Healthcare fraud and Medicare fraud cost the American public billions. The schemes are from A-to-Z – and the most despicable are caused by crooked and corrupt doctors, hospitals and pharmacies and medical suppliers.

Even lawyers and inept lazy and corrupt courts play a roll – believe it or not, Medicare has a lien on any recovery obtained from medical malpractice cases and settlements for what ever Medicare paid out. Sadly, lawyers and many derelict courts ignore these liens and approve med-mal settlements, circumventing Medicare and it is in the millions in NYC alone.

Healthcare insurance and Medicare cost us far too much, because all honest citizens are paying for the fraud and corruption arising out of Medicare and healthcare corruption and scams.

George Pavia Esq. a well-documented professional swindler and expert at the use of ‘buffers’ to hide behind, in 2007, recruited front-man Kenneth Gomez Esq. for this Pavia concocted heist. The take? —over $230,000 of liened Medicare funds. The history of Pavia is a long and twisted paper trail of corruption, fraud, bribery, tax evasion and perjury (See: Scamraiders’ Archives). George Pavia’s psychiatrist, Arnold Hutchnecker, before his death, revealed that George suffers from delusions of grandeur coupled with an underlying inferiority complex. That said, Jim Couri describes George Pavia as a spiteful, greedy, lecher who turned to retaliation and extortion when Jim uncovered George’s corruption and tax evasions involving the Pavias’ townhouse at 18 E. 73rd St, NY by revealing the Pavias’ willful circumvention of Rent Stabilization.

In 2006, corkscrew George learned that Jim suffered from melanoma cancer and that Jim had retained council to pursue a case due to the misdiagnosis of his cancer and associated malpractice claims. It appears that George by 2006 had made his ‘pact’ with JSC Madden, the judge in NY Unified Court, who Pavia compromised in order to rid himself of Jim Couri and his Rent Stabilization Rights. Even though George had Judge Madden successfully taint the jury in the rental trial, it seems that George’s anger and revenge against Jim continued on, and George began his campaign to grab for himself, and his ‘boys’, Jim’s medical malpractice funds. Pavia joined forces with an ex-associate of Jim’s, John Siebert MD, along with Joe Burke Esq. and Kenneth Gomez Esq.

By the time Pavia began his med-mal scam, Jim had filed his cancer misdiagnosis lawsuit and lawyers Aaronson Rappaport Feinstein & Deutsch Esqs, Phil Lerner, and John Hunt (Marion Polovy) had appeared for defendants. Pavia, Siebert, and Burke had the beginnings of a ‘perfect storm’ for their next swindle. Siebert, a doctor who has been sued frequently and represented by Aaronson began his dirty work. Phil Lerner of Aaronson Esqs knowing of the Statutory Medicare liens, kept demanding Jim’s signing of Documents stating that Jim knew of no liens. Lerner was clearly bought-off by Pavia, as was Hunt/Polovy, as these demands were further ‘mirrored’ by defense lawyer John Hunt. Both lawyers were supposedly acting for themselves, defendants, and Insurers MLMI and PRI. Cash is a tempting incentive to engage in corruption. Jim’s Case should have been a slam dunk for Jim’s claims, as among other things, a NY State Department of Health’s investigation all but confirmed negligence on the part of defendants and a mislabeling of Jim’s pathology samples (the pathology doctor was Eduardo Zappi-Dermopath-Labs). (The dermatologist, Robert Berger MD, was represented by Hunt/Polovy). However, the supposed ‘Settlement’ was carefully manipulated and therefore ripe for theft by these co-conspirators.

Eventually, Jim uncovered that George Pavia and Kenneth Gomez, as part of the swindle, had provided suspect documents to Hunt in order to discredit Jim. The scam began to gel in or about September 2008. Although at this time Jim was in cancer care in California and not aware of Medicare Statutory Liens on all the Med-mal recoveries, which are up to the amount of ‘Conditional Medicare Payments’ made by Medicare related to the money paid by Medicare and related to all claims &/or injury. Surely all lawyers know of these Medicare liens and the law of notification to MEDICARE SECONDARY PAYER RECOVERY CONTRACTOR, (MSPRC). Curiously, John Hunt/Polovy and Aaronson/Lerner demanded documents from Jim in contravention to Medicare Laws and mandates, stating that there were no liens. Jim became suspicious, refused to sign these bogus documents. It wouldn’t be until after the Court rendered its decision that Jim learned of Medicare Statutory Liens, which in his case was and is about $200,000.00—still due to MSPRC—-now doubled, by Statute, and due to the Pavia-Gomez, et-al frauds.

The greed and corruption further unfolded as the assigned judge, JSC Abdus- Saalam, a judge who supposedly disposes of thousands of Med-Mal cases in the Unified Courts New York County, never inquired about the obvious Medicare liens in Jim’s Case before her. Not knowing at that time about the requirement of Medicare Statutory liens, not only did Jim wonder why the lawyers insisted he sign false statements on documents, he didn’t realize that the judge should have also inquired about Medicare liens. Undaunted, and orchestrated by George Pavia, JSC Abdus-Saalam sadly turned her back on Medicare Liens and Jim’s wife’s Liens and issued Orders that in contravention to filed Liens and the Law, permitted Pavia–Gomez, to make off with Jim’s $230,000.00, circumventing Legally Secured Creditors, including Medicare. Interestingly, Judge Abdus Saalam within approximately two weeks after signing her Order giving away Jim’s and Medicare’s money, was elevated to the Appellate Division 1st Dept. A coincidence? Anyone observing this charade can wonder— How can this happen? More significantly, how can this continue to happen in New York County Unified Courts—- for years constantly circumventing Medicare’s First Liens? Are these New York Unified Courts and Judges ignorant of the Laws or are they complicit in scamming Medicare for millions? And why does no one, up to now, launch a full-blown investigation into these Courthouse frauds on Medicare and MSPRC?

Gomez is a proven perjurer – Jim Couri and his accolades have been recently written about by many newspapers with glowing reports and reported on many TV stations – all recently. Gomez, George Pavia, sex maniac Siebert and crook partner Joe Burke, Esq have interfered and begged the Gannett papers to redact rogue Siebert’s name, reported as as a sex predator.

Gomez, Siebert and corkscrew Pavia conned NY Times’ John Eligon to write a article without advising the Times that they are the targets of sex crimes, pedophilia, Medicare fraud, gift tax evasion, bribery, extortion, thefts of Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield funds, Siebert’s being fired by NYU/Langone Medical Center for sex rapes of patients at NYU, insurance fraud, and narcotics abuses

Kenneth Gomez, Esq. Gomez didn’t tell the NY Times that he is a hired pimp covering up Siebert’s under investigation by NY State Dept of Health, due to over twenty victims filing charges against Siebert with law enforcement for patient sex molestings, drug abuse and intimidation. Gomez does not deny Pavia and Siebert/Burke/Gomez bribery, tax evasion by Pavia and Siebert and extortion and threats directed to Jim Couri, all well documented. We have tape recordings, affidavits and other proof of Siebert, Pavia, Gomez and Joe Burke’s bribery, tampering, sex crimes and extortion. Gomez wants a reward for his transparent rants on his one-man band-wagon with a busted wheel, yet no denials of facts or Gomez use of ‘peep-shows.’

Now back to George Pavia. Not only did ‘cheat-em-beat-em’ George steal Jim’s money involving his cancer illness, Pavia stole from Medicare, MSPRC with the scheming aid of defendants’ Insurance lawyers, John Siebert MD, Kenneth Gomez, and possibly the Court. Remember, Judge Madden, ‘working in the wings’, and all of the Unified Court Judges are ‘pals’—‘all for one and one for all’. This scam was too pat and too easy. It simply can’t be that a presiding Judge repeatedly signs Orders directing the disbursement of millions without being sure that Medicare Liens are satisfied. After all, these Medicare Liens are Statutory and Courts are supposed to follow the Laws. But do they? Stated otherwise, this ‘theft’ was a set-up, manipulated by greedy and corrupt George Pavia. Medicare fraud is a very serious matter. Please see the published Mandates of Lawyers and Insurers, etc., regarding Medicare and MSPRC, here and below. Medicare maintains its lien until paid. Failure to advise MSPRC and conversion of Medicare funds results in suit by the US Attorney seeking Double Damages and possible criminal charges if willful. Gomez, Pavia, Siebert and Joe Burke all know the law. They compromised many and formed alliances with Hunt, Lerner and others to rob Jim’s money—except they in their greed failed to deal with Medicare who has a lien of about $200,000.00 on this settlement. Now Pavia and cohorts will be chased for more than $400,000.00 plus damages, and possibly worse. Further, the negligence in the Unified Courts and the continued willful circumventing of MSPRC Liens involving tens of millions must be fully investigated. How many millions have been stolen from Medicare via the Courthouse? It is time to help the law and not the thieves. This is why Medicare is ‘broke’—-CORRUPTION, and why we the public, and our healthcare are suffering the consequences.

George Pavia and his wife Antonia and bag man Kenneth Gomez ‘cut up’ the supposed settlement, $230,000, one thing is for sure, George Pavia is ‘tighter than a crabs ass in the sunshine’, Gomez is bust-out and broke, so the paying Leona Helmsley and company $6,000 for a phony judgment against Jim and within a couple of days pimp-bag-man Gomez walks into the unified court and by fraud and corruption the court gives Gomez and company over $180,000 for Pavias $6000 and the court ignored secured parties and proper UCC filings. Then this same judge was elevated to the appellate division, a reward for a $230,000 score. By the use of court corruption, scams and fixes a-la George Pavia, thug Gomez and other courthouse scallywags? Scamraiders has the paper trail and remember, Pavia is a cheap tight-wad, nothing is going out of Pavia’s pocket and it ain’t going to happen unless the fix was in -a profit of over 30 times in a few days- this is how courthouse larceny,and greed is done, black-robed bandits with a pen and immunity and we find that this grand-theft was based on the phony and ‘set-up’ fixed decisions geared to rob Medicare and Jim and turn these monies over to ‘bag-man–dead-beat’ Gomez for distribution to the co-conspirators in and out of the bowels of the unified courthouse.

Gomez, fronting for George Pavia, Esq, John Siebert, MD, Joe Burke, Esq and Leona Helmsley Enterprises, knowingly and willfully robbed Medicare liened funds in excess of $230,000, in settlements of Jim Couri’s med-mal claims via a courthouse shuffle-swindle.

Gomez obtained these funds from MLMI & PRI insurance companies,implementing a fraudulent scheme,deposited these sums in his attorney accounts & paid out to his co-conspirators Pavia, Siebert, Burke, and Helmsley medicare liened funds.

On information and belief, lawyers acting for MLMI & PRI were part of the RICO-style medicare scam and defrauded Jim as well to cram down the settlement & not divulging the over $200,000.00 in medicare liens. the matter involving these culprits is willful theft and will have grave consequences—- as well as double damages being collected from Gomez, Pavia, Siebert, Burke, and Helmsley, all of whom know the law & stole from Medicare.

Sure it was Madden to the rescue -again- and a few calls to a couple of her pals in black robes in the courthouse and behold a robbery better than Willy Sutton and John Dillinger combined and with the guise of justice in a brown paper bag. Jim’s and Medicare’s $230k gets ‘deep-sixed’ and ‘cut-up’ except these ostrich corrupt rogue judges and referees have violated the law we believe so this ‘dirty-money’ and disdain for the laws and US Constitution will bode poorly for these charlatans to be sure armed with the proceeds of mother-in-law’s home stolen by George after screwing the IRS. Corkscrew George Pavia thinks he is smart, but the truth is he is a well known fraud, a corrupt lecherous tax thief perjurer, who is a proved phony and a front for the mob, including jailbird Ted Kohl, living off moneys that he rooked from others and from his in-laws and the Internal Revenue Service, we at Scamraiders know and have exhibited proof that Pavia and his wife Antonia are forgers, perjurers and corrupt. As the New York DHCR, the department of buildings and the NYC ECB court all confirm that the Pavias are perjurers, and forgers and all covered up by kangaroo-court Madden -we wonder why?- and by the way, while all this railroading and highway-robbery orchestrated by ‘lecher-outlaw-facist George Pavia’, judge Madden is at it again ‘to the fixers George/Antonia Pavia’s rescue’, the Pavias needed ‘protection’ and insulation for this orchestrated theft of a quarter million by pulling strings in the courthouse using pimp-bag-man Gomez so body-guard Madden issues a fast and furious order directing that the Pavias can not be sued without her permission…not bad!!!

The Pavias, with the aid of black-robed Madden and associates, rips off with a series of transparent decisions issued by Madden’s pals, manipulating secured parties UCC laws, laws re judgments and worse so that a fortune is robbed without a gun, a clever maneuver for many, but we have been on to theses greedy and malicious corrupt villains. Madden condoned the Pavias perjury, threats, extortion and worse, then George the pig literally and physically attacks and threatens Jim in the presence of others, robs Jim and Medicare and the Pavias can not be sued without Madden’s ‘ok’. Hey, this is the ‘perfect storm’ commit grand larceny, threats and extortion with the help of the unified courthouse. A stacked deck? If you think otherwise, the good fairy and tinker-bell are on the way. It’s a courthouse and a cesspool of fraud, fixes and corruption, but from greed and corruption comes mistakes and money has paper-trails as do phones, etc. Who do these scoundrels think they are kidding?

See Scamraiders for more and up-coming exposes of the Pavia and other courthouse fixes, bullying, ambushes, threats, corruption and conversion, including the Pavias, others and Dr John Siebert’s defrauded taxes, rapes of patients, thefts, retaliation, set-ups, judicial abuses and deceptions, thefts of Medicare liened funds, tampering and frauds.


Dr John Siebert Came into New York with a big BANG. With his self styled ‘Midwestern-charm’ and cash that he ripped off from Mrs. Christopher Zimmerman, resourceful Siebert conned plastic surgeon V. Michael Hogan into selling Siebert his practice and Park Ave office digs.

Siebert now had some credibility that permitted him to begin conning, looting and molesting patients who had money. Siebert began a program of molesting vulnerable women who came to seek plastic surgery from Hogan who was long gone and who Siebert lied that he was Hogan’s ‘partner’.

Siebert began a pattern of sexually abusing patients at the Park Ave office and at Hospitals that Siebert lied, conned and manipulated himself into, such as NYU Medical Center, Lenox Hill Hospital and Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital. Siebert raped, abused and looted many under the guise of being a respectable Midwestern-Park Avenue doctor. Siebert we have documented physically, emotionally and financially abused Diane Kleiman, Ben Ossman, Linda M., Ms Rachel, Muriel Karass, Bank Audi, Fleet Bank, US Trust Company, Richard Jacobs, Chase Bank, Jim Couri, and many others who do not want their names published as yet for fear of Siebert and his thug lawyers extortion and intimidation.

Siebert met Jim Couri who was a friend of Dr Hogan. Siebert lied to Jim as to his qualifications, background and finances. Siebert conned jim into believing that Siebert was a qualified surgeon and a multi-millionaire. Siebert induced himself into a business transaction Jim was developing.

Siebert lied, cheated and conned Jim as to his experience and finances and began to rob and swindle others and Jim to fulfill his Corporate commitments to Kindervest Planning Corp. Siebert robbed Ben Ossman, Mrs Christopher Zimmerman, Chase Bank, Jim Couri, US Trust, Dr Dan Baker, Dr Sheril Aston, the Internal Revenue Service, Thomas Gilbride, Tom Spillane, Richard Jacobs, and many others.

Siebert later was caught by Jim after a Kroll Investigators found on investigation that Siebert was a phony, a thief and a sex pervert.

Siebert confessed to his larceny, fraud and thefts in Kindervest Resolutions where Siebert was a Director and Corporate Secretary. Siebert then entered into Settlement Agreements and Notes agreeing to repay Jim for Siebert’s frauds, thefts and deceptive acts.

True to form, Siebert repeatedly defaulted on Agreement after Agreement until Jim sued.
Siebert hired Russo and Burke, Joseph M Burke and Kenneth V Gomez Esqs who began a crusade of fraud lies, perjury, tampering and deceptive acts. They defrauded Judge Beeler into phony ‘Gag-Order” knowing that Siebert at the same time was a target of Hearings at NYU Langone Hospital for molesting Diane Kleiman and other patients and for engaging in perverted sex acts on NYU Hospital premises.

Burke and others then tampered with Referee Jack Suter, Louis Crespo, Leslie Lowenstein and others who were engaging in Disclosure monitoring that was barred by a Burke filed bogus Note of Issue and Certificate of Readiness. Burke and Siebert violated another Injunction imposed by Beeler barring Motions.

Then Burke got to a new Judge Paul Wooten who has engaged in acts that have gotten the eye of Federal Law Enforcement. Jim and others have assembled RICO activities involving Burke, Siebert, Gomez, Judge Wooten, Judge Stallman, Referees Suter and others.

Siebert has cheated and abrogated all of his commitments to Jim Couri by employing well documented dishonesty, fraud, extortion, intimidation, bribery, deceit, misrepresentation and other immoral activities. Siebert and Burke have compromised and tampered with Wooten who has written Orders displaying at best manifest bias and at worse a Judge who has been fixed by corrupt lawyers Burke and Gomez.

Scams inc has evidence of Burkes frauds, violations of Penal laws, forgery, suborning perjury, tampering, ex-parte communications with Wooten,Stallman, Lowenstein and clandestine emails with Referee Jack Suter.

Meanwhile, Siebert has been exposed as a thief, a sex vulture, a pervert, a narcotics abuser, and a extortonist. Siebert has been FIRED from NYU Hospital,Fired from Lenox Hill Hospital, fired from Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital. Siebert has been EVICTED from 5 various medical offices in New York including Eviction from 875 Park Ave as a illegal squatter; EVICTED by Dr Dan Baker; EVICTED by Dr Sheril Aston; EVICTED by Dr Jenifer Walden; and tared and feathered out of New York as a pervert and a disgrace to the practice of medicine.

Siebert was likewise EXPELLED from the Faculty of NYU Langone as a narcotics abuser and as a sex molester of innocent Patients on Hospital Premesis.

Meanwhile Siebert has defrauded Jim Couri and owes him over $20,000,000.00 evidenced by Agreements and Notes. Siebert and Burke in concert with Mob front Lawyer George Pavia and Exposed Judge Joan Madden have colluded to rob Jim of his rights that went as far as the Appellate Division, except Burke lied and conned the Appellate Court with an Appeal spawned out of fraud and deception and a Motion denied that Burke made in the first place in violation of the Beeler Injunction that Burke instigated in the first place.

So Dr John Siebert has spent over 8 years trying to cheat, rob, and defraud Jim Couri only to have been exposed as a pervert, a thief and a outcast run out of NY Hospitals and evicted as the bum and extortionist that he is. Siebert is not even finished with round one. He will be soon subject to RICO claims, claims of perjury, collusion, tampering, fraud on the Courts, and further exposure of Siebert’s sex abuses of innocent victim patients and his attempts to intimidate and extort the persons that he sexually abused and molested———Sibert’s Midwestern charm is where it belongs—-
In the toilet—–stay tuned


Dr John Siebert has been proved to be a thief and a sociopath, and engaged in perjury, larceny and thefts.

Now Scams Inc has obtained various Documents and Corporate Records and Resolutions of a Company that Siebert was a Director and the Corporate Secretary. The Company was an enterprise conceived by Jim Couri that was endorsed by Trans America Insurance Company as a business that provided Plans for funding college educational Programs for minors on a monthly schedule coupled with insurance in the event of death or inpacitation of the parent-funder. This company, Kindervest Planning Corp, was destroyed by Siebert by his admitted to reckless acts of frauds, deception and thefts.

Now Scams Inc has obtained numerous Resolutions and other Documents ‘sworn-to’ by Siebert and also created by Siebert as Kindervest Corporate Secretary. In Resolutions Siebert repeatedly confessed and admitted to defrauding, ripping-off and misrepresenting himself and his qualifications, abilities and background to Jim Couri, Kindervest and its Directors by Siebert’s proffering perjury, fraud, collusion, misrepresentation, reckless acts, lies and deceptive conduct.

Further Siebert admits in these Resolutions that Jim Couri performed valuable services for Siebert and that Siebert failed to pay for any of such services and that Siebert admits that he engaged in vicious and reckless interferences, and outright fraud, causing irreperable harm to Jim Couri, Kindervest and its other participants.

Siebert further confesses to unconditional obligations due to Jim Couri for guarantees, advances and Notes due; and Siebert admits to delivering Releases to Jim and Kindervest and all affiliates.

Siebert in these Resolutions and other Agreements waves any defenses and the right to impose counterclaims against Jim and Kindervest for the collection of Notes and Guarantees owed by Siebert.

Siebert single handedly ruined Kindervest, robbed Jim for over $20million and then engaged in rampant perjury, fraud, deception, collusion and tampering in the Unified Courts in concert with Joseph M Burke Esq. in a scheme to rob Jim Couri by RICO activities through corrupting the Courthouse by fraud, deception, and rampant perjury——ALL CRIMES.

Scams Inc have in Siebert’s own hand his admissions of his criminal thefts, frauds, perjury and malice
Siebert has engaged in fraud on the Courts and on Mr. Jim Couri—-the result of which may well be RICO treble damages and worse—-stay tuned


More and more are people experimenting with prescription drugs because they think these drugs are safe for aiding with weight loss, depression, staying awake, or even thinking clearer– “feeling better”. These drugs are easier to get than street drugs and much less costly. All you need is a friendly/obliging doctor.

If you think abuse of prescription drugs is safer than the street-type—you are wrong. Unless an honest doctor legitimately prescribes and monitors the correct usage of these drugs, you could be wrecking your body and your immune system. Many prescription drugs must be taken while one avoids alcohol, smoking, or other medications. The improper mixture of various drugs with alcohol can even be fatal.

Be aware, many drugs that are sold at your local pharmacy, over-the-counter, also can be severely abused and injurious to the user.

Regretfully, teens who use street or prescription drugs usually have trouble at home, school, with friends or even the law. The likelihood that someone will commit crimes or have auto accidents are increased when that person is abusing drugs of any type.

Like all drug abuse, using prescription drugs for the wrong reasons has serious risks for the person’s health. Many can result in seizures, or slow heartbeat and breathing, and can kill you. All stimulants can cause heart failure and seizures. Mixing stimulants with other medications can have devastating effects. People who abuse prescription medications can become addicted just as easily as those who take street drugs. Look out for changes in mood, weight, or interests. If you or a friend is addicted, get into a rehabilitation program, and seek competent help through your doctor and hospital.

Drug addition is a biological pathological process. Prolonged misuse of any drug changes the brain in fundamental and long-lasting ways. These changes are the major component of the addiction itself. Young people and baby-boomers are prime candidates for drug abuse. The economic environment, loss of jobs and/or loss of nest-eggs further spawn prescription drug abuse. The negative results from the overuse of multiple drugs increases the risks of negative and possible fatal interactions when drugs are not used as prescribed.

So, please be careful. Depression due to loss of money or jobs is bad enough– you do not want to compound the problem with mucking-up your mind and body. Always seek professional help. Find a trustworthy doctor affiliated with a teaching hospital.


Prescription Drug Fact Sheet

Weight Loss Solutions – Simply Common Sense!

If you truly want to loose weight, EAT LESS—–p-e-r-i-o-d! Also, try to exercise and walk as much as you can. Contrary to all of the advertising, claiming miracle weight loss, as yet there no “elixirs” that will make you skinny. Discipline, pushing away from the table and eating the right foods is the best way to start. That said, weight loss companies that offer food bargains such as NUTRI-SYSTEMS offer you nothing more than you can find at a supermarket at about 1/3 the price. Of course, you will have to cook and prepare it yourself. After all, companies like Nutri-Systems have to make money in order to pay for their costly advertising campaigns. If you want help, try WEIGHT WATCHERS where you will get group counseling and nutritional help.

Scamraiders is taking an active look and evaluating Nikki Haskell’s “STAR CAPS”. Although they look pretty good, before we make a judgment call or a comment, we are digging deeper. And remember, Scamraiders is not rendering medical advice. It is always recommended that you consult with your Doctor regarding diets or any other medical issues.

You should also be advised that there are a number of Drug Companies developing varies forms of weight loss pills, but they are all in the trial stages and it is too early for any comment. On a final note, your body is the best adding machine around, and you can’t fool it as to caloric intake. Good luck and set a realistic goal that’s right for you. We will keep you updated.


A new trend in identity theft is expected to be on the rise in 2010. This time the fraud not only has the ability to hurt your credit but can also be a danger to your actual health. Medical identity theft starts with the appropriation of your medical records and can lead to high bills, maxed out limits and even misdiagnosis when being treated. It’s a genuine danger and the threat seems to be growing.

BusinessWeek told the story of Lind Weaver, a 57 year old horse farm owner from Palm Coast, Florida. Weaver was surprised to open her mailbox one afternoon and discover she was being billed for the amputation of right foot by a local hospital.

After several weeks of phone calls and heated discussions with the hospital’s billing representatives, there was no resolution in sight. Weaver eventually took the initiative and marched down to the chief administrator’s office. She threw her right foot up on his desk and informed him she had never suffered anything worse than an ingrown toenail.

In time, she was able to convince the hospital to drop the charges. During the process Weaver realized it wasn’t just a billing error, her identity had been stolen and used to have the pricey procedure done. Along with her name, Lind Weaver’s address, social security number, and medical ID number were used in the fraud.

Cleaning up the outstanding bills and protecting her credit standing weren’t the end of Lind Weaver’s troubles. While hospitalized a year later for a hysterectomy, Weaver’s nurse noted she was a diabetic while thumbing through her chart. The truth is, she is not a diabetic. Her medical records were now mixed up with the scammer’s medical history from their fraudulent visit.

The damage this type of fraud can do goes far beyond the pocket book. Cleaning up the records has proven even more difficult than sorting out the financial implications of the initial amputation bill. Lind Weaver lives in fear of being rushed to the hospital and falling victim to an error due to the mixed records, a transfusion of the wrong blood type or administration of a drug to which she is allergic. The strange bill in the mailbox which at first glance seems like an annoying case of financial fraud in reality has the potential to do actual, physical harm.

The last study of the scam on a federal level was released in 2007 by the World Privacy Forum. Since 1992 there had been almost 500,000 cases of reported medical identity theft, but that number had been growing exponentially with almost have of the reports coming in the final year. There are two reasons these numbers are expected to have risen and feared to keep growing: unreported cases and new technologies.

Unless the victim is paying close attention, this type of fraud can go unnoticed for a long time. An example would be 37 year old Brandon Sharp out of Houston, Texas. Last year his story was profiled in the New York Times. Having never suffered any serious medical problems or even entered an emergency room for treatment, Sharp was surprised to learn he owed thousands of dollars in medical bills.

The only reason he found out was because he had requested his credit report in preparation for applying for a home mortgage. Several emergency room visits in locations around the country, even a $19,000 charge for a LifeFlight air ambulance service, all appeared in his credit report as collection notices. Six years after the discovery and he is still in the process of getting both his credit and medical records sorted out.

Stories like these lead experts to believe there are growing numbers of unreported cases. The bills were going to a false address, and Brandon Sharp would never have discovered the problem had he not made a request to view his credit report.

With the past two presidential administrations pushing for complete digitization of medical records, many are worried this is opening up a new avenue for the theft of personal medical records. Instead of just being located in the doctor’s office, files are being shared online and presenting new opportunities for hackers to gain access.

Many medical identity thefts are inside jobs, disgruntled employees or those just looking to make an easy buck selling access to the files in a doctor’s office. The ability to steal and sell mass quantities of private medical information has been made much easier and more highly profitable in the computer age.

In Weston, Florida a front desk clerk managed to download the medical files of over 1,000 Medicare patients in the clinic where he worked. He gave the information to his cousin who then made over 2.8 million dollars in false Medicare claims.

American Medical News recently reported a new e-mail scam targeting doctors in an attempt to gain access to their patients’ medical records. Normally fed inside information by an employee of the doctor, the scammers send phony emails posing as an information technology worker with whom the doctor normally works. They claim to need a password or permission to download highly sensitive software in order to complete a routine piece of business. If successful in this deceit, the hacker has full access to the medical records in the office and the doctor is none the wiser.

Medical identification fraud is difficult for the average consumer to prevent, as access to this information is beyond their control. There are several ways to stay alert and be aware if you have fallen victim as recently provided by the Federal Government.

– Make sure only legitimate medical care providers get your social security number, insurance ID number or other personal information. Be alert to snooping eyes when checking out.

– Read the explanations of benefits carefully whenever you receive it in the mail from your insurer. Make sure the doctors listed and treatments or tests noted are genuine. If there is anything listed you don’t recognize, call your insurer immediately.

– Request a yearly summary of all benefits paid by your insurer. Many companies provide this online.

– Monitor the credit bureaus and check the reports for any medical listings you don’t remember. If there are unrecognized, unpaid bills in your name request a fraud alert and credit reporting freeze immediately.

– If someone has stolen your medical identity contact the police and file a report. Take this to your doctor and any vendors who might falsely believe you owe them money. Have all clinics, laboratories, pharmacies and doctor’s offices you’ve visited, or been wrongly implicated of visiting, print out detailed records of your visits. Use these to help fight the fraud and clean up your medical records so you don’t get misdiagnosed later.

Medical identity theft is a dangerous business. Not only are you suddenly hit with credit issues and unpaid bills, but if the scammer has been busy you might find your insurance has been maxed out for life and end up being denied medical treatment, or receive the wrong care in an emergency because your records have been mixed in with those of the fraudster who used your name and information. Be aware of this frightening new trend, its more than your bank account that is at risk.


John Siebert MD. is a now well documented pervert and butcher. He has been fired by NYC Hospitals for sex abuses of patients, narcotics abuses, sex perversions in Hospital room, dispensing contra-indicated narcotics and engaging in Insurance Healthcare fraud. Siebert has also been found to be a perjurer, a thief, a dead-beat, and a fraud, filing bogus and perjured documents in the NY Courts to avoid paying over $20,000,000.00 Siebert unconditionally owes Jim Couri; and much more to many others. Siebert and his corrupt lawyer Joseph M Burke have bribed, tampered and engaged in collusion to avoid paying-up.

Siebert is a Socipoath who even swindles prostitutes that Siebert escorted into NYU_Langone and engaged in lewd sex acts within the Hospital. Then this bum Doctor abused patients, engaged in sex acts in examining rooms while defrauding Businesses by lies, deception and perjury.

Siebert is a demented sociopath without a shred of integrity who has now been caught and run out of NYC. Siebert is a despicable individual who is rabid to manipulate and sexually control victims with drugs and extortion.

The temerity of Siebert has resulted in this bum being evicted out of 5 medical offices in NYC and bodily thrown-out of 875 Park Avenue as a illegal Squatter.

Siebert was advertising that he was chief of surgery at NY hospitals that never heard of him and the sicko Siebert was hold out at a medical office of Dr Glen Jelks at 875 Park in violation of law. When Brown Harris Stevens found out that Siebert a sex maniac was hiding out in their building Siebert physically removed from 875 Park Avenue along with his ‘scalpel’ and tossed out on the Street.

Siebert and his lawyer Joe Burke have cheated, defrauded lied, extorted, abused his sex victims, and systematically robbed Siebert’s creditors by engaging in bribery, perjury, collusion, tampering and extortion—all now well documented.

Siebert has hired thugs to abuse and intimidate many of his victims including Ms Rachel who has evidence of Siebert’s perverted sex acts and pedophilia. Siebert and Burke’s scams have caught up with them——–with proof of Siebert’s crimes.

The question of the day——why does UW Hospital continue to imperil victim patients allowing Siebert a documented Sex Vulture and Thief continue to interact with patients in Madison Wiss.

UW Hospital seems to be desperate for money and possibly another victim of Devil Siebert and Burke’s extortion and intimidation——there can be no logical reason as to why any Hospital would allow a convicted sex maniac, Dr John Siebert, fired from 4 NYC Hospitals, Evicted from 5 Medical Offices and found to have engaged in Courthouse fraud, perjury, collusion; and a Insurance thief to be on Staff and tend to patients———— Siebert is a vicious devil, a con artist, a incompetent and a ‘Butcher’—–stay tuned


Judge Sherry Klein Heitler seems to have the honor and integrity of a cobra and by her dastardly acts trusts in cash not God. Heitler is a clear and convincing judge who will, based on her actions and failure to act, sell out anyone for a pay-off.

If you are wondering why we at Scams Inc make these statements take a few minutes and review and ponder the death of a young man named Seth Speken. The Speken web pages will be posted on Scams Inc by pm on Jan. 4,2012.

Seth was a in-patient at Columbia Presbeterian Hospital in NYC. The rest appears to be a horror story documented by Mrs. Speken the mother of Seth.

Mrs. Speken sues the Hospital and the assigned judge is none other than Judge Sherry Klein Heitler who we have seen in other egregious cases has turned a ‘blind eye’ to corruption, collusion, bribery, threats, violations of Court Uniform Rules and extortion by other judges.

Heitler’s decorum in the courtroom according to Mrs Speken wes threatening, abusive, biased, extortive and vicious. Heitler tells the lady ‘you have a weak case’–meanwhile her son is dead—-

‘You better watch out the Hospital will sue you so you better settle.’—-‘think about your daughters’

These remarks are made by a Judge who was clearly compromised and extorting a poor distraught Mrs Speken who lost her son to what appeare by her reports to be wanton negligence and worse by the Hospital.

No matter to Heitler as cash not the rules of law speaks the loudest—–for Heitler (Dr Mengele of the Courthouse) its ‘railroad’ anyone if the fixer pays for a fix—‘Judge Heitler to the rescue’—–

Heitler spends more time putting on her bright red lipstick and teasing her hair than paying attention to the laws of the United States of America where Heitler has made a good living plundering innocent victim litigants to fulfill the back-room fixes and ‘deals’ to ‘rape’ a litigant– that proliferate at 60 Centre Street Courthouse. The joint is a ‘ambush-farm’ with only a few honest Judges who have to put up with the likes of sociopaths like Heitler and others of her ilk——

Without supervision and a monitor to watch these scalliwags justice comes out of a fix and paper-bags of cash———stay tuned—- and See: the Speken Files on Scams Inc.

Click here to read this mother’s horror story 


Dr John Siebert is a sociopath and a quack surgeon. He in concert with others—it seems UW Hospital, the only hospital that has not fired Siebert for sexual deviant abuses and other larceny—- Siebert has concocted a scam of supposed successful surgery involvins the irreversable disease of PARRY ROMBERG SYNDROME. The purpose is MONEY!!!!

Siebert in his now well documented manner of faker ‘midwestern charm’ has given victims of this irreversable disease false hopes by proffering lies and deceptions. To cure Romberg’s diseases would be like being successful in mixing oil and water—it cant be done.

What Siebert has done–we think in concert with UW Hospital is by manipulating affected facial tissues provide a very short lived appearance of marginal results until—like oil and water the tissue of the patients face resumes its mode of deterioration.

Siebert is such a vicious money-hungry sociopath he has no interest in the ‘do no harm’ Rules.

Siebert is a quack a fraud and a phony and his Parry Romberg surgeries a scam and a rouse to rob from innocent patient victims by giving false hopes and dreams. This Dr Siebert is a Sicko and a Butcher with a Scalpel——–stay tuned


Scams Inc Investigators have been baffled as to the obstructionist conduct of UW Hospital as it relates to patient healthcare and safety and patient interaction with confirmed thief and molester of victim patients.

We have conducted a preliminary investigation into UW Hospital and its conduct and have revealed a sordid trail of bad acts by UW. Such include denying care; use and cover-up of contaminated instruments; unsanitary conditions; denying care and ‘Playing God’; causing brain disorders due to rampant malpractice; reuse of syringes causing patient injury; and much more.

It is no wonder why UW Hospital and its law department have embarked on a ‘cover-up’ of Siebert’s mutilation of patients physically, emotionally and financially. UW Hospital doesnt seem to care about—

‘HEAL THY PATIENT DO NO HARM’—— UW Hospital only seems to care about money and screw the patients safety and rights as healthcare providers.

It looks like UW Hospital and vulture Siebert are spit out of the same hole——

NYU-Langone, Lenox Hill and MEET Hospitals in NYC kicked John Siebert out after Hearings and findings that he abused and molested patients and issued contra-indicated narcotics—

UW Hospital find thIs ‘A-OK’ just as long as this Midwestern Sociopath Siebert brings in cash to UW Hospital from the Plastic Surgery Clinic where UW has installed sociopath Siebert——-

A disgrace to the Rules of Healthcare? yes to be sure. Particularly since NY State Department of Health are investigating Siebert for the termination of his medical license.—–stay tuned—-

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