CRIME INC USA. and affiliated  Companies were tipped off by a Whistleblower about 4 months ago, that WWBC has  changes control of the ‘managment’. For over 35 yewrs Alan Bain was in charge of this Office Rental Company, located at 575 Madison Ave. 10th fl, NYC, NY 10022, where WW leases office soace.

About 15 years ago WW sustained financial reversals and the Ownwrs of 575, Steinberg-Poik (SP), was forced to advance WW large sums of miney and take a controlling interest in WW. Thereafter, Bail became ill, lost his wife, remarried, and has become only a ‘front’, and whose WW interest has been assigned to others CI has been advised.

The persons now in control of the day-to-day WW operations are:

DONALD RADCLIFF– a cunning money hungry con-man who has given orders to ‘fill up the WW space with any style Business —no matter what they do. No background checks, just ‘get the cash.

ELLEN DONOHUE- a enforcer and keeper of the ‘BOOKS’ of  WW. we hear, two sets, one for SP and ther real set. We are advised that WW welcomes cash payments, and ‘off the bookws’

D EDWARD BUNGERT- a true to form ‘sociopath’, a former prison inmate, and who changed his name to hisde his unsavory-criminal background. Bungert will smile and at the same time ‘pick your pocket’. He will promise anything to lure any character in to WW, then use his ‘pass-key to loot yopur Files, take property, lie and cheat your billings, and then when Bungert turns on you he will engage in ‘self-help’ to illegally evict you, cut off your phones, lock you out, tamper and loot your Mail, and violate Federal and NY State Laws as a Mail Receiving Agent, and engage in extorting you.

Since many of the WW tenants are un various illicit businesses, Bungert will ilegally ‘tap their phones, loot files and then if they refuse to pay WW-Bungert estortion, Bungert will Rat’ on them and will also fabricate false information about the tenants who stand up to the WW-Bungert shake-downs.

Crime Inc USA has verified that this is what WW has now become, a cesspool of sshake-downs and thefts, without regard for the Rules of Law.

We have been advised of Bungert, Radcliff, Bain and Donohue, ganging up on a 25 year WW Client and Tenant of WW,who is and has been a Patriot and Whistleblower for over 50 years. anmd who Ww and Bungert began a serial campaign of sending serial abusive emails orchestrated by Bungert who was recruted to retaliate and e3xtort this Patriot.

Bungert has lied, cheated, secreted mail, violated the law and the NYC CXovid19 ”STAY OF EVICTIONS’ and other Landlord abuses, yet WW and Bungert has wxtorted this 25 year tenant, who learned and reported WW and its depraved activities, unsavory tenants, illicit businesses, looting of USPS, alliance with SP and iys ‘in-house’ lawyer GRRY RAPPAPORT, a old-lone smart ass lawyer, who is surely ‘in the loop’ with WW and Bungert with their skulduggery.

ALAN BAIN has chosen to ‘turn a blind eye’ to the WW shake-downs’ orchestrated by BUNGERT and his new Wife, a telephone operator at WW-0—MICHELL PERRI.

Now WW and Bungert is making no bones about cheating, embezzling. looting m,ail and cheating this Patriot-Whistleblower and others who WW can manipulate by Federal and State bcrimes.

CRIME INC USA and its associates have been preparing a Whistleblower IRS Complaint about SP, WW, Bain, Bungert, Radckiff and Donahue, with proofs of e3vasion, which will be Filed shortly.

We alsio will deliver to the USPS Federal *Inspectors thje Mail Receivibfg WW agent Agreem,ent with proofs as well.

BUNGERT & Ww has caused material loss and injury to other Tenants in violation of NY State Govrenor’s. Covis19 Stays reg Tenant harassment, illegal evictions, etc until at least 6-15-20, yet WW has repeatedly violATED THES ORDERS AND CI WILL REPORT WW TO THE GOV. OF NY STATE AND TO THE MAYOR OF NYC AS WW AND SP HAVE IGNORED THESE PANDEMIC LAWS FOR THEIR ILLICIT GAINS.

CI will continue to expose the WW bas acts and the complicit acts of SP and their lawyer Gary Rappaport whom has been informed of all of WW chicanery, Bungert’s bacxkground and scams of extortion but has refused tio take any action to put a stop to Bungert’s Ramppage of stwaling, extorting and threatening for his ans Ww illicut Rewards at the expense of honest victims of WW and its ‘MONEY-LAUNDERING WW BUSINESS CENTERS.

 . .