed to invest this sum. The fact is Colony Capital never heard of Greene or Silverrock.

Then these charlatans brought in Montage Hotels and even conducted a “Ground-Breaking Ceremony”. On investigation, Montage has no money, and Blackrock, who controlled Montage, also never heard of Silverrock. Alan Furstman, who claimed he was making the over $400Million investment in Silverrock, had no money and no authority.

All the while Evans, Spavacheck and others were engaging in what we have uncovered as “skimming” and turning over millions in Silverrock land at cost to Robert Greene for a few hundred dollars. Greene and his company also are broke, have engaged in RICO, filing fraudulent promises, using names of Companies that never heard of Robert Greene, and the result?  A massive scam that the persons interviewed are desperate to shroud.

We have delivered evidence of this RICO enterprise, negligence, and these frauds to the Riverside DA Hesterin and he has ignored this massive scam that has looted La Quinta. The proof of RICO is clear and documented; a Grand Jury would see it immediately.

What should happen is a full forensic accounting, remove the City Counsel/Evans, seek claw-backs, treble Damages under RICO, Charge Evans, Greene and others who have engaged in Federal and state crimes.

Hesterin has an obligation under color of law to act, and his refusal to do so, based on the evidence, is highly suspect and unusual.

We believe that Robert Sylk is a decent and honest person who La Quinta can rely on, but the statements made in the Desert Sun are pathetic.

Our organizations have also exhumed another La Quinta scam with Old Town and Wells Marvin and a fraudulent “Expansion Plan”.  Wells Marvin, Shaun Murphy Esq., and SBEMP falsified a Prospectus, engaged in fraud, cheated architects and CPA’s and then conned the Berger Foundation and La Quinta and looted over $8Million from Doug Vance of Berger. The moment Berger’s check for $8Million cleared, the EXPANSION EVAPORATED.

The fact is Old Town was broke and Wells Marvin needed money to survive, so Murphy aided in this fraudulent scheme as well violating RICO statutes; 10b–5; engaging in repeated mail and wire fraud, money laundering and obstrupting justice.

We also refer all to SCAMSINC.COM to see the many detailed Reports of these massive crimes, ignored by the Riverside DA Office and condoned and ignored by the local press.

There will be Senate Hearings into the Riverside Criminal Enterprise shortly. 
All the while, millions of public funds have been squandered and looted.