Judge Joan Madden was infected by Mafia front and documented perjurer George M Pavia in a scheme to railroad Jim Couri’s rent stabilized home within a brownstone building, 18 East 73St NYC, owned by Pavia and his wife Antonia. The building was found to be rent stabilized by the DHCR via Jim’s efforts and thus the value cut in more than half.So George Pavia began a scam of Courthouse collusion fraud, didhonesty and immoral acts and got to Madden. The pattern of Decisions, preclusions, threats and charades and farcical acts of Madden are a matter of Record. Her own Decisions reveal a despicable paper trail of bias, illogical findings, precluding other Court findings proving that the Pavias are perjurers, forgers and found to be engaged in rampant fraud by the NYC-ECB Court. The ECB Court and the NYC Department of Buildings by & Inspectors found after & Trials that the Pavia Property and a ‘atrium-greenhouse’ in Jims Apartment were hazardous and unfit for dwelling purposes.

Madden precluded all of this Evidence and ECB findings. Maddem further precluded res-judicata findings by the DHCR and by Judge R. Acosta regarding false claims of ‘nuisance’ falsely and desperately asserted by Pavia and Gomez relating to letters Jim sent to Pavia’s office. Madden precluded all relevant facts, all ECB findings, all DOB findings, all facts as to Jim’s cancer and heart disease. Madden refused to speak to Jims heart Doctors at Presbeterian Hospital and she recruited Dr Weintraub, a pal of Gomez and disgraced Dr John Siebert to further her charade to loot Jim’s home.Maddens’s trickery was found out and exposed by many in print and on the internet.Madden’s Courtroom is and was rife with now well documented corruption,deceit, dishonesty and fraud orchestrated by con-man tax thief George Pavia and his thug-pimp extortonist Kenneth V Gomez Esq. Gomez has been proved to be a perjurer, a stalker, a man who has engaged in lewd acts ans who has sabatoged the use of the Courts for the personal and unjust gains for the benefit of George Pavia, Antonia Pavia ans convicted sex offender Dr John Siebert.

Madden was on a Ballot for re-election in Nov 2011. She failed to reveal her infected Courtroom rife with collusion and fraud. Madden was unaposed and obtained 19% of the vote. Another Boss-Tweed scam election so that more victims can be polluted by Madden’s cover-ups. Sad, very sad.

Maddens malliable acts, permitting Pavia-Gomez poluting of her Court is perverse and despicable. Madden, when she realized that Jim Couri uncovered the Madden Courtroom railroading and charade scheme, recruted Pimp Gomez along with Pavia to railroad jim with other Judges and Referees in the Unified Courthouse. Such included a Medicare theft by Gomez of over $230,000.00, tampering with other Decisions and insulating the Pavias by maligning Jim with outright fraud.

Meanwhile Madden ignored the Pavias and Gomez acts of threats, extortion, tax evasion, documented perjury, forgery and tampering.

Madden out of spite, greed and cover-up has tried to manipulate the Courts and deprive Jim Couri of his rights to access to the Courts and his Rights as a Citizen of the United States of America.

Madden in collusion with Gomez, Pavia and others, confirmed by her own actions have undermined and polluted the honor and integrity of the Courts. Maddens unholy alliance with Pavia and Gomez and their allies have infected the Courts in a RICO scam depriving a level Field to litigate honestly
with a trier of facts who follows the Law and the Rules of the Unified Courts and the Constitution.

Madden’s acts of collusion with these corrupt persons and manipulating the Uniform Rules, CPLR, res-judicata, and defrauding Jim Couri out of his home is wicked and immoral.

Madden still continues to spitefully interfere into Jim Couri’s health, litigation and life.

Scams Inc has obtained a letter recently sent to Madden that will be posted with this article on Scams Inc——–please read it as all will see what a spiteful Judge will do to a litigant who exposes corrupt  actions engaged in by a Court———see what happened to Mr Sonny Schue——He came up DEAD.
Stay tuned



Healthcare fraud and Medicare fraud cost the American public billions. The schemes are from A-to-Z – and the most despicable are caused by crooked and corrupt doctors, hospitals and pharmacies and medical suppliers.

Even lawyers and inept lazy and corrupt courts play a roll – believe it or not, Medicare has a lien on any recovery obtained from medical malpractice cases and settlements for what ever Medicare paid out. Sadly, lawyers and many derelict courts ignore these liens and approve med-mal settlements, circumventing Medicare and it is in the millions in NYC alone.

Healthcare insurance and Medicare cost us far too much, because all honest citizens are paying for the fraud and corruption arising out of Medicare and healthcare corruption and scams.

George Pavia Esq. a well-documented professional swindler and expert at the use of ‘buffers’ to hide behind, in 2007, recruited front-man Kenneth Gomez Esq. for this Pavia concocted heist. The take? —over $230,000 of liened Medicare funds. The history of Pavia is a long and twisted paper trail of corruption, fraud, bribery, tax evasion and perjury (See: Scamraiders’ Archives). George Pavia’s psychiatrist, Arnold Hutchnecker, before his death, revealed that George suffers from delusions of grandeur coupled with an underlying inferiority complex. That said, Jim Couri describes George Pavia as a spiteful, greedy, lecher who turned to retaliation and extortion when Jim uncovered George’s corruption and tax evasions involving the Pavias’ townhouse at 18 E. 73rd St, NY by revealing the Pavias’ willful circumvention of Rent Stabilization.

In 2006, corkscrew George learned that Jim suffered from melanoma cancer and that Jim had retained council to pursue a case due to the misdiagnosis of his cancer and associated malpractice claims. It appears that George by 2006 had made his ‘pact’ with JSC Madden, the judge in NY Unified Court, who Pavia compromised in order to rid himself of Jim Couri and his Rent Stabilization Rights. Even though George had Judge Madden successfully taint the jury in the rental trial, it seems that George’s anger and revenge against Jim continued on, and George began his campaign to grab for himself, and his ‘boys’, Jim’s medical malpractice funds. Pavia joined forces with an ex-associate of Jim’s, John Siebert MD, along with Joe Burke Esq. and Kenneth Gomez Esq.

By the time Pavia began his med-mal scam, Jim had filed his cancer misdiagnosis lawsuit and lawyers Aaronson Rappaport Feinstein & Deutsch Esqs, Phil Lerner, and John Hunt (Marion Polovy) had appeared for defendants. Pavia, Siebert, and Burke had the beginnings of a ‘perfect storm’ for their next swindle. Siebert, a doctor who has been sued frequently and represented by Aaronson began his dirty work. Phil Lerner of Aaronson Esqs knowing of the Statutory Medicare liens, kept demanding Jim’s signing of Documents stating that Jim knew of no liens. Lerner was clearly bought-off by Pavia, as was Hunt/Polovy, as these demands were further ‘mirrored’ by defense lawyer John Hunt. Both lawyers were supposedly acting for themselves, defendants, and Insurers MLMI and PRI. Cash is a tempting incentive to engage in corruption. Jim’s Case should have been a slam dunk for Jim’s claims, as among other things, a NY State Department of Health’s investigation all but confirmed negligence on the part of defendants and a mislabeling of Jim’s pathology samples (the pathology doctor was Eduardo Zappi-Dermopath-Labs). (The dermatologist, Robert Berger MD, was represented by Hunt/Polovy). However, the supposed ‘Settlement’ was carefully manipulated and therefore ripe for theft by these co-conspirators.

Eventually, Jim uncovered that George Pavia and Kenneth Gomez, as part of the swindle, had provided suspect documents to Hunt in order to discredit Jim. The scam began to gel in or about September 2008. Although at this time Jim was in cancer care in California and not aware of Medicare Statutory Liens on all the Med-mal recoveries, which are up to the amount of ‘Conditional Medicare Payments’ made by Medicare related to the money paid by Medicare and related to all claims &/or injury. Surely all lawyers know of these Medicare liens and the law of notification to MEDICARE SECONDARY PAYER RECOVERY CONTRACTOR, (MSPRC). Curiously, John Hunt/Polovy and Aaronson/Lerner demanded documents from Jim in contravention to Medicare Laws and mandates, stating that there were no liens. Jim became suspicious, refused to sign these bogus documents. It wouldn’t be until after the Court rendered its decision that Jim learned of Medicare Statutory Liens, which in his case was and is about $200,000.00—still due to MSPRC—-now doubled, by Statute, and due to the Pavia-Gomez, et-al frauds.

The greed and corruption further unfolded as the assigned judge, JSC Abdus- Saalam, a judge who supposedly disposes of thousands of Med-Mal cases in the Unified Courts New York County, never inquired about the obvious Medicare liens in Jim’s Case before her. Not knowing at that time about the requirement of Medicare Statutory liens, not only did Jim wonder why the lawyers insisted he sign false statements on documents, he didn’t realize that the judge should have also inquired about Medicare liens. Undaunted, and orchestrated by George Pavia, JSC Abdus-Saalam sadly turned her back on Medicare Liens and Jim’s wife’s Liens and issued Orders that in contravention to filed Liens and the Law, permitted Pavia–Gomez, to make off with Jim’s $230,000.00, circumventing Legally Secured Creditors, including Medicare. Interestingly, Judge Abdus Saalam within approximately two weeks after signing her Order giving away Jim’s and Medicare’s money, was elevated to the Appellate Division 1st Dept. A coincidence? Anyone observing this charade can wonder— How can this happen? More significantly, how can this continue to happen in New York County Unified Courts—- for years constantly circumventing Medicare’s First Liens? Are these New York Unified Courts and Judges ignorant of the Laws or are they complicit in scamming Medicare for millions? And why does no one, up to now, launch a full-blown investigation into these Courthouse frauds on Medicare and MSPRC?

Gomez is a proven perjurer – Jim Couri and his accolades have been recently written about by many newspapers with glowing reports and reported on many TV stations – all recently. Gomez, George Pavia, sex maniac Siebert and crook partner Joe Burke, Esq have interfered and begged the Gannett papers to redact rogue Siebert’s name, reported as as a sex predator.

Gomez, Siebert and corkscrew Pavia conned NY Times’ John Eligon to write a article without advising the Times that they are the targets of sex crimes, pedophilia, Medicare fraud, gift tax evasion, bribery, extortion, thefts of Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield funds, Siebert’s being fired by NYU/Langone Medical Center for sex rapes of patients at NYU, insurance fraud, and narcotics abuses

Kenneth Gomez, Esq. Gomez didn’t tell the NY Times that he is a hired pimp covering up Siebert’s under investigation by NY State Dept of Health, due to over twenty victims filing charges against Siebert with law enforcement for patient sex molestings, drug abuse and intimidation. Gomez does not deny Pavia and Siebert/Burke/Gomez bribery, tax evasion by Pavia and Siebert and extortion and threats directed to Jim Couri, all well documented. We have tape recordings, affidavits and other proof of Siebert, Pavia, Gomez and Joe Burke’s bribery, tampering, sex crimes and extortion. Gomez wants a reward for his transparent rants on his one-man band-wagon with a busted wheel, yet no denials of facts or Gomez use of ‘peep-shows.’

Now back to George Pavia. Not only did ‘cheat-em-beat-em’ George steal Jim’s money involving his cancer illness, Pavia stole from Medicare, MSPRC with the scheming aid of defendants’ Insurance lawyers, John Siebert MD, Kenneth Gomez, and possibly the Court. Remember, Judge Madden, ‘working in the wings’, and all of the Unified Court Judges are ‘pals’—‘all for one and one for all’. This scam was too pat and too easy. It simply can’t be that a presiding Judge repeatedly signs Orders directing the disbursement of millions without being sure that Medicare Liens are satisfied. After all, these Medicare Liens are Statutory and Courts are supposed to follow the Laws. But do they? Stated otherwise, this ‘theft’ was a set-up, manipulated by greedy and corrupt George Pavia. Medicare fraud is a very serious matter. Please see the published Mandates of Lawyers and Insurers, etc., regarding Medicare and MSPRC, here and below. Medicare maintains its lien until paid. Failure to advise MSPRC and conversion of Medicare funds results in suit by the US Attorney seeking Double Damages and possible criminal charges if willful. Gomez, Pavia, Siebert and Joe Burke all know the law. They compromised many and formed alliances with Hunt, Lerner and others to rob Jim’s money—except they in their greed failed to deal with Medicare who has a lien of about $200,000.00 on this settlement. Now Pavia and cohorts will be chased for more than $400,000.00 plus damages, and possibly worse. Further, the negligence in the Unified Courts and the continued willful circumventing of MSPRC Liens involving tens of millions must be fully investigated. How many millions have been stolen from Medicare via the Courthouse? It is time to help the law and not the thieves. This is why Medicare is ‘broke’—-CORRUPTION, and why we the public, and our healthcare are suffering the consequences.

George Pavia and his wife Antonia and bag man Kenneth Gomez ‘cut up’ the supposed settlement, $230,000, one thing is for sure, George Pavia is ‘tighter than a crabs ass in the sunshine’, Gomez is bust-out and broke, so the paying Leona Helmsley and company $6,000 for a phony judgment against Jim and within a couple of days pimp-bag-man Gomez walks into the unified court and by fraud and corruption the court gives Gomez and company over $180,000 for Pavias $6000 and the court ignored secured parties and proper UCC filings. Then this same judge was elevated to the appellate division, a reward for a $230,000 score. By the use of court corruption, scams and fixes a-la George Pavia, thug Gomez and other courthouse scallywags? Scamraiders has the paper trail and remember, Pavia is a cheap tight-wad, nothing is going out of Pavia’s pocket and it ain’t going to happen unless the fix was in -a profit of over 30 times in a few days- this is how courthouse larceny,and greed is done, black-robed bandits with a pen and immunity and we find that this grand-theft was based on the phony and ‘set-up’ fixed decisions geared to rob Medicare and Jim and turn these monies over to ‘bag-man–dead-beat’ Gomez for distribution to the co-conspirators in and out of the bowels of the unified courthouse.

Gomez, fronting for George Pavia, Esq, John Siebert, MD, Joe Burke, Esq and Leona Helmsley Enterprises, knowingly and willfully robbed Medicare liened funds in excess of $230,000, in settlements of Jim Couri’s med-mal claims via a courthouse shuffle-swindle.

Gomez obtained these funds from MLMI & PRI insurance companies,implementing a fraudulent scheme,deposited these sums in his attorney accounts & paid out to his co-conspirators Pavia, Siebert, Burke, and Helmsley medicare liened funds.

On information and belief, lawyers acting for MLMI & PRI were part of the RICO-style medicare scam and defrauded Jim as well to cram down the settlement & not divulging the over $200,000.00 in medicare liens. the matter involving these culprits is willful theft and will have grave consequences—- as well as double damages being collected from Gomez, Pavia, Siebert, Burke, and Helmsley, all of whom know the law & stole from Medicare.

Sure it was Madden to the rescue -again- and a few calls to a couple of her pals in black robes in the courthouse and behold a robbery better than Willy Sutton and John Dillinger combined and with the guise of justice in a brown paper bag. Jim’s and Medicare’s $230k gets ‘deep-sixed’ and ‘cut-up’ except these ostrich corrupt rogue judges and referees have violated the law we believe so this ‘dirty-money’ and disdain for the laws and US Constitution will bode poorly for these charlatans to be sure armed with the proceeds of mother-in-law’s home stolen by George after screwing the IRS. Corkscrew George Pavia thinks he is smart, but the truth is he is a well known fraud, a corrupt lecherous tax thief perjurer, who is a proved phony and a front for the mob, including jailbird Ted Kohl, living off moneys that he rooked from others and from his in-laws and the Internal Revenue Service, we at Scamraiders know and have exhibited proof that Pavia and his wife Antonia are forgers, perjurers and corrupt. As the New York DHCR, the department of buildings and the NYC ECB court all confirm that the Pavias are perjurers, and forgers and all covered up by kangaroo-court Madden -we wonder why?- and by the way, while all this railroading and highway-robbery orchestrated by ‘lecher-outlaw-facist George Pavia’, judge Madden is at it again ‘to the fixers George/Antonia Pavia’s rescue’, the Pavias needed ‘protection’ and insulation for this orchestrated theft of a quarter million by pulling strings in the courthouse using pimp-bag-man Gomez so body-guard Madden issues a fast and furious order directing that the Pavias can not be sued without her permission…not bad!!!

The Pavias, with the aid of black-robed Madden and associates, rips off with a series of transparent decisions issued by Madden’s pals, manipulating secured parties UCC laws, laws re judgments and worse so that a fortune is robbed without a gun, a clever maneuver for many, but we have been on to theses greedy and malicious corrupt villains. Madden condoned the Pavias perjury, threats, extortion and worse, then George the pig literally and physically attacks and threatens Jim in the presence of others, robs Jim and Medicare and the Pavias can not be sued without Madden’s ‘ok’. Hey, this is the ‘perfect storm’ commit grand larceny, threats and extortion with the help of the unified courthouse. A stacked deck? If you think otherwise, the good fairy and tinker-bell are on the way. It’s a courthouse and a cesspool of fraud, fixes and corruption, but from greed and corruption comes mistakes and money has paper-trails as do phones, etc. Who do these scoundrels think they are kidding?

See Scamraiders for more and up-coming exposes of the Pavia and other courthouse fixes, bullying, ambushes, threats, corruption and conversion, including the Pavias, others and Dr John Siebert’s defrauded taxes, rapes of patients, thefts, retaliation, set-ups, judicial abuses and deceptions, thefts of Medicare liened funds, tampering and frauds.


Every waking hour of every day of the year we read about robberies, stick-ups and thefts. Big or small some thief makes the news because he or she is desperate, gets a gun and gets caught. Some are professional crooks who make a career of robbing Banks and others. Some are organized crime and they rob ‘big-time’. All of these ‘stick-ups’ make the evening news no matter where you live hearing about robberies big or little make the television news and the newspapers. Gun, knife, club gets lead press in cities, towns and hamlets, and rightfully so as hold-ups are big, big news.

Well what about ‘stick-ups’ and robbery in the Courthouse? Sadly these acts of thefts, larceny, collusion and bribery occurs far to often and we citizens are none the wiser and that is part of the scam.

Corrupt lawyers are a breed of ‘scum-bags’ without conscience with the conscience ability to lie, steal and cheat at a moments notice. They will employ phony ‘lip-service’, dishonesty, engage in acts of fraud and deception and proffer often massive misrepresentation and leave you in the dark and the dust. And all the while you wont even know it.

Why? Because these ‘silme-ball’ sociopaths with a law license are trained to deceive, con and rob you of your cash, rights, integrity and worse.

Think about it do you know what really goes on in a Courtroom? Do you know what is in motions, law memorandums, briefs, or complaints? You rely on the lawyer just as you rely on a doctor or a surgeon.

Well you better begin to face the facts. More often than not when you hire a lawyer you are on your way to a stick-up and even a Court fix. Yes it is sad but true many lawyers will ‘grind’ your case and bleed you with bills for unnecessary work bogus motions and court appearances and then you might become a target for a fix if your lawyer sell you out to your adversary.

If you dont think this happens think again. ‘Money talks and bs walks.’

We at Scams Inc have files of factual and real cases where lawyers have sold out their clients, engaged in collusion, bribery, forgery and thefts. We have evidence of lawyers fabricating evidence, tampering with evidence and ‘deep-sixing’ evidence. We have recordings of Judges engaging in massive frauds, manifest bias and collusion. We have proof of lawyers tampering, engaging in bribery, exparte conspiring with Judges and Courthouse Referees, and we have evidence of the systemic corruption ongoing in the Unified Court System. These acts of ‘Courthouse Robbery’ is shrouded in secrecy while the thief with a gun gets all the press.

Well think about it does the guy with the gun robbing a Bank effect your life more or less than the corrupt lawyer who by their acts of corruption cause you to loose your home, your kids, your money and even your liberty?

We have a list of corrupt lawyers, judges, referees and court clerks. We will be reporting on all of them
and we have the proof of their ROBBERY of the law and honest litigation.

Scams Inc welcomes any denials by the persons we are exposing as dishonest and pursuant to our MISSION STATEMENT and TERMS of USE will publish any denials, or comments by these deceitful persons with Scams Inc’s Reply——-The list of names of these persons will be posted on Scams Inc shortly———–stay tuned

If you want to learn how judges can cheat lie manipulate the laws and even attempt to rewrite laws when they are corrupted by a fix and ‘back-room’ bribery please look forward to a Scams Inc full expose.

A detailed ‘piece-by-piece’ assemblage of just how these scams and railroading’s are accomplished. The corruption is so pervasive it spreads to the courtroom clerks, court referees, some at trial support offices, and of course the corrupt judge’s law secretaries and clerks. If you aint a ‘company man’ and won’t go along with the fixes your out on your ass quickly.

And the corruption spreads to every nook and cranny including the appellate courts, commission on judicial conduct and the supposed ‘watchdogs’—in sum if you’re on the wrong end of a fixed courtroom you better learn quickly how to expose these thieves and beat them at their railroading schemes. Scams Inc will be putting all of these details in a ‘guide’ to the labyrinth of the under-belly of a sham and charade that effects our lives—stay tuned


The practice of law is supposed to be a honorable profession but sadly it has become a breeding-ground for collusion, fraud and a license to manipulate the innocent, often desperate and unsophisticated client.

The lay person is intimidated by Courts and have no idea what is really going on in a Courtroom or any idea what the necessary pleadings are supposed to report or reveal. The client is a ‘sitting-duck’ for a manipulative lawyer who preys upon the often hysterical client who is usually kept in the dark as to what really is required to prosecute their claims or to defend.

The lawyer has the ability to literally ‘skin’ the client for more and more fees once they are underway.
Many will suck you in with a low ‘retainer’ then bombard the sucker with padded bills and supposed ‘expenses’ when you are stuck ‘married’ to the carpetbagger.

Please realize that there are many good and honest lawyers out there but you have to know how to find them and how to stay away from the slickster-scheisters who will ‘rape’ you and ruin your lives.

Then there are the fixes—–so wait and we will be providing a full and detailed GUIDE-BOOK of the DOS and DONTS of dealing with lawyers and Courts—-a GUIDE-BOOK you will be able to subscribe to—stay tuned


Those persons in “black robes” in this powerful role can and will, with a flick of a pen, or with their words from their “bench” in the courtroom, control your money, family life, home and even your liberty. Many are also well-trained masters of illusion. It’s a good idea, BEFORE you get there, to learn who they are, and how they got there, “in that formidable room with the big desk.” On the wall depicts “in God we trust”. Don’t believe everything you read. Sadly, what many of them trust in does say “in God we trust”, but it folds, it’s green, and goes into a pocket, and is far removed from justice and equity. First and foremost, the comments here are relegated to documented experiences involving litigants, lawyers and judges in New York State Courts, and not any experience with any court or judge in the Federal Court System.

What you will learn here probably will surprise you, but it’s time for all to face reality, which is the first step in the long road toward change and progress. We all should become versed so that we do not blindly trust in what is depicted on a courtroom wall, or blindly trust the lawyer you hired and paid to put words on pieces of paper and to speak for you in the judges’ arena. Ignorance may be “bliss”, but it is suicide in many of these courtrooms.

For example, Judges in New York Supreme Court are generally “acting” Judges. The term “acting” within the Unified Court Systems, ie: Supreme Court, means a person who is appointed (not duly elected) to become a Supreme Court Judge by the Chief Supreme Court Judge. The Appointment is generally supposed to be temporary, but often lasts for many years. It is important to note these facts because these persons put in charge of our fate are placed there, not because of their intelligence, background, morality, honor or integrity; they are placed there because someone from the political “machine” directs the Chief Judge to select them. It is believed that the foregoing is sort of like a probationary period in order to determine whether or not these “acting” Judges will follow the directions of the “machine” and “make their bones”. Ask your lawyer who the judge is that you are before. They will know the name and usually nothing else. Most do not know where the “justice” was educated, or how they got there in the first place. Trust us, they don’t know, but it’s you whose fate is on the line. So you better know. Stop using a crutch. Lawyers make lousy crutches unless you have very, very deep pockets. Each second you speak to a lawyer who is “representing” you, the “lawyer meter” is clicking your money into their pockets. Even if a lawyer knows what is being outlined here, they wont tell you for obvious reasons.

Here is how it usually works. Mostly judges were “educated” first in Civil Court. Before that, who knows? Some were clerks in a court, writing decisions and “paying their dues” by being a “company man”. Many were/are pals of someone in the political machine, such as the groups of politicians like the well-known “Boss Tweed” era. If these “appointees” follow the orders and rules of “Old Boy’s Club” (like a John Crews or Boss Tweed) the “Boys” put Mr. or Ms. Judge on the Civil Court bench straight away, or on a ballot to be elected to the Civil Court. Once in awhile, referees or special referees will be tapped to become a court judge or magistrate. If the “machine” puts a candidate on a ballot, either he/she is un-apposed or will win one way or the other. After awhile, if the justice dances to the tune of the “Old Boy’s Club”, the Chief Judge will “tap” this Civil Court Judge to be an “acting” Supreme Court Judge. Once in awhile, the “machine” will also see to it that Supreme Court Judges are “elected”. The whole exercise is a perpetuation of a “club”. When the “king maker” (ie: a Crews, Tweed, or who knows who) comes calling, cases are decided not on the merits, but on who the “king maker” has scheduled to win. Larcenous and corrupt litigants, which are many, know who and where to go to in order to “expedite a favor”, just like Roy Cohn did, and others do and have done ever since courtrooms were built. When the fix is in, you’re dead meat. And when the “group in black robes” put you on their “hit list”, you’re worse than dead meat. These are for the most part incestuous persons and their methods not unlike the methods of organized crime but worse because they abuse the public’s trust, manipulate laws, and hide behind their “position”. If you are targeted, they will do what ever they can to ruin you. It is important to note that there are still judges around these Courts that really labor to administer fair and honorable justice, but these are far fewer than what we the people are entitled to. Courts should not be “Wheels of Fortune” where the guys with the “gold make or remake laws”. The Constitution must be the foundation, not a “Boss Tweed”.

Unfortunately, these activities are alive and well in Towns, Cities and Hamlets and will continue unless we all become aware of how the public is being skewered and skinned in these Courts, and do something to expose and put a stop to it once and for all.

Think of all of this like a corporation. The guy who controls the board of directors controls the company. The lawyers who pay for this “access” will abuse the rules because they want control of the courtrooms, and will follow the adage “the more you grease the easier you slide”. When thinking about this, remember the “Godfather” film and Don Corleone admitting the many judges in his pocket were like pocket change. Mario Puzo wrote the Godfather novel based upon a compilation of real-life facts.



Scams Inc and others are taking a look and it is not for the faint of heart. Its politics, bias, collusion, and often outright fraud. The commission ignores major complaints and focus on infractions of low level judges while dismissing worthy complaints against Supreme Court New York judges. Politics, collusion, and back-room deals are business as usual. The business of cheating at the courthouse is alive and well but we are dependent on the integrity of our courts which is wallowing sadly in a cesspool without constraints of a honorable process to investigate and remove the ‘bad-apples’ of the unified courts.—–We are taking a good hard look—stay tuned

Federal Complaint: NYS Commission on Judicial Conduct is Corrupt

Who Judges the Judges? (Gotham Gazette, Nov 14, 2011)


Dr John Siebert has been proved to be a thief and a sociopath, and engaged in perjury, larceny and thefts.

Now Scams Inc has obtained various Documents and Corporate Records and Resolutions of a Company that Siebert was a Director and the Corporate Secretary. The Company was an enterprise conceived by Jim Couri that was endorsed by Trans America Insurance Company as a business that provided Plans for funding college educational Programs for minors on a monthly schedule coupled with insurance in the event of death or inpacitation of the parent-funder. This company, Kindervest Planning Corp, was destroyed by Siebert by his admitted to reckless acts of frauds, deception and thefts.

Now Scams Inc has obtained numerous Resolutions and other Documents ‘sworn-to’ by Siebert and also created by Siebert as Kindervest Corporate Secretary. In Resolutions Siebert repeatedly confessed and admitted to defrauding, ripping-off and misrepresenting himself and his qualifications, abilities and background to Jim Couri, Kindervest and its Directors by Siebert’s proffering perjury, fraud, collusion, misrepresentation, reckless acts, lies and deceptive conduct.

Further Siebert admits in these Resolutions that Jim Couri performed valuable services for Siebert and that Siebert failed to pay for any of such services and that Siebert admits that he engaged in vicious and reckless interferences, and outright fraud, causing irreperable harm to Jim Couri, Kindervest and its other participants.

Siebert further confesses to unconditional obligations due to Jim Couri for guarantees, advances and Notes due; and Siebert admits to delivering Releases to Jim and Kindervest and all affiliates.

Siebert in these Resolutions and other Agreements waves any defenses and the right to impose counterclaims against Jim and Kindervest for the collection of Notes and Guarantees owed by Siebert.

Siebert single handedly ruined Kindervest, robbed Jim for over $20million and then engaged in rampant perjury, fraud, deception, collusion and tampering in the Unified Courts in concert with Joseph M Burke Esq. in a scheme to rob Jim Couri by RICO activities through corrupting the Courthouse by fraud, deception, and rampant perjury——ALL CRIMES.

Scams Inc have in Siebert’s own hand his admissions of his criminal thefts, frauds, perjury and malice
Siebert has engaged in fraud on the Courts and on Mr. Jim Couri—-the result of which may well be RICO treble damages and worse—-stay tuned

According to a New York state court whistle blower employee: The Unified Court System needs an enema.

The lack of oversight, disappearing documents, brazen judicial acts, judges taking the law into their own hands and manipulating it to serve the interests of the corrupt and worse has finally gotten the serious attention of the FBI and the Department of Justice.

On the current ‘hot seat’ NY top judge Jonathan Lippman, Chief Admin. Judge Anne Pfau and judge Charles Ramos for openers.

Not far behind are many more crooked lawyers and bad egg judges who have and evidence proves judicial corruption and manipulation of the law to deprive equal justice

All charges are well documented by hard evidence of fraud, obstruction of justice perjury, emails, and other proof of Incontrovertible courthouse corruption and railroading of innocent litigants by abuse of power and judicial larceny in concert with crooked/bribing lawyers

These select few and the current supposed ‘money grab’ is outlined in a detailed expose on ‘expose corrupt courts’ which we will post on our homepage Monday 3711 along with a redacted letter to the asst director of the FBI Janice Fedarcyk outlining the alleged ’40million fraud involving certain unified court New York’s judges.

The report claims to reveal and fully documents examples where litigants have been targeted by the vengeful and corrupt for greed, corruption, back room deals, all in violation of federal laws against citizen litigants, families, and some state employees who have stood up tho the rampant corruption and abuse of judicial power.

The altering and destruction of court files, transcripts, and illegal acts of judges who are fulfilling the direction of ‘old boys’ fixes are criminal acts depriving the innocent victims a fair and level field by corrupt lawyers who have contaminated the courthouse by fraud, bribery and corruption.

Scamraiders has outlined the plethora of outrageous acts by certain specific corrupt lawyers and litigants who have contaminated the court and who have deprived rights pursuant to federal and state law by bribery, perjury and corrupt conduct thus violating the us constitution and federal criminal statutes.

Scamraiders has documented courthouse referee corruption collusion, perjury, secretion of evidence, judges violating federal statutes by interstate fraud, obstruction of justice, intentional violations of injunctions and ignored by negligent or brazen and corrupt judicial manipulations of law and facts and covering up the perjury and criminal acts of litigants who had bought off access as part of a railroading scheme to rob millions in agreed to notes and other obligations by backroom scams

It is time for a enema and a full expose of the bad egg lawyers, litigants and judges and corrupt referees.

Scamraiders has documented in detail the corrupt acts, abuse of power, fraud, interstate deception, deprivation of material evidence and the thefts of due process by documented criminal conduct by state actors who have and are violating federal laws and hiding behind their ill gotten black robes and unholy alliances with crooked lawyers and their cheating clients.

It looks like the current charges that are outlined state in part

“The widespread crimes in violation of federal laws against families, citizens and state employees are outrageous, and must end. The entire NY state court system is itself corrupt.” As reported by eye witnesses and court employees it seems clear that the NY state courthouse is a cesspool of larceny, greed, back room corruption and orchestrated ambushes to cheat the innocent for the ‘payoffs’ of the greedy outlaw rogue lawyers who belong disbarred and in jail.


Joseph M Burke Esq and his penny-ante law office Russo and Burke Esqs consists of a cesspool of slickster lawyers who habitually harass, extort, abuse, victim adversaries.

We have a plethora of proofs that Burke and his thieves engage in perjury, defrauding judges, filing false documents, forging documents, bribery, collusion with Referees and collusion with Judges.

Shocking? Well do not be because these ripoff lawyers at Russo & Burke have been playing the same fiddle for years. Cheating, bribery, tampering, collusion, extortion and intimidation. One of Siebert’s Victims has provided proof of Burke’s shake down acts and threats to cover up Siebert’s sex abuses.

Photos and all of that good stuff. Scams Inc has affidavits from Siebert-Burke Victims outlining the Burke-Siebert Collusion. Much of these proofs have been posted on Scamraiders and on Scams Inc and are in the hands of Investigators and in Courthouse Files and Pleadings.

‘If you cant beat-em-cheat-em. Joe Burke who looks awfully much like one of ‘Santa’s Helpers’. Burke is far from that; but its proof you can not judge a book by its cover.

Joe Burke Esq is a thief a perjurer and a sociopath, a man without a shred of integrity a man who has covered up Dr Siebert’s rape of innocent victim patients that Siebert lied to cheated, had sex with and robbed these persons of their self respect and money. Siebert has been evicted out of NYC and is now molesting patients in the Clinic at UW Hospital in Wisconson. The Bum has been kicked out of the Hospitals he was affiliated in NYC thanks to Scams Inc’s Exposes into this Quack Siebert.

No matter Joe Burke will cover for anyone so long as the Burke client ‘pays-up’. Burke will lie, cheat, fabricate evidence, bribe, cheat and extort. Scams Inc has the proof of Joe Burke’s acts and crimes of perjury, tampering, and bribery.

Here are a few examples of proof of Burke’s Courthouse scams and swindles. Scams Inc has proof by emails between Burke and NY Unified Court Referee Jack Suter engaging in collusion and the writing of illegal Orders. Later vacated.

We have proof of Burke filing and thereafter Secreting a Note of Issue and Certificate of Readiness. After Burke Filed the Document which is supposed to bar any further discovery, motions etc, Burke persisted in making Post-Note Motions, seeking Referee appointments and filing perjured Record and pleadings with the Appellate Division 1st Department.

Burke and his quack client disgraced Dr John Siebert a proven sex vulture conned Judge Beeler, coluded with Judge Stallman and colluded and manipulated, cheated and conned Judge Paul Wooten.

Burke outright lied in pleadings before Beeler claiming that Siebert was a respectable Doctor while Burke was fending off at NYU Hospital Siebert’s imminent discharge for sex abuses narcotics abuse and healthcare insurance thefts. In fact Siebert was fired from NYU Hospital and from Lenox Hill and Manhattan Eye and Ear for sex abuses and narcotics abuses.

Burke filed numerous pleadings replete with concocted allegations and allowed Siebert to proffer lies, fraud and deception.

Enter Judge Wooten who engaged in a course of despicable acts of tampering with Court Records, Transcripts, manipulation with Uniform Rules and violations of Court Rules in a scheme with Burke and Siebert to railroad the adversary.

Burke has admitted exparte communication with Wooten and Scams Inc has a barrel of proof of collusion where Wooten lied over interstate phone lines in a Court proceeding-and tape-recordings legally taken do exist.

Joseph M Burke and his Law Office Russo & Burke are corrupt lawyers who should be indicted and disbarred.—-Burke believes that he is above the law and his client Siebert who has raped and robbed many and who has been evicted from 5 medical offices in NYC likewise believes that he can continue to rob and molest.

Burke has recently filed documents that further prove his corrupt scams of trying to cheat Siebert’s adversary for over $20,000,000.00. Burke has trapped himself and sociopath Dr John Siebert because of greed and larceny–stay tuned–