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Scams Inc’s, whose stated motto is “facts and only facts,” is not corporate-sponsored, which all-too-often can result in slanted and biased reporting. The talented staff of Scam Reporters investigates, exhumes, interviews and publishes the facts for the public good, protecting consumers with the power of truthful information.

Scams Inc will find and report on all forms of ‘hanky-panky’ and corruption, collusion, thefts and misuse of power to rip-off citizens for unjust and illegal gains. The reports published on ScamsInc.com are always verified and targets of any investigation are invited to respond either before or after an expose-story is published.

ScamsInc.com also includes many areas of public interest such as the “Scam Free Zone,” many articles of current scams and swindles and up-to-the-minute streaming news.