Scams Inc and its Investigators and Reporters have communicated with Dr. John Siebert’s victim patients and with the Hospitals in NYC that fired this confirmed sex pervert as SWORN-TO by Siebert’s Patients by afidavit and other documents. Siebert was held to task at NYU-Langone Hospital in NYC and after weeks of hearings Siebert was canned/fired. Siebert was fired by Lenox Hill and MEET Hospitals as well.

Enter UW Hospital in Madison Wiss. UW has been previously been charged with unsanitary operating rooms, use of unsanitary needles and other infractions. UW Hospital seems desperate for revenue.

Seems that the have intentionally turned a blind-eye to Siebert’s scams healthcare frauds, patient-sex-attacks as revealed by Muriel Karass, Diane Kleiman, Linda M,Miss Rachel and others who communicated with us about Siebert’s sex and financial attacks on these innocent citizens.

UW Hospital’s Director Donna Katen, has washed her hands of Siebert and has ‘passed the buck’ to the UW in house lawyer Jim DeChene. Scams Inc’s investigator spoke to DeChene who became defensive and down right nasty. DeChene concocted a whitewash of UW Hospitals condoning the employ of sex-vulture Siebert——DeChene’s answer——‘Siebert has not been convicted criminally so we find that he is ok’——–a pathetic reply to a Dr. Siebert who has been fired and evicted out of NYC.—

Surely all Hospitals and fired Doctors insist on ‘gag-agreements’ and Siebert and his lawyer Joseph M Burke are masters at cover-ups——

UW Hospital, you are a disgrace and a scam——NYU, Lenox Hill, MEET Hospitals all fired Siebert for cause and terminated his Faculty Roll. UW Hospital desperate for Butcher-surgeons in the plastic surgery field and revenues there-from has tanked innocent victim patients who Siebert will lure into his sex and narcotics lair just as he did with Diane Kleiman and Muriel Karass——–

UW Hospital is seemingly only interested in lying and covering-up Dr John Siebert’s sex molestings and butchering of innocent unsuspecting victim patients–stay tuned


Dr John Siebert was canned and kicked out of virtually every New York Hospital that Siebert was affiliated. Siebert was found to be a sex pervert by NYU/Langone Hospital after extensive hearings where Joseph M. Burke/Russo & Burke represented Siebert the ‘proved sex vulture’. Then Siebert was fired from Lenox Hill Hospital and then from Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital all for sexual perversions, and narcotics abuses.

Then Siebert was evicted from 4 or 5 medical offices where Siebert occupied space. The charges ranged from sex abuse, narcotics abuse, molesting patients and co-workers to illegal occupancy at 875 Park Avenue, frauds and delinquency in paying rents.

Siebert was essentially evicted out of New York, and was found to have perjured himself and engaged in collusion and Courthouse corruption.

Siebert has stolen a fortune in moneys he unconditionally agreed to pay—-and as a documented thief found his way to UW Hospital in Madison Wiss.

UW Hospital were lied to as to Siebert’s disgusting trail of thefts, molestings and being fired from other Hospitals in NYC. Now UW Hospital is on to Siebert and we are told that his days at UW Hospital are numbered.

Siebert is such a sociopath and thief that he has defrauded many with false and fake internet adds concocting phony positions in a scheme to lure innocent patient-victims. Siebert’s adds were stopped by informants.——-Stay tuned for more on Siebert and his sociopathic crusade and sex perversions, perjury, thefts and corruption.


Don’t be too quick to trust the stranger in your home, even if they come with legitimate credentials. Last week we explored some of the scams being utilized to take advantage of the aging, whether through bogus long-term care insurance or shady old folks’ homes. It’s time to turn our attention a little closer to home with the story of an in home nurse who turned out to be a criminal.

For the older or infirm patient longing to spend some time free from the confines of the hospital, the comforts and safety of home are often only a possibility with regularly scheduled visits from an in home nurse. The patient’s ability to complete certain chores or manage areas of their own healthcare is sometimes compromised by their condition and the daily or weekly visits from a visiting RN are a necessity.

While most in home nurses deserve our sincere thanks and praise for the fantastic work they accomplish, there are still the rare horror stories of those who did not live up to their oaths as caregivers. These instances might be uncommon, but if it happens to you the effects can be devastating.

This is the story of a severely ill New York City woman who found herself a victim of the most callous class of scammer, someone who had sworn to care for and protect her. It’s anecdotal to be sure, but the pain and suffering it caused on top of the victim’s illness needs to be examined, if only to remind us who aren’t yet in her position that its never a good idea to blindly trust someone seems too good to be true. The names have been changed at the victim’s request, but the details are, sadly, true.

The phone call came as Deena Vale was recovering from a surgery to remove several cancerous tumors lodged between her vertebrae. Deena began to sob. The cancer was back, but that wasn’t what had finally broken her spirit. The news her daughter offered from the other end of the phone was responsible for the meltdown. Deena was in shock. “She stole from me!” She cried, “She stole from me.”

Deena is a sixty year old woman who has been fighting serious illness for over ten years. A near-death pancreatic failure, breast cancer resulting in two mastectomies, and a torn rotator cuff weakened her body immensely. Several years ago, she fell in the subway and broke her hip. Upon further examination, doctors discovered the breast cancer had metastasized into her hip, shoulder and back. After having the joint replaced, she began both radiological treatment and chemotherapy. She improved. She battled back. Deena kept her day job and continued to fight.

Last summer, Deena’s new hip began to be the source of great pain. She missed work and had trouble getting around at all. The doctor’s said the artificial hip had come lose from the bone. It took two surgeries and over four months in the hospital for Deena to find her way home. But after the prolonged trauma to her leg, she still wasn’t exactly mobile.

Thankfully, the insurance company allowed Deena to hire an in home nurse for a limited amount of time. They would pay for five daily visits, providing Deena enough time to get settled back into home while recovering her ability to get around the house.

She procured assistance through the company Americare, Inc. They sent a nurse to Deena’s home. Her name was Hayden Rivera, she had recently trained to be a registered nurse and had performed well enough to meet Americare’s standards.

In home nurses are often responsible for a lot more than just nursing. Many act almost as personal assistants, helping with chores around the house and taking care of the daily business at home that many of us probably take for granted. Hayden was no different and she was more than eager to lend Deena a helping hand.

Deena didn’t require much in the way of nursing. Some help getting into and out of the bath and maybe having help clipping the toenails she couldn’t reach, but mostly she was looking to have a companion for those first few days home. Hayden filled this need well.

They spent long hours at home together. Hayden helped Deena take walks both around her apartment and out into the world. They sat and laughed while watching bad daytime television. Hayden would run out and grab frozen yogurt for them both, refusing to let Deena pay for the treats. After five days Deena began to think of her caregiver as a friend.

Hayden showed great sympathy for Deena and her plight. She was interested in hearing about the woman’s children and looked forward to meeting them some day. Hayden was a bit cagier about her own past. It was troubled. She was currently living in a shelter, but had passed her course in nursing and was happy to finally be turning her life around. Deena felt like it they were both facing new beginnings together.

At the end of five days, Deena refused to give Hayden up. She asked the nurse, her friend, to come back the next week. Even though she was barely getting by on disability, Deena felt it was important to have Hayden back, for both their sakes. The following week they spent a day out shopping for clothes and food, and scheduled another day together for the week following.

A few nights later, the mild back pain Deena had been experiencing suddenly blossomed into a full blown crisis. She couldn’t get up from the chair she had sat down in earlier, the pain was too severe. Late at night and unable to get anyone on the phone, including Hayden, Deena called 911.

At the hospital, the ER staff quickly gave the bad news. There were new tumors wedged between the vertebrae of her lower spine. She went into surgery the next day. The first friendly face she saw in recovery was Hayden. She had told the staff she was Deena’s caregiver and they granted her access into the recovery room. Deena was happy to see her, but they were never left alone as the hospital’s nurses were a constant presence. Hayden said she would come back the next day.
Deena doesn’t remember that next visit so well. She was heavily drugged and in and out of consciousness. She knows Hayden was there, but doesn’t remember for how long. Deena does remember asking Hayden to hand her the purse from her bedside table. She wanted to give her former in home nurse a few dollars to take a cab back home.

A week later Deena was in rehab. She had left a message for Hayden earlier in the day, asking if she would be willing to drop by Deena’s apartment and bring some fresh clothes. Then she got the phone call from her daughter.

Tasked with paying her mother’s bills, Deena’s daughter had gone online to pay the rent and electricity only to find the bank account empty. Eight checks had been written and cashed over the course of two days. The checks had Deena Vale’s name in the signature line, but it wasn’t her signature. They were also written the day after Deena’s surgery, when she was heavily drugged and in out of consciousness.

Seven checks of the checks were made out to Hayden Rivera, one was made out to Hayden’s boyfriend. In all, over $3,500 was taken from Deena Vale’s account. All the money she had in the world. This happened two weeks before Christmas.

“She stole from me!” Deena cried, “She stole from me. Everything I have. Why? Why would she do that to me? She knows how hard my life has been, she understood. Why would she do this to me? I would have given her everything I could if she just asked.”

The bank agreed. The signatures did not belong to Deena Vale. Thankfully, a few weeks later they returned the stolen funds into her account. The police came to the hospital and took a statement. They issued a warrant for Hayden Rivera, but a detective told Deena that unless she was picked up for some other offense there wasn’t much hope of them ever finding the con artist. Americare, Inc. claims they had fired Hayden shortly after her first five days of service with Deena and before the theft occurred. They have not had contact with her since the dismissal.

Deena is home now. This time she isn’t just recovering from her latest stint in the hospital, she’s also dealing with the supreme betrayal of someone she came to trust and love. Let this story serve as warning. Always keep one eye open on the stranger in the house, even those that come highly recommended. True, this is just one woman’s story. But it happened, and it deserves to be heard.


Dr. John Siebert has been proved to be a sex pervert and a molester of patients. Siebert has been fired from NYU/Langone Hospital in NYC after extensive Hearings and findings that Siebert is a sex vulture, a manipulator of patients, a narcotics abuser and a doctor who plays upon the weaknesses of vulnerable ill persons. Siebert has been accused and found to be a sociopath and a pervert. Likewise Siebert has been fired from Lenox Hill Hospital, Manhattan Eye and Ear also in NYC. Siebert has been evicted from 5 medical offices in NYC, including 875 Park Ave. NYC as a ‘squatter’ and as a undesirable tenant. He we kicked out as a subtenant of Dr Dan Baker, Dr Sheril Aston, Dr. Jenifer Walden and Dr. Michel Hogan. Siebert and Burke have been proved to be perjurers, a thief, and a fraud. Schemer Dr. John Siebert and his corrupt lawyer Joseph M Burke have tampered with Judges, Referees and others in a rouse to rob Jim Couri, and other of Siebert’s victims out of millions of dollars.

All of this said, proved and undenied why is UW Hospital condoning the employment of Vulture Dr. John Siebert? Scamraiders has been recently been contacted by some of Siebert’s victims. They have reported that they have written to UW Hospital managment about Siebert’s molesting and harming of them and others, and advising that Siebert has been disgraced and evicted out of Hospitals and medical offices in NYC. yet UW Hospital continues to imperil victim patients allowing a proved sex pervert and accused pedophile to continue to interact with innocent citizens of Wisconsen.

Why does UW Hospital turn a ‘blind-eye’ to Siebert’s documented physical and mental abuses of patients?

We are continuing to investigate Siebert and his sex perversions both in the Hospitals and in his home. Siebert has interfered into the lives of many whose families and homes and kids have been fractured by his documented demented and sociopathic activities.—Stay tuned for much more on Siebert and his corruption, frauds, thefts and perverted sex abuses of the innocent.

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Five Medicare Prescription Scams to Watch Out For

The Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit has created yet another opportunity for con artists. Consumer protection officials around the country say they regularly receive complaints from seniors and other consumers who say they were contacted by fake companies claiming that they were “authorized” or “funded” by Medicare to make telephone or door-to-door contact with beneficiaries. Protect yourself by learning the following five scams to watch out for.

1. Membership Required
» This benefit is voluntary and supplements your other Medicare benefits. To participate, you will not be required to pay a membership or join anything.
2. Off-Hours Calling
» Those marketing Medicare drug plans must obey telemarketing laws. This means they can’t call you before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m.; when you’re phone number is registered on the “do not call” registry; or after you’ve requested not to be contacted again.
3. Phone & Spam Trolling
» The Social Security Administration doesn’t initiate contact by phone or email, much less request your bank account, credit card or life insurance policy numbers.
4. Door-To-Door Sales
» It’s illegal for companies or organizations marketing Medicare drug plans to come to your door uninvited or to send you unsolicited emails. Companies and organizations can call to promote their drug plans, but it’s illegal for them to sign people up during those calls.
5. Surprise! No Prize
» It’s illegal to require anyone to join a drug plan in order to receive a prize or gift.