What’s with this pigeon-brained judicial thief Judge David Chapman?

This depraved and desperate “cartoon-of a judge”has created a long paper trail of evidence proving beyond any doubt that Chapman is a person without morals, a sociopath, a self-interested mentally deranged individual.

This perverted thief actually believes his lies, incompetence and larceny is within the framework of the Oath of Office for California State Judges;

Chapman has been caught “RED–HANDED”, perpitrating serial ccorruption, forgery, spoliation of evidence, falsification of Court Minutes, issuing Rulings without legal grounds in fact or law, ex-party collusion, and forming “alliances” with the lawyers who have bribed this pimp of a judge to use lLaw Enforcement , police, Sheriffs, etc, to threaten, stalk, menace, abuse and harm any citizen who stands up to the Riverside-Palm Springs Criminal Enterprises.

Chapman is so pathetic that he has schemed and has forged supposed evidence, engaged in using Court Clerks Maggie Martinez, Letty Reyna, Gloria, L. Zuniga, Marty Allen and Guards at the Court Perez and Pina to lie, froge, engage in documented Mail and Wire Fraud, and make demands against the CCP, Rules of Law, Falsify Claims, concoct Defaults, Embezzle Real Property, Order “Breaking and Entering”, Order Sheriff Brutality, Order Stalking, extortion, Issue Rulings that are grounded on Falsified Documents, secretion of Evidence, engaging in massive fraud, larceny, conspiracy, and pervasive Racketeering.

Chapman has caused Terri Dickneider, former PS2 Court Stenographer to secrete material evidence of her lapsed CRB California Steno License. Then Chapman caused the DCA and CRB of California to FORGE AND FALSIFY supposed DICKNEIDER REDACTED CHECK AND THE SUPPOSED CRB RENEWAL BILL.

The Forgeries are  transparent, and evidence of the Dickneider Bank PROVES that Dickneider DID-NOT Renew timely, according to Investigators.

Meanwhile Chapman interfered with Evidence and Ordered Dickneider not to produce her Check and not to speak to any Investigators about this Chapman series of Criminal Acts.

If Dickneider really Renewed timely, why would she not simply evidence same by producing her relevant Check?

Dickneider stonewalled and the QUIT Chapman and his PS2.

This is highly relevant as Dickneider License Expired on 2-29-16. From that moment until she quit on 8-10-16, Dickneider was issuing fraudulent Transcripts of Hearings in PS2  falsly Swearing that Dickneider was DULY LICENSED, when in fact her License was expired and thus VOID.

All of those Hearings were a FRAUD UPON THE COURT and known to Chapman at the time and thus all Decisions Void as a matter of Law. Chapman was desperate to avoid this so AGAIN, Chapman a inveterate CHEAT, CON-ARTIST, THIEF, CORRUPT BULLY AND RACKETEER caused the Court to aid him in his Larceny.

Chapman has from about 2012, engaged in Judicial Larceny, Bribery, Fixes, extortion, Filing False Rulings in Serial Fashion, and now is trying to “MAKE A SILK PURSE OUT OF A SOWS EAR, Chapman is really not a “SOWS-EAR”, CHAPMAN IS A SOWS ASS.

Chapman is so perverted he has now asked his minion Clerks to be careful and only cheat and con on specific orders from him or from ihs HANDLERS—IE SHAUN MURPHY, ET-AL.

Chapman is so mentally unstable that he is now issuing TENTATIVE RULINGS that are one-liners, in a desperation attempt to show that Chapman is a supposwed honest-fine judge.






stop-corruption-logoOver the past 200 years, police corruption and abuses have been reported, witnessed, evidenced and once in a while action has been taken and often, these acts have been shrouded and whitewashed. Now, and only recently, with I-phones and other 21st Century devices, has police misdeeds been acted upon. More time than not the cops do a really good job at protecting the public from criminals and “the bad guys”, but in NY City, there are so many on the PD-Force, once in a while a few “bad-seeds” get in and by their corrupt acts, pollute the entire barrel. Michel Dowd was one of these corrupt PD officers who went bad-really bad. Dowd and his allies of crooked officers made no attempt to cover up their illegal dealings, drug thefts, robbing drug dealers, releasing others and ripping off whoever they could.

A horrible but interesting saga were the events at the 75th Precinct in East NY, Brooklyn. The rampant “blind-eye” and intentional or unintentional cover-up of the criminal enterprises at the 75, and the whitewash of Officer Dowd are not so far removed from the uncovered and evidenced corruption ongoing in the NY State Courthouses and the corrupt lawyers and clients who benefit from courthouse fixes and judicial larceny.

Scams Inc has interviewed many citizens, victims of courthouse larceny, judicial abuses, victims of lawyer misconduct, extortion, perjury, larceny, bribery, judicial racketeering, deprivation of due process and obstruction of justice and worse, blossoming from a State Courthouse.

Many citizens have reported these lawyer and judicial corrupt acts to the Commission on Judicial Conduct which is usually ignored and covered-up. The same went on for years involving the complaints made by citizens regarding allegations against Dowd and the 75th Precinct. In fact when the corruption was finally exposed years later, it was determined that Senior Department heads at the PD either repeatedly ignored the claims and charges made about the 75th and Dowd and in fact blocked any effort to launch an investigation into the charges made repeatedly. This conduct was determined by a investigative panel at the Mollen Commission to have been a deliberate policy to shield and cover-up the PD officers criminal acts. Rather Dowd was evaluated, (while engaging in his extortion, larceny, drug dealings, etc), and was determined to be a officer who was excellent and empathetic to the community. This report and evaluation was rendered by PD Brass at the very same time Dowd and his cohorts were actively engaged in ripping off drug dealers, stealing cocaine and many other corrupt and criminal enterprises. The senior PD officers in fact “looked the other way”, condoning these corrupt acts of Dowd and others.

The Mollen Commission also concluded that there was a “willful effort” by Internal Affairs Division of the PD, the anti-corruption unit of the PD, to thwart and impede any investigation into the corruption rampant at the 75th Precinct and Dowd. The Commission further found that Internal Affairs also withheld critical information from other investigators in an attempt to sufficate any Investigation into the criminality, corruption and extortion acts engaged in by Dowd and others at the 75th.

These acts by Internal Affairs, as revealed by the Mollen Commission, buried any hope for for success investigating the corrupt officers at the 75th Precinct. For years all of this came to nothing.
If a complaint came in about these crimes at the 75 and or Dowd, it was “deep-sixed” of the complainant was discredited, credibility attacked and charges that the complainant’s allegiances were suspect.

The commission determined that “despite incontrovertible evidence of serious corruption at the 75th Precinct, Internal Affairs never initiated a single investigation of Officer Dowd or of the 75th”. As a result of the systemic coverup by authorities, upper echelon of the Police Department and Internal Affairs, and the phony Investigative Reports that Dowd was a excellent officer and that the 75th was a fine upstanding Precinct, this criminal enterprise was “left alone” to engage in major criminality for years.

Now Dowd, after finally being caught, convicted and sent to prison, and now released, has admitted to the corruption and has participated in a Documentary about the entire details of the 75 and his crimes. Dowd admits to the larceny, back-room deals, fixes, thefts, larceny, extortion, bribery, cover
up, and shake-downs, while law-enforcement either condoned or worse, Dowd and the 75 bad acts. The 75 Documentary is available to see and it is worth the time.

The 75 “saga” is the same pattern to the outcries, pleas and reports made about the rampant NY State Court Corruption. This conduct is surely not new, as it also has been ongoing since “the gangs of NY”, and even before Boss Tweed. But we are now in the 21st Century, but the fixes, incompetence, targeting, judicial larceny and collusion with corrupt lawyers and clients continue to blossom causing massive loss and injury to untold amounts of litigants annually.

Many of these victimized litigants have reported these bad acts engaged in by certain judges, lawyers and clients. These matters have been for years explained to the Administrative Judges, Commission on Judicial Conduct, the NY Bar Association without any actions or results. The evidence of these corrupt judicial acts for the most part have been clear and accurate and from multiples of injured litigants, but just like the 75, these Reports are ignored, shredded, or the complainants discredited, harassed or extorted by the accused lawyers and even the judges.

One man who “stood-up” to a clear judicial theft of the victim litigant’s home, Sunny Sheu, was murdered after he did a YouTube video, accusing this State Court Judge Golia of threatening him. Three weeks later Sheu was murdered, yet unsolved and not even investigated according to Reports we have read and confirmed.

We have over the past 8 years been carefully detailing the background and then the ongoing activities in the NY State Supreme Courthouse in NYC, the Appellate Division 1st Department in NYC, and the State Supreme Courts in Brooklyn, and Westchester. We have attempted to carefully research all leads we have been given by various victims of suspect and clear courthouse robbery. We have found that many judges simply do their job in a honest and faithful manner, following the rules of law and issuing decisions that are fair and in compliance with Public Trust.

But there are many more who use and misuse their NY State Court Judicial Office to, like Dowd and the 75the Precinct, to engage in judicial racketeering, fraud on the court, perjury, larceny, theft of litigant rights and massive corruption on concert with corrupt lawyers and unethical and depraved clients. Clients who have paid to cheat and lie and gain unjust enrichment from a fixed corrupt judges “computer and pen” and unlawful, fabricated and fraudulent decisions and orders.

We have also found that many NY State Judges, were “appointed” by suspect means, by political hacks that sold judgships to the ‘highest-bidders”. The NY State Judicial selection process is a farce. Many have not been screened, vetted or investigated. Unlike Federal Courts where Judges are there by Presidential appointment, House and Senate Vetting and FBI screening.

We have followed a number of Cases in NY State Courts, some ongoing for many years. We have reviewed Court files, Dockets, investigated the backgrounds of judges, lawyers involved in suspect activities, unsavory clients, and interviewed courthouse clerks as to their firsthand knowledge of judicial and lawyer’s corrupt and warped acts. We have seen Decisions rendered that are without any doubt issued in violation of the law, the facts and that often are simply a fabrication by the judge to set-up the victim litigant for a judicial embezzlement and theft. This is not just “guess-work” it has been the result of facts and evidence presented and ignored just like the Dowd and the 75 criminal enterprise.

We have assembled absolute proof, by documentary evidence, admission in 2008-9 by Court Referee Jack Suter that the Couri v Siebert Case was “fixed” in favor of Siebert. We know that George Pavia, a larcenous convicted tax evader runt testified that he had it in for Jim Couri, and in the presence of others stated that he wanted Jim “killed”. Pavia has been a front for criminals including jailed contractor Ted Kohl. We have been investigating the Pavia’s for years and learned about his theft of his In-laws home 15 E 78 St NYC. The Pavias looted the property and in the process defrauded the IRS. They were Reported and confessed to “tax-evasion”.

We have tape recordings and other Evidence of Hearings at the ECB Court where Pavia committed perjury repeatedly. George Pavia was found to be a perjurer by the ECB Court Judge and also bt the ECB Appeals Department. We have evidence that Antonia Pavia, wife of George, Filed fabricated and perjured Certificate of Corrections with the Dept of Buildings. The Certificate falsely claimed that mandated and Hazardous repairs had been made as per the Order of ECB and DOB that was blatant perjury. This was again inspected and another Violation was filed by DOB Inspectors and Pavia again engaged in Perjury and was cited for filing false documents and Perjury by ECB Judges. These deceptions by Pavia imperiled the safety of Jim Couri’s residence and other tenants Pavia defrauded. Kenneth Gomez Esq suborned Pavia’s Perjury and fraud at the ECB Hearing, a tape recording in our possession from ECB. Are these not crimes and fraud on the court and Government Agencies by a confessed thief, George Pavia?

Pavia and his wife Antonia, a filer of forged Records with the DOB, and caught (ie: Certif of Corrections) recruited State Court Judge Joan Madden, and engaged in years of collusion, perjury, forgery, obstructing justice and thefts of rent-stabilization by racketeering, larceny, conversion and unjust enrichment. Madden was compromised to issue Decisions that were a set-up to loot tenants and Jim Couri’s rights. When Madden learned that Jim was on to her and Pavia, she refused to Disqualify herself and then she began a crusade to discredit and railroad Jim at the State Courthouse and loot his rights.

The ensuing about eight years of our careful scrutiny of the fraud, larceny, perjury, trickery, extortion and worse engaged in by Joseph M. Burke Esq, Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq, The Pavias, John Siebert, a convicted and suspended doctor is not for the “faint of heart”.

Burke has committed fraud on the court before JSC Beeler, covering up Siebert’s conviction as a sex pervert and narcotics abuser and falsely testifying that Siebert was a respectable doctor being maligned by Couri, who was owed about $20Million (not counting interest) from Siebert that Siebert stole from Jim Couri as compensation for “valuable services” including investigations in depth of Freedom Wireless; and saving Sieberts Practice that Siebert ruined by his sex abuses of patients and thefts (see Diane Kleiman Affidvit, on Scribd, a Siebert victim) and 5 other Siebert Victim’s Reports about Siebert’s sexual, financial and emotional thefts and molesting of patients.

Burke withheld all of this from Beeler and secured a unwarranted an fraudulently secured “gag-order-injunction”. Only a few month before Beeler sentenced a dentist to 3-6 years for molesting a patient once. Siebert molested many, lied about it and Beeler curiously condoned Burke’s fraud on the Court, and then gave Siebert a “Reward” for sexually abusing about 10 or more patients and convicted by NYU Hospital Trial. Siebert was terminated from 5 NYC Hospitals for Siebert’s perverted conduct. How come Beeler puts a Dentist client of lawyer Ben Brafman Esq. in prison and applauds Siebert for ruining over 10 women patient’s homes and lives ? Was Beeler negligent or incompetent or was something else afoot?

Burke began his dirty-work with Judge Paul Wooten, all of which has bee described and Reported on our Sites. Wooten hse engaged in a course of conduct in concert with Burke, Siebert and Burke’s partners Gomez, David Deemer, Mathew Abrams, William Russo that has been corrupt, including forgery of the Court Docket, condoning and engaging in perjury, trickery, forgery of Courthouse records in the Record Room, falsifying records, fabrication of evidence, purging records, concocting non existent claims that even if true were released, waved and settled by Settlement Agreements prepared by Siebert’s lawyers. Wooten ignored all of these facts and then targeted jim Couri wit deprivation of access to the Courts, lying as to the dozens of proof of Jim’s cancer and other illnesses, Doctor’s Affidavits (about 12 different from UCLA, Presbeterian, Mt Siani, Eisenhower) that Jim can not travel and undergoes cancer chemo-infusions every 3 weeks at UCLA and requires constant medical care.

Undaunted, sociopath corrupted Judge Wooten, engaging in fraud on the court, deprived Jim of his Constitutional Rights and Right to assert is grave medical condition. Wooten’s decisions are a diabolic exhibition of judicial racketeering and corruption. Then Wooten violated, along with Burke and Burke’s law-partners, Uniform Rules, CPLR, Rules mandated by the Special Referee Part, and bullying Gloria Gottinger at Courthouse Trial Support Office, to Steer a phony Inquest to fixed JHO Ira Gammerman.Meanwhile Wooten, in violation of law refused to disqualify himself as mandated by the US Supreme Court.

Wooten has engaged in judicial robbery and theft as bad as Dowd and the 75. The Corruption we have witnessed by listening to legally secured tape recordings, reading Court pleadings, the fraud and perjured affidavits and documents submitted by Burke, Siebert, George and Antonia Pavia and his son Jullian, and more evidence of courthouse larceny is worse than the mafia. We have seen thefts of about $100Million by racketeering, conspiracy and conversion, engaged in and undenied by these criminals. We have reviewed other charges as to Wooten’s misuse of his Court to disenfranchise a persons rights by supporting larceny, perjury and fraud.

On or about Jan. 29, 2016, Wooten was removed from the 60 Center Street Courthouse and Part 7. We have learned that he was ‘transferred” to Brooklyn Courts but we have been as yet unsuccessful in determining where Wooten is now located. We believe that this step, getting Wooten out of the 60 Center Street Courthouse, probably orchestrated by the new Administrative Judge Peter Moulton, is a helpful event. If only the Courts would face the bad acts of some of the Judges, and remove them, criminals such as the Pavias, Siebert, Burke, Gomez, Deemer and others would not be able to pollute the System and secure unjust rewards by bribery, collusion, trickery and larceny.

We hope that honesty and Federal Prosecutors attention to the demented and corrupt acts engaged in and we feel proven by documents and other proofs, will aid in the much needed “house-cleaning” at the NY State Supreme Courthouse. As you can see by the similarities of the 75 and Dowd years of crime-ridden corruption, finally the true facts have been revealed by the Mollen Commission and from Dowd himself and others from the 75 who witnessed or participated in the serious corruption as a result of and covered-up for years as a result of deliberate impeding and cover-up by Internal Affairs, negligence, abandonment of responsibilities by law enforcement, attacking informants to shroud any attempts for a full-blown investigation. Finally the whole 75 “blew-up”.

So far it is “business as usual’ at 60 Center Street, but a light at the end of the tunnel is now filckering by the removal of Wooten. This man has displayed a blatant disregard for the Rules of Law, and has displayed conduct that clearly smacks of collusion with Burke, et-al in a scheme to loot and oob Jim Couri and use Siebert to again defraud the IRS armed with a illegally issued Judgment grounded on documented fabrications, fraud, fictitious obligations belied by Siebert’s own Settlement Agreement, Releases, agreement and Covenant not to assert claims if Siebert defaulted in millions that Siebert Agreed to pay to Jim Couri and by Agreement created by Siebert and his prior lawyers Gilbride Tusa Last Spellaine Esqs. In Fact Siebert Burke, Abrams, Deemer and Russo in concert engaged in fabrications of evidence, racketeering and grand theft by perjury, trickery, larceny and embezzlement.Are these confirmed acts not crimes? In the process we have evidence of multiple acts of Mail and Wire Fraud engaged in by these conspirators.

What makes this Pavia-Siebert-Gomez scam very much akin to the 75 is the extortion these racketeers engaged in on the Internet. Gomez as a front because he is judgment-proof as now Burke has attempted, launched a Blog. The Blog embraces a littany of fraudulent, forged, out of context and embracing supposed matters Jim was, according to Gomez, engaged in from the time Jim was in a Diaper. His Blog recites supposed remarks by Jim’s Mother who has been dead for over 25 years. Gomez fails to reveal that Jim’s mother was mentally ill suffering with other medical problems, and it was Jim who financially supported her for years. At the time of Gomez’s fabrications, Jim’s mother was 88 years of age. Gomez’s desperation to cover-up Pavia and Siebert’s robbery of Jim Couri’s money by miscasting, fabricating and meddling into Jim Couri’s ancient history family private matters, further establish his vicious and diabolic motives.

Why does not Gomez report on his Blogs that George Pavia was a member of the Facist Mussollini Party and escaped Italy by ratting and fingering Jews for the Nazis. Pavia is a Jew himself, but put people into concentration camps to get a “pass”of escape. Why doesn’t Gomez report on the involvement of George Pavia in the Mafia and alliances with mob figures. What about John Siebert’s convictions and police reports about Siebert’s harassing, molesting an stealing from his patients, Restraining Orders against him, narcotics abuses, thefts and extortion, and let us not forget the convictions of tax evasion against Siebert, Antionia and George Pavia and tax thefts of a few million. And also the findings in Courts that George Pavia committed repeated fraud and perjury. Filing bogus and forged records with the NYC Department of Buildings. Antonia Pavia filing phony and fake Certificate of Corrections and cited for these criminal acts by the Department of Buildings and the ECB Court in NYC. These criminal acts were in complicity with Gomez who also lied at ECB Court Hearings and we have the Court Recordings to prove this criminal cover-up of Pavia’s Hazardous conditions at hie 18 East 73 St, NYC property they by fraud, perjury, bribery, forgery the Pavia’s stole Rent Stabilization from tenants by racketeering.

The most glaring is the fact that “why would Gomez go to such effort to mailgn and discredit Jim Couri whom he does not know?” The supposed chronology wit dates back about 40 years of lies, deceptions and fabrications are remarkable. A laughable also ancient and false post by Gomez is Herbert Scharer and Federated Graphics occurring in about 1982, some 34 years ago. Jim turned Scharer’s activities to the CID of the IRS, for looting Federated Graphics Pension Fund. Scharer was found guilty of these tax frauds, thanks to Jim’s evidence. Further, Jim provided the NY DA Office, and the US Attorney SDNY with proof of Herbert Scharer’s involvement with career criminal Herbert Kaminsky and a robbery they were both involved. Kaminsky was soon after arrested convicted and was sent to prison thanks to information provided by Mr Couri. Gomez does not deny his, Siebert and Pavia’s criminal acts, rather he tries to “character-assassinate Mr Couri as a smoke-screen to shroud his and his racketeer alliances criminal acts.

Gomez also engaged in fraud, suborning Pavia’s perjury at the Madden Courtroom as well. In a nutshell, Gomez is a pimp, a cheat and a extortonist. Siebert victim Ms Rachel published a Statement calling Gomez a bully and pervert when he tried to “shut her up” about Siebert’s polluted acts, witnessed by Rachel, that Siebert is a pedophile and a sociopath. Ms Rachel’s Statement and others are on Scribd revealing Siebert’s rabid abuses of victim patients and revelations that Siebert is a pedophile and perverted Doctor. Please see the Linda M. Documents as to how Siebert emotionally raped a innocent patient by lying, cheating and sexually abuse. Siebert has no conscience and Scams Inc will continue to investigate his illegal acts and report them on our News Sites and to the Law.

. Gomez as part of his extortion orchestrated and funded by Pavia fabricates his feeble scheme to character assassinate Jim Couri for the sole purpose of covering up his racketeers collusion and thefts. Gomez has chosen to defraud the court and steal Jim Couri’s Medical Settlement and convert it for himself and for Pavia, Burke and Siebert. more Crimes and larceny. Gomez also has made harassing calls to various TV stations maligning Jim, Calls to News Papers, lying to the NY Times and using mail and wire fraud to extort Jim. Gomez also harassed Jm while a in-patient at UCLA requiring Jim to now register under assumed names.

George Pavia filed fraudulent charges against Jim with the NY DA, in about 2006 when Jim was still living in NYC. Pavia falsely claimed that he was being harassed by Jim. Pavia is such cheat and liar he exposed himself and his fraudulent motives to the DA Schiff. Lawyer Ron Kuby showed the Da how Pavia was a cheat, liar and perjurer. The Pavia perjured charge was thrown out on the DA’s Motion, who said that George Pavia is a “Nut-Case”, which he is. In fact George Pavia is a 90 year old thief and a confessed tax cheat.

As anyone can see Kenneth V. Gomez Esq, is a hatchet man and a fraud. We have reason to believe that Gomez, Pavia,Siebert and Burke and their group of charlatans have tried to infect and pollute the evidence presented to the US Attorney SDNY, by character assassination of Jim Couri, by fabrications, ancient history, fraud and cover-up, and family disputes. Burke tried this character assassination with the NY State Department of Health, but “no soap”. Siebert finally Confessed to his sexual abuses and was kicked out of all NY Hospitals, evicted from 4 medical offices, and nis NY apartment. Siebert is a medical “Outcast” and a proven thief and perjurer engaged in a massive stick-up by engaging in fraud, collusion and larceny. Crimes? We think so. Afrer all it is only about $45Million.

We suggest that these culprits reveal their extortion, ghostwriting, bribery, tax evasions engaged in by Siebert, Bank fraud, pledging Siebert’s Medical Office twice which is Bank fraud; filing multiple fraudulent tax returns that we have that are fraud on the US Government and where Jim Couri aided the IRS, Agents Wong and Sal Coppolla in proving Siebert’s Tax Evasion Scheme.

Jim also aided the IRS in proving that George and Antonia committed Tax Evasion by falsifying Tax Returns regarding the theft of the home of Mrs Pierce, 15 East 77 Street, NYC. Pavia’s were caught and confessed and are paying large sums in tax and penalties (we hear high 6 figures) for that illegal act and again stealing, this time from the USA.We also have evidence of Pavia’s suborning the Perjury engaged in by Convict contractor Ted Kohl, who submitted 4 fraudulent Affidavits to DHCR and to Madden’s Courtroom to rob rent stabilization. We also have evidence of the Pavia’s thefts and frauds before the DHCR.

We have learned that:


We at Scams Inc, will continue to seek the truth and Report about the corruption, swindles, and abuses of citizens as a result of violations of the Public Trust. Corruption, political illegal larceny, corrupt motives, and back room deals often take years to pry open, but when they are, it is like that “can of worms”, it cant be closed.

Years past has proven this from Nixon, to Madoff, to Silver, and hundreds more. There is nothing worse than the raping of the Public Trust by public and elected officials, and judges.



Americans Against Corruption and its Affiliate Scams Inc, etc., have been Investigating George Pavia and his wife Antonia and others for about 10 plus years, in connection with their tax evasions, thefts of their tenants rights, including Rent Stabilization, extortion, harassing tenants and lying, cheating and scheming to avoid Stabilization at their Brownstone 18 east 73 Street NYC stealing money and other frauds and racketeering.

A intelligent senior citizen on the 3rd floor in the Pavia Brownstone, in about 2001 inquired of George who engaged in a series of transparent lies and deceptions. The tenant hired Rosenberg & Estes Esqs and began a Proceeding at the DHCR. Pavias opposed by proffering lies, filing forged records and hiring convict contractor Ted Kohl of Herbert Construction to submit about 4 perjured Affidavits. The Pavias lost and Rent Stabilization was granted.

Then the Pavia’s began a crusade beginning in about 2002-2003 and still ongoing, in a scheme to lie, cheat, bribe, extort to disenfranchise this man and other tenants of their entitlements to Rent Stabilization. Scams Inc, Scamraiders and Americans Against Corruption Report have published dozens of Reports about the documented Pavia Frauds, Racketeering, bribery of Judges, stealing this tenant’s Medical Malpractice Settlement by collusion with another Judge in the NYState Supreme Courthouse, in NYC. The Pavias were exposed and convicted at the Dept. of Buildings and at the ECB Court, NYC for perjury, Filing false Documents,  illegal Pavia construction at 18 E 73 St on the 3rd floor (where the objecting tenant resided and who spent a fortune improving and decoration), resulting in 8 Violations of Hazardous conditions and not cured by Pavias.

Rather than make the mandated corrections to the illegal Pavia construction the Pavis lied and cheated the DOB and the ECB Court by filing a false and perjured “Certificate of Correction” falsely Swearing that ALL corrections were made, when in fact none were made or attempted by the Pavias. A subsequent DOB Inspector Inspection confirmed this Pavia Fraud and Perkury and additional Violations were issued by the DOB and Heard at the ECB Court.

Pavia and his Lawyer Itkowitz were scheduled but at the last minute Itkowitz cancelled (for obvious reasons) and Corrupt lawyer Kenneth V. Gomez appeared with George Pavia. The Hearing began and the tenant on the 3rd floor was in the hearing room as well. Pavia at the beginning og the Hearing admitted that a false Certificate of Correction was filed. Thereafter Photos and testimony of DOB Inspectors Proved that the Certificate was a wilfull fraud and a attempt to continue hazardous conditions. Pavias were found Guilty of Fraud, Perjury, Filing False Documents, and Imperiling Tenant on floor 3 and other tenant’s Safety. They were Fined $200.00 and directed to make immediate repairs. Again the Pavias refused. They were issued more Violations and again Lied at ECB Court and Fines Issued and Orders to Repair.

Meanwhile, knowing Pavias would be sunk in any Legitimate Court with this Evidence, Pavia, Madden, Itkowitz and Gomez conspired to have Madden conduct a sham “in-Limmini” Hearing to Preclude all evidence at the DOB and ECB Court. This type of Hearing is usually used in criminal cases to preclude damaging extrinsic evidence about a defendants past acts that would prejudice a jury. Not for the purpose to  fraudulently purge necessary proof that the Pavias were liars, cheats and that the tenant was “constructively evicted” by Pavias’s negligence, fraud and lies at ECB Court.

Madden allowed this charade as she was bribed and fixed. The witness from the DOB had never been at 18 E 73 St, and was bribed by Pavia to lie. Madden refused to allow any Inspector or ECB Findings to be heard and then Precluded all of them. Madden also concocted a bogus Nusuance claim against this 70 year old tenant in violation of the nusuance statute. then Pavia filed a criminal charge claiming the same “nusuance”. The phony charge was Dismissed “with prejudice” at the Criminal Court by the DA and the ADA referred to Pavia as “A NUT CASE”. Then Pavia tried it again at DHCR and we denied.

Fixed Madden then Denied the Tenant’s Motion seeking dismissal of the nusuance claim in her Court, as it was denied bgy 2 other Courts before illegal assertion in the Madden Court. Anyone knows when a person is exonerated of a charge in one court, the same charge-claim can not be relitigated over again. This is “forum-shopping”, “double-dipping” and Res-judicata-Collateral-estoppel.

Illegally Madden denied the tenant’s Motion in violation of Law. Madden was and is a part of this criminal Racketeering scheme and has engaged in diabolic judicial larceny, fraud and corruption ton aid in the Pavia’s obtiainin over $20million in unjust racketeering enrichments. The tenant and others lost btheir apartments, rent stabilization was lost as a result of Madden’s fraudulent use of her courtroom to fulfill a fix for the Pavias, by depriving equal justice and in the process polluting the entire courthouse and engaging other thefts of this man’s med-mal proceeds of $230,000, and his unconditional claims of now  $50million, with Interest memoralized by Notarized Agreements, and other recorde against a Pavia Pal, a convicted sex offender John Siebert.

Records have been received from FOIL Requests delivered by ECB Court and others that prove the Pavia’s engaged in deception,  cover-up of ECB determinations of Pavia’s perjury, filing False Certificate of Corrections, cheating and failing to repair Hazardous conditions at 18 E 73 St NYC.

The FOIL Turn-Over reveals Communications to and from George Pavia where George attempts, bu Mail Fraud, to lis and con The ECB and falsely state that Antonia did not sign the phony Certif. of Corrections and they were forgeries. This was a blatant lie made by George to a Court and by Mail.

The ECB wrote George back with 2 Letters on Sept. 28, 2006, Stating in clear words the Pavia is a liar, and that the Transcript of the subject Hearings prove that George at the beginning of the Hearing admitted on the Recording that in fact Antonia herself signed the perjured Certificate of Corrections and that she lied that all mandated corrections of Hazardous conditions at 3rd Floor 18 E. 73 St NYC were in fact NOT MADE at all. That George thereafter schemed to lie and try and cover-up these criminal frauds. We have these and other Letters and Tapes.

Despicably, all of this and more was Precluded by a  crooked Judge Joan Madden who threw the Rules of Law, Due Process and the Rights and Safety of the Tenant and others in the Toilet to pocket a fis from corrupt Sociopaths Antonia and George Pavia and their Fixer, bag-men, adulterated lawyers Itkowitz and Gomez.

THe Pavias filed false records at DHCR, concocted a phony leak, lied cheated and organized a racketeering enterprise, bought off Madden JSC and her court who precluded material proofs, bribery of others, hiding and disallowing material evidence condoning illegal Blogs set-up by Gomez and Pavia and others to extort this tenant, harass his doctors, family and cause madden to write dozens of Flawed and legally incorrect Decisions and Orders to disenfranchise Due Process and fulfill JSC Joan Madden Fixed Marching Orders, “Screw this man at all costs, steal his money, his rights, malign him and  railroad him in the NY Supreme Court and at the Appellate Div. 1st Dept. Madden, a spiteful corrupt disgrace to the NY judiciary went out of the way to deprive this man of equal justice.

In Sum, the guy was convinced of the Racketeering Enterprise a long while ago and assembled 10 years of evidence which the Puzzle is complete and has now revealed, in living color,the entire Scam.

We will soon begin to post some of tis evidence, and remember we are now working on three  one hour Programs that will provide the road-map of NY State Political and Judicial Corruption in NY State spanning the 1700’s to the Present. There will be full exposes, Interviews and much more.

We hate corruption and crooks like the Pavias and Corrupt NY State Judges and we will continue to Expose and Report them in our Publications and to the Federal Prosecutors


Lets get one thing straight before you read this Expose.

There are many hard working, honest and qualified judges in the NY Unified State Court System; but there are many who are corrupt, incompetent, lazy, unscruplious, unethical, and who used their judicial position and “absolute immunity” to take a Fix, a bribe, and loot and rob a targeted victim and loot and rob this person of his rights, property, kids and more by engaging in judicial corruption.

Moreover, this Expose is not intended in any way to be deemed to relate to Federal Judges, who are appointed by the President, screened and Vetted by the FBI, the Congress and Senate, and who are highly qualified, highly competent and honest Justices, who serve a lifetime appointment.

NY State Supreme Court Judges are hand-picked by often corrupt party bosses, who themselves are bribed to effectively “sell-judgships” regardless of qualifications of the applicant. Often than not these supposed applicants are not properly screened, not vetted and simply Ok’d by the back room politicos such as jailed Clarence Norman, a medley of NY State Senators, and others who want a malliable stooge on a Supreme Court Bench. Once the applicant is on-board, the name is presented to the Governor who signs-off. A Supreme Court Judge appointed eventually is put-up for election. This is also a farce as they are for the most part, unopposed.

Thus the NY State Courts are peppered with many Judges that are installed to act corruptly at the behest of the crooks that fixed their appointment in the first place. So for a few bribes in the right places, a corrupt thief can become a NY Supreme Court Judge. Now this charlatan in bought “black-robes” immediately after being “sworn-in” benefits from “absolute judicial immunity” and is given a courtroom where he or she judge can begin creating a “menu” of Fixes for their “bag-person” to solicit. What a perfect storm for a person who is either a incompetent and or a crook, who without the protections afforded a State Judge would probably be jailed for some corrupt act. These bad-eggs see easy money misusing their courtrooms as a platform for fixes, corruption, larceny, mail and wire fraud and worse. And most of the time they get away with these diabolic acts of bribery, fraud and extortion. When a litigant becomes aware of any judicial scam, or attempts to report it, the fixed judge will retaliate like a Viper Snake, discrediting the Victim, harassing, extorting, creating false charges, writing bogus decisions, targeting the victim wit other Judges, depriving due process, collusion and even false arrest. One Asian citizen who had his home stolen by a corrupt NY State supreme Court Judge, and spoke-up, was targeted, abused, threatened, made a Youtube Video and was soon after murdered. The crime as yet unsolved.

We have devoted many years investigating, reviewing records, reviewing the patterns of judicial larceny, fixed cases, ghostwritten decisions, judicial fraud, forgery of the court Docket, bullying court clerks, steering cases to fixed referees and JHOs, stealing court record-room files, purging and forgery of court files, condoning perjury, back room collusion, retaliation and tampering with other judges to rob victims by engaging in collusion to file illegal and flawed Decisions, fixing other judges to allow the corrupt lawyers to engage in fraud, perjury and larceny and ignoring it as part of a racketeering scheme to loot, rob and extort a dis-favored litigant who has been targeted to rob.

This racketeering scheme blossoms to infect many supreme court judges, referees, and the judges at the Appellate Divisions. We have found that these courts in NY State are not dissimilar to the Mafia. There is the criminal form of “honor amongst thieves’; and dont be deluded many of the NY State Judges are crooks who are fixed by unscrupilious lawyers who want to “win” at all costs and cheating bribery, fixes are ok with them. Then there are the depraved clients who aer willing to engage in criminality, bribery and worse to avoid either paying their rightful obligations or who want an award og money that they are not entitled to. These criminals will pay-off a malliable and corrupt State Court Judge to misuse the Judiciary, and their supposed immunity, to illegally loot, rob, extort, harass and malign a litigant-victim. These unethical judges have zero integrity, are socipoaths and will ruin lives foe a dishonest buck.

You may or may not know that Judges have Judicial immunity for acts within the scope of their judicial functions. This means for acts that a judge that are normally performed, not for activities beyond their conventional judicial functions and duties. This supposed “absolute judicial immunity” does not embrace “ultra-vires” acts—–acts beyond the scope or in excess of the legal authority of any judge anywhere anytime.

Judicial immunity has been a common-law concept originating from medieval times to discourage persons attacking a courts decision by suing the judge. Losing persons were required instead to take their complaints to an appellate court. Historically, this was done to solidify the independence of the judiciary. But it was not intended to allow the corrupt ot enjoy a unfettered field to misuse the judiciary as a sandbox playground to engage in corruption, bribery, retaliation, extortion ans larceny. It was also not intended to allow the Appellate Court to be likewise polluted by corrupt vicious judges, to further support the deprivation of due process and obstruction of justice performed at the lower court illegally and via a fixed judge.

US Supreme Court Judge Potter Stewart stated that: “a judges acts are not absolutely immune because he sits in a courtroom, wears a robe, and signs a unlawful order”. Stewart goes on to state that ” the conduct of a judge surely does not become a judicial act merely on his say-so. A judge is not free, like a loose cannon, to inflict indiscriminate damages whenever he announces that he is acting in his judicial capacity”.

 If one goes back to about 1750 BC to ancient Mesopotamia there was created “Code of Hammurabi”. Within this Code are some interesting Rules and Laws imposed. Penalties for “false witness” and fraud range from 10fold of the loss to worse. Penalties invoked upon judges state that if a judge reaches a decision and renders it in writing and a error is revealed made through the judges fault; the judge shall pay12 times the fines set by him in the case and he shall be publicly and in disgrace, removed from the judges bench, and never again shall he sit there to render judgment on others.

In the 21st Century, State Court Judges act with impunity, thumbing their nose at the Rules of law and misuse their power and authority to obtain unethical and illegal bribes by defrauding honest litigants.

When a Judge misuses his position to collude with corrupt lawyers, parties and other corrupt judges and Court Referee, these acts are not part of a judges conventional activities. Under 42 USC 1983 a judge may be sued in federal Court for deprivation of Due Process and other Constitutional Rights, “under color of state law” and such actions of the judge deprived the rights, privileges or immunities by the Constitution or Laws of the United States. It is implicit that the 1983 Action must allege that the “personal involvement of the defendant judges in the pled constitutional deprivation. The denial of equal protection of law can also be pled in a 1983 Case.

But there is much more, as a corrupt judge should be accountable for money damages as well, particularly if a judge participated in a scheme of racketeering (RICO). If judges engage in ‘Ultra-Vires” acts to deprive litigants from legitimate claims, rights, money, custody, claims etc, by corruption, bribery, collusion with other judges, appellate judges, corrupt lawyers and corrupt litigants, those judges can not and are not protected by any immunity at all.

Th US Supreme Court states: “Immunity is not for the benefit of the malicious and the corrupt”.

 A State Court Judges deliberate acts of fraud on the court, intentional forgery, spoliation of courthouse records, forgery of the court docket, collusion with other judges to deprive equal justice, deprive due-process, plot the theft of a litigants rights, claims, money; orchestrate a scheme of fraud discrediting the victim litigant, depriving the introduction of evidence to deprive a law, right and money in collusion with corrupt lawyers and litigants; pollute other judges and referees, conspire to steal settlement funds, engaging in mail fraud wire fraus, racketeering, money laundering and bribery and more. These acts are far beyond the scope of the normal functions of the corrupt judges. As such, these judges are not and can not shroud their crimes by cloaking themselves in their ‘robes” and hope for immunity. These Judges we refer to are real, they exist, they engaged in this pervasive scheme of larceny, bribery, racketeering, collusion and deprivation of homest moneys due by corruption and fraud.

Some of the cases of interest are King v Love, 766 F 2d 962, 968 96th Cir), cert denied, 474 US 971, 106 S Ct 351, 88 LEd 2d, 320 (1985). Sevier v Turner 742 F2d 262 (6th Cir 1984); Harper v Merckle 638 F 2d 848 (5th Cir), cret denied 454 US 816, 102 S ct 93, 70 LEd 2d 85 (1981); Harris v harvey 605 F2d 330 97th Cir) cert denied, 445 US 938, 100 S Ct 1331, 63 LEd 2d 772 (1980).

These Cases reveal that Judicial Immunity is not a “get-out-of Jail” Free-Card. In Fact a RICO Claim involving the criminal acts of Judges who engage in documented corruption, mail and wire fraud and other illegal acts beyond the scope of the usual day-to-day functions of the court, can result in treble money damages, fines and jail.in the Federal Courts.

If Hammurabi Codes in 1750 BC set down rules of Judges and perjurers what is now going on in NY Supreme Court?

If a Judge displays “the appearance of partiality” he or she must disqualify himself. This is a mandates of the US Supreme Court ( US v Balistireri). The Court also stated that Section 455 requires that a judge disqualifies himself in any proceeding in which his or her impartiality might reasonably be questioned. See Levine v USA.

Recusal under Section 455 is self executing. A party need not file any Motions or Affidavits in support of disqualification. The judge is mandated to remove him or herself “sua-sponte”under the stated circumstances. By Federal and State Codes and Laws, a judge does not have any discretion not to remove himself. Should a judge not forthwith disqualify himself then he is in violation of the Due Process Clause of the US Constitution and the NY State Constitution as well.

Should a judge issue any Order or Decision after he has been automatically diqualified by law, and if the party has been denied any of his/her property, money, rights, etc, the judge has been then engaged in the Federal Crime of “interference with interstate commerce”. The Judge under these conditions and circumstance has acted in his or her “individual capacity” not in the judges judicial capacity, as the judge was removed automatically. A judge acting in this manner has no more lawful authority than a next-door neighbor.

The US Supreme Court has held that if a judge wars against the Constitution or if he or she acts without jurisdiction, he has engaged in treason to the Constitution. If a judges acts after he has been automatically disqualified, then he is acting without jurisdiction and he has then engaged in extortion. Courts have repeatedly ruled that judges have zero immunity for these acts which are defined as “treason, extortion, interference in interstate commerce, and Constitutional violations.

We have assembled Facts, Documents, Court Pleadings, Ghostwritten Decisions, Forgery, Collusion, Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Preclusion of evidence, forgery, Purging Court Files, Triclery, Deprivation of Due process ans part of a Racketeering Enterpties and involving the deprivation of over $50Million documented and due to the Victim Litigant. Theft of a Victim Litigant’s Home and Rent Stabilization Rights and over $20Million stolen as a result thereof; Theft of a Victims Money Settlement of a Medical Malpractice Claim exceeding $230,000.00 and robbery of Medicare Liens; Theft by collusion of this Victims Rights at the Appellate Division 1st Dept. in NYC and the corruption thereafter further depriving the expose of the Racketeering, fraud perjury and criminality involving the Appellate Court Chief Judge, who himself confessed to tax fraus and rent-stabilization fraud.

We have uncovered the fact that certain Supreme Court judges have not been Vetted, Screened, Investigated, and who used a con and Convicted State Sen John Sampson, Jailed Fixer Clarence Norman and a “bribe” here and there to get black robes to commence a Racketeering Plot to rob this Victim of over $50 Million in concert with a few corrupt lawyers, a corrupted JHO and the purging of the Courthouse, files, records, and interstate fraud by mail wire and the racketeering acts to loot and rob millions of dollars.

This is quite a Court, as all of these acts have been assembled and submitted to the Presiding and Administrative Judges, to the Appellate Division, to the now Gone Chief Judge Gail Prudente, who on information provided to us was enjoying sex in her “chambers”. We have no evidence of this but a very credible source reports this and based on Gail’s swift departure, it seems logical.

What we do have is clear and convincing proof of the Racketeering activities engaged in for abour 10 years to disenfeanchise millions and persons homes by courthouse thefts.

We plan to close this Expose by naming the Racketeers who have polluted the NY State Supreme Court on this Scam alone. There are many others that have been performed, and gone unnoticed because the victims just did not figure out they were had.

 It takes another magician to know that David Copperfield’s Act of causing the Statue of Liberty disappear is only a trick, but to the public, he does it and it is a great illusion. Knowledge is power. We had the benefit of a man who grew-up learning about crooked judges, crooked lawyers and court corruption. This man has devoted years of work and effort proving that the NY State Supreme Court is a polluted mess full of despicable and corrupt judges who under the guise of honesty will take the eyes out of theit mother and swear that she was born blind. They are money hungry thieves and liars who have sold their soul to the Devil. They will rob, cheat, lie, extotrt, harass, jail and worse to deprive justice and deliver a illegal judgment to the persons who has Fixed and paid them off.

The crew that we have clear evidence of judicial acts and lawyer fraud, bribery, ghostwriting, etc, that are far beyond the scope of usual judicial duties and that are far removed from the fox-hole of judicial immunity and in fact embrace racketeering fraud, money laundering, mail and wire fraud, forgery, trickery, purging of evidence, bribery, ghostwriting theft of due-process, obstructing justice and larceny.

This group of courthouse “Bandits” include but are not limited to:
Judge Joan Madden
Judge Sherry Klein Heitler
Judge Paul Wooten
Former Judge Harold Beeler
JHO Ira Gammerman
Referee Jack Suter (now a principal atty, a reward for being corrupted)
Judge Michel Stallman
Judge Peter Moulton
Presiding Judge Luis Gonzalez
Lawyer George M. Pavia
Antonia Pavia
John W. Siebert MD
Joseph M. Burke Esq
Kenneth V. Gomez Esq
Russo Burke Esqs
Abrams Deemer PLLC

There are others and many other scams that we are aware of involving other actors these and other judges and referees, but we will commence our Expose with this.

We also are pleased to announce that our Group is finalizing the retaining of a Emmy Award winning Producer of Documentaries. We plan to produce at least two Documentaries to be aired on various Networks exposing in detail the NY State Court Corruption, beginning with Boss Tweed to Jimmy Walker, NY Mayor, Mayor Bill O’dwyer, Carmine De Sapio, Sydney Korshack, Roy Cohn, Frank Costello, and many others up to the 21st Century and the Corruption in NY State Government, Courts and the many corrupt Law Firms that “play-along” and whio also bribe and Ghostwrite for the ilk of Wooten Madden and tohers in the unsanitary 60 Center Street cesspool-Courthouse.

Finally, if any person named in this Expose wishes to deny, object or find fault with hhis Report, Please follow Scams Inc Terms Of Use. If upon receipt of any proof submitted that is credible and by evidence refutes the statements in this Expose We will announce our findings and take honest and appropriate immediate action to rectify any misstatement.

Please be again advised that this and other Reports to come and previously Published are supported by evidence, Documents and other Proofs. We thus urge that any objections to the contents herein should be well thought out and supported by proof.


We have been interested in the Sunny Sheu Case for a few years.

For the Record, we are not affiliated with any third parties who are also active in pursuing this unsolved murder and diabolic miscarriage of Justice from a simple Asian man, Sheu, who only wanted to protect himself and his home.

Joseph G. Golia is now retired from the Unified Court System in NY State. Sunny Sheu a Queens, NY resident at the time, had become a victim of a complex scam of mortgage fraud involving Shue’s Queens home, starting with forged powers of attorneys that led to a bogus mortgage issued by Centex Home Equity Company. Although Shue never financed his home, never benefited from the proceeds from Centex, and after Shue provided the police with all evidence which led to the arrest and conviction of the parties responsible for the “Identity Theft” and forged Shue’s mortgage documents, the Centex Mortgage Company ignored the criminal prosecutions of the identity thieves and began Foreclosure Proceedings against Mr. Shue and his home. This occurred in about Jan. 2005, where Centex bought the Sunny Sheu home for $1000.00 from the very person who was criminally prosecuted for stealing Mr. Sheu’s Identity in the first place, using another fraudulent name to accomplish this supposed “foreclosure-sale” to Centex.

Enter Judge Joseph Golia, Unified Court Supreme Court, Queens-Nassau, NY. We will not in this Report outline the warped, malignant and despicable acts of Golia towards Mr. Shue and a clear case of “Identity Theft” targeting Mr Sheu and his home, except to state that based on Court Records, Interviews and other Records, Judge Golia deprived Sheu of Due Process, his rights under the US and NY State Constitution and seems to have engaged in a massive scheme of Fraud on the Court. In Fact the Record proves that Golia not only ignored the evidence of the Identity Theft and the Police Reports, etc confirming that the Sheu home was mortgaged illegally by fraudsters, but Golia claimed that these items of credible evidence were not admissible in the Court Proceeding. These Records, precluded by Golia were the very Proofs that resulted in the Conviction of the fraudsters and proving that the Centex Mortgage was fraudulently issued. Golia withheld this material evidence and granted the Title of Mr  Sheu’s home to Centex.Although Mr Sheu was clearly a victim of a fraudulent scheme confirmed further by the conviction of the thieves, Golia ignored this evidence and granted the title of this man’s home to Centex. Based on the Record, Golia engaged in judicial misconduct, fraud on the court, suppression of evidence and deprivation of Due-Process against this Asian man who was in America to do some good work. All can see a YouTube Video of Sunny to see him and his persona.

But it did not end there. Sheu uncovered, having a Book-keeper background, that Golia had filed False and Fraudulent Financial Disclosure Statements with the Judicial Ethics Agency, materially understating his assets, etc.

The false Disclosure was confirmed by the Agency after investigation into Golia’s finances, according to the Record of the matter by a Janice Howard, Director of OCA at the time.

Soon after Sheu was threatened, intimidated and as a result, made another Video stating that if he is murdered, it was from “Golia and his people”. A few days later, Sunny Sheu was found mursered as a result of being blugeoned in the head numerous times resulting in death.Now the Record gets even more sordid. Regardless, the Queens Medical Examiner (Dr. Ahmed) confirmed the manner of Sheu’s death. After the murder, Sunny’s body was removed by members of the Queens Police, Records have been doctored, forged and purged according to interviews, and now after over 5 years this murder has not been properly or at all “Investigated”.

We have learned that “THE FISH STINKS FROM THE HEAD”. Judge Golia saw a self-represented Asian Refugee and a cash-rich Centex money lender. The rest is easy to figure out. Golia stole the home of Mr Sheu by Judicial fraud and gave it to Centex on a silver platter. This conduct in the Unified Courts in NY is commonplace. Judicial fraud, Fixes, bribery, collusion and thefts of litigant’s Rights have been ongoing for many years. The Place is a corrupt garbage dump of men and women who pay the party bosses for trhe $20.00 Black Robe, pay the Graft-Freight” for the Appointment, and then these charlatans operate their diabolic fifedom of fixes and corruption in their Chambers, selling-out anyone whose adversary is ready, willing and able to pay their price for a Fix and a piece of the “Action”.

Here is what we know first hand as one of our Investigators sought Joseph G. Golia recently and found him in Mineola, long Island NY. Golia is a now “retired judge”, but he is working with the Law Firm of FINZ and FINZ in Mineola. Finz lists themselves as “personal injury and medical malpractice lawyers”. On their website they list about 3 or 4 retired NY State Court Judges from Supreme and other State venues. Why are they employed by Finz? Who knows yet.

Our Investigator called Finz and Finz, Esqs, ans tried to talk with Golia. After a number of attempts which were futile the Secretary stated that Golia refused to speak to the Investigator who disclosed the intent of the call as being the Sheu Case and murder. Then our Investigator asked to speak to Stuart Finz Esq.

After some cajoling mr Finz took the call. Our Investigator outlined the background of the Sunny Sheu Case, murder and the involvement of Finz’s Associate Judge Golia. Finz told the investigator thar he had no knowledge of Golia’s activities involving Mr Sheu, although the Case, the Murder and Golia’s involvements and suspected involvements are splashed all over the Internet, Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube and multiplee News Articles.

Finz and Finz has a glowing Report about “Hon Joseph G. Golia” on Finz and Finz Esqs Website, claiming that Golia was recognized with many “Honors” while a Unified Judge and later with the NYS Appellate Term Court. The end the Golia Report by stating “Recognized Leadership.”

Stuart Finz Esq told our Investigator that he would review the Sheu Reports, murder, Golia’s fraud on the court and suppression of evidence and more.

Meanwhile a simple little man who came to New York from Asia to gain opportunity, buys a home only to have it stolen from him by Identity Thieves and thereafter by a corrupted Court and a “fat-cat” lending company. We have looked into the Centex Company and have learned that they changed thier name to CTX Mortgage Company. We have learned that CTX has recently been found by FHA-HUD to have violated Federal Housing Loan requirements on many Mortgages and are further Investigating CTX misconduct and intends Administrative Action against CTX.

There is no doubt that Judge Golia deprived Mr Sheu of Due Process by Golea’s Fraud on the Court. The Law as to Judicial fraud on the court or fraud by any “Officer of the Court” which includes Lawyers, Clerks, Referees, etc is specific. Any Order or Decision that was procured and issued by Fraud on the Court is no Decision at all and never becomes Final. The United States Supreme Court and Federal Circuit Courts have a plethora of Case law regarding “FRAUD ON THE COURET’.

As such, Joseph Golia is about like Adolph Eichman, in hiding until the Israeli Moussad found Eichman and returned him to Israel for trila and conviction. Golia has used his power, clout and position as what seems like a corrupt and corrupted judge to Rob and “Rape-Financially” Sunny.

 Why did not Golia tell Finz about the Investigations, allegations and involvements regarding Sheu’s Videos and other proofs, etc? Will the real liar please stand up? It looks poorly for Golia based on his Decisions and Sheu’s and others Claims.

But who and why was Sunny murdered, and at the same time that he had evidence of Golia’s Financial Disclosure Frauds, according to Interviews and review of files?

Fortunately, Murder has no Stature of Limitations and neither does Fraud on the Court. We will be reviewing this despicable matter as the unsolved murder of Sunny, who was Robbed by the NY State Justice System, made a fool of, extorted, intimidated and murdered should be solved by honest and competent Investigation.

If it turns out that Sunny’s claims in his Video that Golia is the “ring-leader” of Sonny’s Murder, Golea must be Indicted and Tried. There is no doubt that Golia Railroaded Sunny in the Courthouse, precluded material evidence and robbed Sunny of his home and Rights to due process. So why wont Retired Judge Golia be fully Interviewed and submit to a Lie Detector? A Honorable Judge would surely do so to clear the air and his name. Time will tell.


How can a Judge in the NY Unified Courts, Judge Joan Madden, a Judge selected to administer supposed “Justice” in the ” New Yourk Asbestos Litigation” participate in a scheme to swindle a recipient of a Medical Malpractice Settlement and loot and rob Medicare Leaned Funds in the process.

Judge Joan Madden has been engaged in depraved and unlawful activities for many years. She was “hand-picked” by Swindler Lawyer George Pavia, to hear his supposed claim of a leak in his 18 East 73 Street NYC  Brownstone Building supposedly caused by a tenant above Pavia. That tenant was seeking Rent Stabilized status of his apartment at 18 E 73rd Street NYC, that the Pavias had swindled from the Pierce Family, that the Pavias ilegally failed to Register with the NYC DHCR, and that George Pavia went wild when this tenant figured out that the Pavia’s were crooks and in violation of NYC Rent Laws. Madden was formerly a L&T Judge, and well known to Pavia’s then lawyer.

The irony is the Fact with all of Pavia and his wife Antonia’s cheating, fraud, perjury, forgery of Dept o9f Buildings records, the DHCR determined 18 East 73rd St. to be Rent Stabilized. Thos, that Buildings value was cut in more than half, and the Pavia’s, money hungry pigs, did something to reverse the Law. They found Judge Joan Madden who was willing to be Fixed. Madden did everything from allowing forgery, supression of evidence threats of sanctions and contempt, conctoing evidence, allowing bogus hearings,, plotted perjury, conducted illegal hearings, deprived evidence, condoned Pavia’s clear perjury and manipulated rent laws, statutes and rules and deprived and denied legal Motions to manipulate the Law. Madden allowed Pavia access to her Court based on fraud, perjury and collusion and refused to Dismiss and sanction the Pavias for their frauds. Madden had already made a unholy alliance with these infected charlatans and wantted the emoluments of Pavia’s evil, corrupt and diabolic ill gotten gains , thefts from Tenants and thefts from Medicare.

Turns out that Pavia lied, had no claim, had no leak, had no damage, and refused to produce and proof of his Claims. George Pavia was Deposed and lied repeatedly as he had no photos of the supposed damage and refused access to inspect it. The Tenant made a Motion to Dismiss these bogus claims but Madden, already in Pavia’s pocket Denied it. This Judicial Fraud and collusion involving suppression of evidence, perjury, denial of Due Process, theft of Rent Stabilization, bribery, unconstitutional taking of property, Pavia’s looting and extortion was condoned by Madden who even deprived the tenant from suing the Pavias “without Madden’s Permission”.

When Madden and Pavias realized that this resourceful tenant had figured out the Pavia’s and Madden, in concert with the Pavia lawyer Kenneth V Gomez, conspired to have Madden pollute and railroad this tenant in the Pavia bogus Case seeking to Restore 18 E 73 St Ffrom Rent Stabilization by Bribery, Fixes, Fraud on the Madden Court, and then  with other Judges in the 60 Centre Street Courthouse where this tenant had claims in Cases involving others and millions of dollars that Madden and Pavias wanted pieces of.  So with Pavia, Gomez, Joe Burke, and  John Siebert,Madden went out of her way infecting and warping the Courts of numerous Judges resulting in the Deprivation of Due Process, Fixes, Ghostwriting, massive schemes to loot and rob this mans rights and property, ands as a result unjustly enrich a self confessed sexual pervert John Siebert, a proven thief and perjurer and a client of Gomes Partner Joseph M Burke.

Then Madden and Pavia and Gomez learned of this man’s Med-Mal Settlement of about $230,000.00.So they conspired to steal it. Although these monies were subject to Security Agreements and duly filed UCC’s Recorded with NY State years earlier, and further subject to Medicare Statutory Leans for hundreds of thousands Medicare paid for this Mans related Surgeries, hospitilizations, chemo-therapy, etc., Gomez, Pavia, Madden, Burke, Siebert, literally Stole this $230,000.00 for themselves and “Cut-it-up”. Madden used her Judicial connections to OK the Med-Mal Judge to craft a polluted and adulterated Decision, granting Gomez and Pavia these Fumds without any Hearing as to the Liens and Secured Creditors.  Gomez supposedly became a “Creditor” by claiming he 3 weeks earlier bought a $50,000.00 Face Value Judgment claimed to be held by Leona Hemlsley for $6,500.00, and that “with supposed unpaid interest” it Judgment value was $135,000.00.

So in four weeks the Med-Mal Judge allowed Gomez, pavia’s lawyer to be enriched., unjustly, by about $130,000.00 of Med Mal Cancer Proceeds. Then this Judge refused to allow a Hearing to Prove Secured Creditor status of others, Medicare liens, and Refused to have Gomez prove his bogus and unjust claim. It is unheard of that  in a 3 week span a Court will give a corrupt lawyer about a 3000% profit on a supposed contested judgment that was illegal and secured illegally in the first place by a Jail Bird Leona and her Company then sold to Gomez under suspect circumstances and without any Notice to the supposed judgment debtor.This was a clear orchestrated theft by RICO Style Courthouse fraud, aided by corrupt and perverted Judges and Lawyers depriving Due Process, engaging in Fraud and unconstitutional taking of an American Citizen’s money and Property. As far as we are concerned, a Crook, is a Crook, is a Crook, Black Robes, Lawyers who are depraved, unethical racketeers without a gun violating the Public Trust.

The Judge that allowed this Diabolic theft and charrade  and is evidenced by Pleadings, Medicare Rules and Regs and its Automatic Statutory Leans , done in concert with Madden, pavia, Gomez and others, is Judge Shelah Abdus Salaam, who mow has been elivated to the NY Court of Appeals. A reading of Judge Abdus-Salaam’s Decisions in this Med-Mal Case whereby she gives-away this Cancer-Victim’s money to Pavia and Gomez, and circumvents UCC Filings, Security Agessments and Medicare Leaned Funds involving over $300,000.00, reveals clear and convincing Fraud on the Court, negligence and invidious conduct.

 Abdus-Salaam refused a Hearing which any legitimate Court was mandated to Order in view of the Proofs produced of the massive unjust enrichment of over 300% for Gomez, Proof of other Secured Creditors, denied of their Money and denied justice. Worse is Abdus-Salaam’s refusal to Hold Aside these Funds to allow Medicare to be informed of these Moneys so that Medicare can pursue its Money. Judge Salaam knows the Law and so does Madden also a Judge. Gomez, Pavia and others are Lawyers. All know Medicare has a Statutory Lean on ALL such Funds and must be informed before payments are made in Med-Mall Cases. Here Judge Abdus Salaam ignores the Law to aid in this Courthouse scheme of theft, looting and Un-Constitutional taking of Property.

We have seen the paper trail and Judge Salaam’s decisions and they are outright Fraud on the Court, perverted, despicable and prove the Fix was in. Gomez’s Checking Account Records and that of others in concert put the “bricks with the mortar”. One thing is certain, Pavia and Gomez, engaged in rampant Fraud on the Court in concert and collusion with Madden in connection with Pavia’s theft of Remt Stabilization, Theft of Med-Mat Proceeds, theft from Medicare, theft of $19 Million that the Pavias pocketed as a result of theit Fraud, perjury, bribery, and looting. Pavias caused Gomez to place Internet Blogs maligning and scheming to discredit this tenant bur they were again caught.

This Medicare Leaned Settlement Funds, orchestrated by Madden using her “Black-Robes” to pollute Judge Salaam and others and aid Pavia and Gomez and Siebert to loot and Rob in the Courthouse is the acts of a adulterated corrupt Judge. We are conducting further Investigations into Madden and others and think that Madden should not be involved in NYCAL bases on the current “State of Play”.

Meanwhile, the Pavia’s have stolen millions, they have been found guilty of Tax Fraud, have been proven to have engaged in fraud on the court, perjury, forgery and suborning perjury in the Cases involving Rent Stabilization and Med-Mal distributions. None of these Decisions and Orders generated by Madden or Abdus Salaam become Final, and are all voidable based upon Fraud on the Court, Extrinsic fraud and Intrinsic Fraud. The Pavias will be subject to Federal Court Litigation, charges of fraud thefts and possibly treble damages. THe Pavias are criminals, corrupt vicious persons who have engaged in not only Fraud in the Courthouse, but theft of persons homes, trying to use gomez to extort and intimidate, filing false criminal complaints and dealing with Organized Crime persons to aid in the Pavia’s criminal acts.


Steven D. Davis Esq, ( Davis) lawyer located in Santa Monica CA, “the Law offices of Steven D Davis”, which consists of Davis, his wife and one minion, are at it  again. Davis a hulk of a man, about 300 pounds, standing at about 6foot 7inches, makes his “Bones” used as a thug, bully and a shake-down depraved supposed lawyer, covering-up the documented warped tactics of many at UCLA Hospital. We have documentary evidence of Davis’s misuse of the courts. suborning perjury, filing unnecessary and harassing paper blitzezes engaging in violations of Rules of Supreior Courts and condoning the lies and deceptions engaged in by UCLA Risk Mgmt and Joanne Klohn.

Davis has exhibited his incompetence, malpractice, violations of Rules of Professional Resp. and has been admonished by Superior Court Judges in both Los Angeles and in Santa Monica.

We have proof of Lawyer Davis suborning the Perjury of a UCLA employee, Cynthia Wang at a Deposition. Davis has been accused of harassing many UCLA patients, intimidating and extorting them in a scheme to derail their attempt to be compensated for botched procedures, botched surgery and much more.

Davis is a ally of Convicted Dr Marlene Wang, who was charged and convicted for forging UCLA Time Cards. Wang is a co-conspirator with Dr Gerald Berke at the Infected UCLA Head-Neck Department. Davis has been again hired by Klohn in UCLA Risk Managment, at the expense of California Taxpayers to extort, threaten and intimidate patients who Berkie, Wang, Vishad Nabili ans Intern Travis Shiba have targeted and retaliated against as these racists have targeted others including Black Doctor Christian Head. This Head-Neck surgeon sued and UCLA forked over $4.2 Million to settle these claims caused by the sick and demented bullying, harassment and extortion proven and engaged in by Berke, Wang and others.

The Regents and California Taxpayers paid for the perverted Follies of these depraved Doctors, lead by Sociopath Berke. Now this incompetent Bully and unethical Lawyer Davis is back on his “Soap-Box” of Threats, Intimidation and extortion by threatening to misuse the Superior Court to thwart Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press and cover-up these Mafia-Style Gang lead by Berke depriving Patients mandsated ane Ordered Cancer Surgery, thus threatening Patients Lives because of spite, retaliation and Davis misuse of the Courts as a weapon of threats and extortion.

Steven D. Davis has been engaged in this adulterated conduct for years. His former “Partner” Garrard took a hike a few years ago leaving Davis with his wife and one main Client UCLA. One can only wonder why UCLA uses a incompetent and stupid-Bully Lawyer. It seems that Davis and Risk Managment’s Joanne Klohn are as close as “peanuts and excrament” and Davis is willing to engage in unethical and misuse of his Law License to abuse litigants and pervert the Rules of Law.

Meanwhile the California Taxpayers are funding these distorted, incompetent and invidious acts engaged in by a Hospital that is supposed to be Saving Lives not extorting and depriving Patients from trying to Stay Alive, and in the process hiring the lies of a Steven D Davis a well known Bully, pompous ass, liar and cheat.

We heve learned that NBC California News heard about the recent antics and abuses engaged in by Berke and his crew and Documented. Davis, a chronic liar communicated with NBC,and lied , intimidated and, for now derailed the NBC Expose.

Lone Ranger Davis is a Courthouse joke, a bully who over charges UCLA for crazy forms of courthouse extortion and again the Regents and tax payers of California are footing the Bill for Davis Abuses of ill patients threatening them and depriving their unfettered access to Medical Care by a California State Owned Medical Institution UCLA.

The illegal acts of Davis, Berke, Wang, Nabili, Sheba and Others Depriving Patients full and complete access to UCLA Departments for Healthcare and Surgery, based on the spiteful and retaliatory whims of Hatchet Man G. Berke and his Dr Gang in violation of a State owned Medical Institution ie UCLA is against the Law and actionable against Regents and the State. These acts might even be Crimes including Civil Rights and RICO Charges in Federal Court. Meanwhile bully and incompetent Lawyer Davis, with Blinders” on and his lust for ill gotten gains—the cash from UCLA for his Hit-Man Extortion, is clueless as to the Exposure these invidious conduct can and will result in if continued. We will be continuing the Expose about these debased acts engaged in by Davis, his Lawyer Wife and the vicious distorted few at the Head-Neck led by sociopath Berke and funded by the corrupt UCLA Risk Mgmt. Office and Joanne Klohn.


Joseph M Burke Esq is a inveterate thief and perjurer. He has conspired with his depraved client John Siebert and his PC to file false statements, bribe and tamper with Court Officials, Judges and Referees and to engage in perjury and a cover-up of Sieberts Convictions as a sex pervert and unfit Doctor.

Burke and Russo-Burke have engaged in a 11 year scheme to steal a fortune of money by Siebert’s thefts of money from numerous victims that Siebert has robbed including Tax Evasion, thefts from patients and others and deception and fraud. Siebert has along with Burke filed dozens of Court Affidavits, Counterclaims and Pleading Motions that are proved to be blatant perjury and fraud on the Courts. Siebert has been sued in 2004 and 2008 by Jim Couri for defaulted Agreements, Notes and Contracts that Siebert Unconditionally agreed to pay with the advice of his lawyers The total sums due exceed $40 million plus interest that Siebert agreed to pay Jim Couri and associated Companies that Siebert swindled.

 Soon afier Siebert and Burke began a crusade aided by George Pavia, another undenied thief, to bribe, tamper rampant  perjury and willful trickery to rob Couri and these Companies that Siebert was a Director, Corporate Secretary and Stockholder.

Burke, has perjured himself repeatedly, in Motions and sworn Affidavits. Burke has suborned and orchestrated Siebert’s perjury in Affidavits and at Hearings in NY Unified Court. Burke has suborned Siebert’s lies as to his signing Affidavits and Agreements later Caught by the Notary who witnessed Siebert’s Signing and Notarized the Documents. Siebert tried along with Burke to cover up Siebert’s sexual abuse of patients but the were caught.

Burke is a corrupt liar/trickster and a twisted and warped lawyer. Burke has stolen and secreted Records from the Courthouse Record Room to try and cover-up his perjury, tampered with Pleadings, tampered and compromised Referee Jack Suter, and engaged in collusion with Suter and Ghostwrote a Decision For Suter granting Siebert, Burke’s co-conspirator, a illegal $7million judgment against Jim Couri. It was later vacated. Burke has not stopped in his and Sieberts vicious activities. Burke and Siebert have compromised and defrauded about 5 Judges in the Unified Courts and even Judges at the Appellate Division 1st Dept.

Burke has defrauded Referee Louis Crespo and suborned perjkury at Hearings before Crespo filed illegal documents, filed perjured Motions and conspired with Judge Wooten and Gammerman to further Rob Mr Couri as a result of a Wooten Decision grounded on Burkes Fraud and Perjury regarding Motion Sequence # 67. Burke it appears ghostwrote this fraudulent Decision for Wooten geared to steal and Cheat Couri with a criminal scheme of attempted theft involving millions due Jim Couri and then by Fraud and collusion with Wooten and Gammerman give Siebert a fraudulent windfall arising from a criminal scheme which was placed in the mail and constitutes a scheme of theft by conspiracy by Mail fraud.

 Gammermans activities of ignoring and conducting a charade shot-gun fraudulent Inquest in violation of Court Rules and laws while colluding with Burke and Wooten is ckear as a Bell. Gammerman is 87, a JHO and has repeatedly abused litigants by making his own Rules. This time Gammerman has gone to far as he has conspired to misuse the Court to give Siebert a unfounded Judgement based on Perjury, collusion and fraud. Facts provided to Gammerman by Couri along with clear and convincing documentary  evidence of Siebert and Burke’s perjury, trickery Ignored by Gammerman.

We have Court Documents that establish that Gammerman llied in the phony railroading Inquest preserved by the Court Transcript.  Gammerman following his “marching Orders of Fraud and corruption to loot and rob Couri for swindlers Siebert and Burke conducted a set-up Inquest, failing to obey Uniform Rules and knowing that the Wooten Decision was grounded on Burkes Perjury in collusion with Wooten who condoned Burke’s perjury, fraud and abuse of the rules of the Courts. These charges are extremely serious but they are proved by documentary evidence and confessions of Court Clerks. Gammerman was illegally steered this co Inquest to loot Couri for Burke and Siebert knowing Couri was ill and in California and can not travel. Gammerman was corrupted by Burke, Siebert and Wooten in ths polluted twisted Unified Courthouse 60 Centre Street. Burke is a sociopath and a desperate thief as is his client Siebert. Burke has displayed a depraved pattern of theivery, and criminality by engaging in depraved trickery, artifice and diabolic activities to steal millions of dollars by courthouse hoodwinking and chicanery.

This corruption was  further confirmed by Ms Gloria Smith Gottinger Supervisor of Courthouse Trial Support who states that she was forced to circumvent the Rules of the Court and allow this illegal larcenous-Inquest to be steered to JHO Gammerman as pare of the scheme. It was orally demanded by Wooten in violation of Uniform Rule 202.43 and the Rules of the Court Special Referee Part. This was all orchestrated by Burke, Siebert and a few perverted judges and a JHO. We have evidence of Burke and Siebert engaging in perjury and the Charade Inquest in the Transcript that Burke placed in the mail to Couri with a transmittal letter. Yet more Mail Fraud and violations of USC Title 18.

Burke and his firm which Burke now claind is “dissolved” have been engaged in criminal acts for over 11 years in concert with Siebert and others as a RICO style criminal scheme to pollut the Courts and to rob over $40 million plus interest from 1996 in money due to Couri, the IRS, State Tax Depts, Banks, Landlords where Siebert guaranteed Office space, Professional fees Siebert Guaranteed and sums due to innocent Stockholders that Siebert defrauded along with Burke. Siebert and Burke have engaged in a pervasive scheme of cheating, extortion and interstate frauds to rob and loot all undenied. Burke has corrupted many using interstate instrumanalties as part of his and Russo-Burk’s and Siebert’s shell-game of chicanery while violating a myriad of criminal statutes.

Joseph M Burke is a undenied and proved perjurer, thief and trickster using his law license to provide a air of respectability that is only a rouse for Burke and Siebert’s cheating, swindles and grand larceny. This is a major story and we will be scouring the Courthouse for up to date information on this developing “conspiracy-sting”.



Judge Joan Madden

Judge Joan Madden

Americans Against Corruption.com has been watching the current revelations involving the NYCAL Asbestos Court Exposes. We have with great interest been reading and probing the curious conduct of Judge Sherry Klein Heitler and her Pal Judge Joan Madden. Before anyone can understand the warped activities of the 60 Centre Street Courthouse, one has to understand the way the infected Place operates. A surgeon can not operate on a person unless he knows and understands the human anatomy. Alas, unless one knows the polluted MO of the Unified Court System you will not be able to even remotely fathom the diabolic and despicable tactics of the supposed Judges and Referees ensconced there.

The place is filled with a distorted and corrupt group of unprincipled and corrupt persons usually hand picked by the political bosses in a back room. Sure there are many who are honest in that Courthouse but they are overwhelmed and beaten down by the contaminated. They say that “Justice is Blind”. Well in that Courthouse “Justice” is the FIX and money. This Court is the greatest and most lucrative Scam of the Century. Why? Because the Thief hides behind the Guise of Honor, Justice, and the Black Robes of a Judge. These Pirates in Black Robes can manipulate the Laws to serve the interests of the Fixer and his “Client”. Most of the time you will not even realize that you have been robbed. Millions of dollars are bet on the Roulette of the Courthouse. You rely on your Lawyers and others to navigate you through these Courtrooms. If the Fix is in against you—–forget it you are Dead. These many depraved Judges don give a “rats ass” about who they “take-down”. When these charlatans in Black Robes are in for a piece of the action then you are a “Dead Man Walking”.

Then when you loose you can spend more time and money at the Appellate Divisions where the corruption continues. Those judges come from 60 Centre Street and are all part of the same debased “Club”. In a nutshell it is a vicious group of “executioners” who trust only in money under the guise of Justice and “In God We Trust”. A Fixed Court is worse than a cobra because the unsuspecting believes that they are in a trustworthy arena, just like the cattle going through the pen to be slaughtered for your dinner. We have learned many Horror Stories about this money-humgry group who “Rob” with a Pen instead a Gun and who have ruined the lives of many honest Citizens by their unscruptilious greed and abuse of the power vested in them by a farsical process of selecting them. Then they can orchestrate the corruption without a shred of oversight. A perfect storm of larceny for a trickester lawyer hand-in -hand with a bastardized judge.

All of us remember in the Godfather Film where Michael Corelone was at a Senate Hearing on the Mafia. In the Senate Hearing Room was a Poster-Chart with “Don Corelone” at the top and then Dozens of others going down the Chart to the final lowly group they called “soldiers”

The conduct of the Unified Court Judges and Referees are almost the same. Once you are targeted by one, trying to go to another is no different than trying to go from Lucky Lucciano to Bugesy Siegel to Meyer Lansky. Each is as twisted as the other and they are incestuous with each other. They will bully the Clerks into disobeying the Rules, Laws and Statutes. They will violate the Rules, they will destroy evidence, they will purge records, they will ignore perjury of the persons and lawyers who bribed them they will use there ill-gotten powers to steal your money, property and rights.

We are not going to pass judgment oh the NYCAL Asbestos Cases but the patterns are the same as often performed in other Cases by Judge Joan Madden. We have interviewed some lawyers and litigants who have had the misfortune to be litigating cases before Madden, One is particularly glaring and that matter has a plethora of proof of Madden’s collusion, fraud on the court, illegal rulings, condoning perjury, suppressing evidence, and Madden engaging in vengeance and retribution targeting a litigant who figured out that Madden was bribed and adulterated by NY Lawyer George Pavia and his wife Antonia. The Pavias are undenied and cited by Courts as perjurers and frogers. The NYC ECB Court found the Pavias to have repeatedly lied when 8 DOB Inspectors found that the Pavias violated NYC Laws creating hazardous conditions for their Tenats at 18 E 73rd St NYC. The Pavias also Forged a false Certificate of Correction making the Court believe that they Cured the more than 8 Violations. The Pavias were caught.

Judge Joan Madden precluded all of this evidence so that Pavias could illegally deprive tenants of the Rent Stabilized status that was secured by them. When the Adversary of Pavia secured proof of Madden’s depraved acts and collusion with the Pavias, Madden began a vicious, illegal and diabolic crusade of revenge.

Madden using her Mafia Style tactics set out and did introduce Pavia, and his Lawyers Kenneth V Gomez, Russo-Burke, Joseph M Burke and others to other Judges and Referees as part of a tactic to rob this litigant from his claims and rights. Madden in her lust to cover-up her well documented corruption issued Decisions falsely claiming that this senior citizen ill with cancer and heart disease was a “vexatious litigant” a part of Madden and these corrupt lawyers scheme to discredit this man who among other things is a Recipient of the Senate Medal Of Freedom and who has been of great value to Law-Enforcement for about 30 plus years.

Madden polluted other Judges, all of whom we know the names, Polluted Referees and even polluted Judges at the Appellate Division. We have seen Decisions rendered that are clear and convincing Fraud on the Courts, replete with condoning of these lawyers perjury, frauds and collusion. Further we have proof and admissions by phone of Trail Support and other Courthouse Clerks who admit that Judges have intimidated them to disobey the Laws and Rules of the Courts. This involves illegal “Steering”, violations of Uniform Rules, CPLR, Ghostwriting of Decisions, perjury and bribery.

Judge Joan Madden is no “lilly white” “Snow-White”. Madden is a documented evil person who and evidence proves, that she mutilated and twisted the laws to allow Pavias to steal Tenants Rent Stabilized Apartments and permit the Pavia’s to rob $19million for that property (18 E 73St NYC) without compensating any tenant for their Rights. Madden then further Insulated the Pavia’s Crimes by issuing a Order stating that the Pavias can not be Sued without her Permission to do so.

“Evil is as Evil Does”. If the NYCAL Cases are anything like the Cases we have proof of Madden’s contaminated acts, and we also have a laundry list on Judge Heitler’s warped tactics and her condoning the documented and reported trickery, artifice and perjury in the Madden Courtroom, The US Attorney will figure it out. As far as we are concerned, Judge Joan Madden is just another example of the polluted, perverted and infected Courtrooms at 60 Centre Street. Stated otherwise the Unified Courthouse is a Disgrace to the Citizens of NY. If you want justice you better be able to find a Fixer” and buy it or get on board and help sanitize the Place.


John Siebert MD has been convicted by NYU Medical Center as a sex predator, narcotics abuser and a thief of Medical Insurance proceeds. Siebert has been Fired by NYU Hospital and by Lenox Hill Hospital, Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital, NY Eye and Ear Infirmary. Siebert has been Evicted out of 4-5 Medical Offices for Unfit acts, non payment of rent and illegal pledging of co-op shares. Siebert has been “evicted” out of New York.

Siebert has been Suspended in 2013 by the NY State Dept of Health and confessed to engaging in “Morally Unfit” acts with Patients from before the year 2000. Siebert is a sociopath who has also been observed by some of his Victim Patients and others engaging in Pedophile and other perverted sex acts—-See Scribd for many Affidavits from Siebert Victims.

Siebert according to Court Records in NY and California has been now caught engaging in repeated acts of Perjury along with acts of Perjury by his corrupt lawyer Joseph M Burke and Russo-Burke LLP. Siebert has along with Burke, engaged in fraud on the NY Supreme Court and California Federal Courts. Siebert has also been found to have filed multiple fraudulent and false Federal and State Tax Returns with the intent to evade millions of dollars by evasion and scheming to benefit from illegal and bogus deductions involving Burke, Siebert’s CPA Shine & Company and others. Siebert, Burke, Shine, Brian Pecker CPA and others have engaged in Interstate frauds. As such violations of numerous Federal Codes involving Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud and other violations of Criminal US Codes. 

Siebert has compromised along with Burke many at the NY State Courthouse at 60 Centre Street, all undenied by Burke and Siebert. Burke thinks he is cleaver not responding and using Letters to answer Motions. Burke is a documented corrupt and crooked lawyer. Burke forgot that his phone, email and fax records prove his ex-party infecting of Referees, Clerks and Judges, aided by Kenneth V gomez Esq and George M Pavia Esq.

Siebert has robbed many, molested and raped many of his Victim Patients by stealing their money, their emotions and their bodies. Siebert has lied, cheated, molested and stolen. His immoral and perverted acts are  covered up by Burke’s perjury and fraud on the Courts in a scheme to deprive Siebert’s Creditors from collecting money due them that Siebert confessed to owing.

Burke has lied to Judges, bribed and compromised Judges and Referees and has engaged in Fraud and Perjury at the Appellate Division 1st Dept. NY.

All of these Criminal acts are outlined in Court Files and Records, yet many Courthouse Records have been secreted, stolen and tampered with we believe as a result of Burke being found by his own hand and perjury to have engaged in repeated Crimes and violations of 18 USC 1341 and 18 USC 1343 and RICO. along with Siebert and certain Judges, Referees and a Juducial Hearing Officer and others.