Scams Inc and its Affilliates, have been investigation the criminal acts of John Siebert, his lawyers Joseph M Burke, Esq, Russo & Burke Esqs, and AbramsDeemer PLLP (a recycled Russo-Burke to cover-up fraud), and Kenneth v Gomez, Esq, and Brian Pecker CPA, of Shine Company CPAs

Siebert  and his above conspirators have been involved in various criminal enterprises for years. They have looted, cheated, corrupted, extorted, embezzled and defrauded many. Some are revealed on numerous Internet News Sites and Scribd.

Siebert has been engaged in tax evasion for many years. In about 2008, he was exposed filing fraudulent Tax Returns, claiming false deductions of fabricated “consulting fees” that in facet were repayments of loans or other investments. Siebert aided by Pecker and Burke attempted to defraud the IRS over about 3-4 years.

The Tax Investigators were informed by Jim Couri that Siebert’s tax frauds were in direct contravention to the Contracts, Agreements., Loan Agreements, Resolutions, and Settlement Agreements that Siebert created, swore to and signed. Siebert was found to have engaged in tax evasion.

Then the above group engaged in courthouse fraud, perjury, ghostwriting, bribery, forgery, purging court records, fabricating concocted and false obligations that Siebert claimed he was owed in direct contravention to Settlement Agreements, releases and covenants Siebert Swore to.

Siebert and his lawyers, compromised a corrupt Judge Paul Wooten, who had just recently when the larceny began, became a NY State Supreme Court Judge under incorrect circumstances. Wooten engaged in a pattern of judicial fraud, judicial racketeering, perjury and mutiliation of Due Process, and Obstructing Justice and other illegal and depraved acts, all documented.

Siebert has engaged in corrupt acts by engaging in repeated perjury, fraud on the court and mail and wire fraud.

We have referred these fraudulent felonious and criminal acts to law enforcement and to the Criminal Division of the IRS who have been scrutinizing Siebert and his wife Kimberly tax returns and Siebert’s PC returns.

Siebert has robbed Jim Couri, Ben Ossman, Bayberry Capital Corp.,Richard Jacobs, MS. C. Zimmerman, Barbara Polucci, Muriel Karass, Chase Bank, Fleet Bank, Bank Audi, US Trust Bank, 799 Park Ave. Co-Op, and others. Siebert has robbed the IRS by fraud. Siebert has engaged in grand larceny by fraud, mail and wire fraud and bribery aided by Burke and his partners.

Now polluted judge Wooten has been removed from NY Supreme Court 60 Center Street Part 7 on Jan 28, 2016. He is supposedly sent back to Brooklyn. His decisions and orders display a pattern of bias, prejudice, judicial incompetence, judicial fraud on the court and racketeering. In fact Wooten violated every law, rule, Constitutional rights and worse in his quest to railroad Jim Couri for the Fix he was a party to and undenied. Wooten lied cheated, forged, bullied, illegally steered a fraudulent Inquest to a fixed desperate JHO Gammerman and engaged in rampant and proved judicial corruption.

Siebert acts at the Wooten Court has been Reported by us to the CID of the IRS as we have information that Siebert and his corrupt lawyers and Wooten have conspired to again defraud the US Government for millions using fraudulent Documents, Records issued by a corrupted Judge Paul Wooten who sold out his Public Trust to a group of Racketeers for a cash score by defrauding the Government by phony and illegal Wooten Orders.

The moment Siebert files these bogus Returns, we are advised that he, Burke, and Wooten will be collared-arrested.


Tod Alexander Romano was a tenant on the 4th floor of Pavia’s Brownstone at 18 e. 73 Street, NYC.
Romano was a wanna-be interior designer who was a night-owel, frequenting gay bars and dance clubs around NYC.

On the 3rd floor was the senior citizen and ill tenant who uncovered the Pavias illegal activities and their failure to Register their brownstone with the DHCR and also refusing to admit that this brownstone built in about 1856 with 7 rental apartments was required to be Rent Controlled and rent stabilized in its entirety. The tenant does not wish his name to be used so again we will call him Mr Jones (Jones).

Romano was a self indulgent sort, coming in at all hours of the morning at about 2AM to 3AM. He would often engage in sexual acts right above the Jones apartment on the 3rd floor, as Romano’s bedroom was directly above Jones Bedroom. These moaning and groaning of Romano ad his “sex-partner” would awaken Mr and Mrs Jones, who were trying to sleep and enjoy the supposed “quiet-enjoyment” of their apartment. These sexual escapades of Romano became incessant during the work week. Jones complained to Pavia, but nothing was done as mandated by a owner-and occupant of the Brownstone.

Then Romano one day and without Approvals from the Department of Buildings and from the Pavias, began construction in his 4th floor apartment by a unlicensed contractor. This worker somehow caused a fire in the Romano 4th floor apartment that became a blaze in only a few minutes imperiling the entire building and the safety of all occupants. The Fire Dept. was summoned and about 3 Fire Trucks and 6 Firemen appeared and by timely luck doused the fire, but causing smoke and water damage to Jones apartment, furnishings as well as the Pavia Apartment as well.

George and Antonia sued Romano in NY Supreme Court for Negligence and damage ( Index # 103754-99). Jones had sued Romano for Interference to quiet enjoyment and damages (Index # 113796-98). Romano’s lawyer Jacques Catafago negotiated a Settlement with Jones and Romano, who Stipulated that he would stop the Late evening “soiree-commotions”.

Pavia’s collected damages for the fire and loss in the Building 18 E 73 St. NYC from Romano’s Insurer. Soon after Romano vacated his apartment and moved a few blocks away.

When Jones secured Rent Stabilization at the Brownstone, and Pavia’s began their racketeering scheme to pollute the court bribe and pervert Madden, cheat, lie and extort, Pavia went to Romano so he could concoct a story that Jones was nasty to Romano, a blatant lie, Jones only sought quier enjoyment, but Pavia had other plans so he could cheat his way to getting Jones out of his Rent-Stabilized Status, cheat and lie to the other tenants and empty the brownstone so Pavias could enjoy a illegal $20million windfall by trickery fraud and racketeering.

Pavia compromise Romano to lie and state that Jones “yelled at him” for Romano’s moaning and groaning while engaging in some-kind of sex acts. Romano failed to confess to the fact that Pavia’s sued him and in Court Complaint called Romano a undesirable and negligent tenant and that they wanted him out of their brownstone. You se the Pavias are like whores, self indulgent and interested in only themselves. They will lie, cheat, bribe, steal and engage in Mafia style acts to get what they want ant the expense of anyone who stands up to them.

The interesting scenario was that After Romano lied, and engaged in perjury orchestrated by Pavia, Madden and Lawyers Kenneth Gomez and Jay Itkowitz, within about 2 months, Romano like maqic, had sufficient Cash to Lease a large Shop on Lexington Avenue and 74th Street NYC, renovate it, stock it with antiques and call it “Todd Alexander Romano Decorators and Antiques”.

Based on the MO of the Pavias, Romano’s admitted lack of funds, and the Pavia’s racketeering enterprise successful in lootting Jones rent stabilized home, theft of Jones’$230,000.00 in Med-Mal Settlement and a illegal theft-windfall of $20million sale of 18 E 73 St Empty, thanks to the corrupt conduct of Fixed Judge Joan Madden, Pavias crimes of filing False Pleadings, robbing Jones in other Cases and using Madden to spearhead the Pavia ongoing racketeering enterprise, “reasonable-inference” and the facts clearly point to the bribery of Romano to railroad Jones.

Romano went from a worker at Ingrau & Company to a supposed  Nes-Cafe Society Decorator. But true to form,  Todd Alexander Romano was called a Decorator-thief-swindler by Tommy Hilfiger’s wife Susan who then Filed Suit against Romano in Supreme Court NYC, ( Case Index # 154224-2012)  charging Romano with conversion, negligence and squandering her money including defrauding Ms Hilfiger out of $100,000 in unearned Fees, and $10million in moneys that was supposed to be used for “Purchases” for her.

Tod Romano is a unprincipled social climber, a perjurer and a negligent person. The Pavias in 1999 calld him a undesirable “idiot” then in 2006-2007 embraced this undesirable and bribed Romano to testify falsely in the Judge Madden Court, lying about Jones so Pavias could steal and rob yet again.

How much the Pavias paid Romano for his Perjury, we do not know, but we  do know that Corrinne Pulitzer the Pavia minion and realitor (According to Corrine she is from the famed Pulitzer Family) for years and who recommended Jones for his Tenancy also lied for the Pavias in the Madden Court and Pulitzer, as a quid-pro-quo, made-off with over $1million as a supposed Broker-fee for arranging the $19.5Million sale of 18 E. 73 Street, planting of false Articles in The Observer, The Real Deal and otherr publications.

This in order to “whitewash the Pavia’s crimes and “bad-mouth” Joness. Ms Pulitzer further aided Pavia in cheating Jones and others out of Rent Stabilization,  and maligning Jones whom she recommended as a tenant in the first place and who knew that the Pavias 18 E. 73 Street NYC home was legally a rent-stabilized Building. But what the hell, money is money no matter who you stick-up to get it, even foe a Pulitzer.

This disgusting exercise of Pavia’s manipulation of a Perverted and corrupt Judge Madden, purge evidence, suborn perjury and rob $20million by a NY State Courthouse “stick-up” must be exposed and justice served.


Jim Couri, Scams Inc, Americans Against Corruption Reports and other Investors and Associates have retained a four time Emmy Award winning Documentary Producer-Director to create three one hour each Documentary Production revealing the growth of Political and Judicial Corruption in New York State spanning from the 1700’s to the Present. There will be case histories spanning from Boss Tweed and before, Tammany Hall, how corrupt Judges worked then, how they got into a judicial office, how the pollution in Albany was started and how it has blossomed and more.

We plan to take the viewing public on the “carousel” the “cyclone” and “the parachute jump”, not at Coney Island but in the Court-Rooms of Supreme Courthouse in NYC, the Halls of Albany, the Executive Chambers of the Governors, and the Mafia Don Offices who pulled the strings.

The Documentaries will explain and show the activities of how political corruption turns a blind-eye to Probation Frauds, condoning mob infiltration into NY and Brooklyn business, how judges are bought-off by corrupt lawyers, and the guys like Frank Costello, Meyer Lansky, Maranzano, Gambanos and much more.

THe Political Bosses in New York such as Carmine DeSapio, Roy Cohn, How Walter Winchell played a roll, the watering-holes that corrupt politicos and judges rubbed elbows and hobbed-nobbed with mob boys, hi-priced whores and took cash for fixes. The Stork Club, 21 Club, Harmoney Club, The NYAC and many more,

THere will be insights from the graves of Roy Cohn, James Larosa, Edgar Hoover, Teddy Roosevelt, Brooklyn Boss John R. Crews, Sydney Korshack, Greg Bautzer, all of whom had experiences with the flagrant corruption in NY State Courts.

We plan to evaluate the mind-set of corrupt Public Officials and Judges who cheat, lie and trash the Public Trust. We will have a hi-profile mental doctor who will surprise you with the revelations surrounding a crooked judge.

These Reports will navigate the viewer from the cobble-stone NY Streets, the Gangs of NY and Tweed Fixes through the warped days of Jimmy Walker, Seasbury Hearings, McCooey, O’Dwyer, Tom Dewy, actual cases that were fixed in Supreme NY to accommodate Roy Cohn, John Crews, DeSapio, Jud Morehouse, Louis Lefkowitz, and others that we will save for the revelations in the Documentaries.

We plan to have sufficient hard proofs for all we reveal, as we want to be certain that if we are threatened by litigation or otherwise, we ar ready to respond with legal evidence.We have not named our Producer for fear of Intimidation and Harassment, which has been the usual MO from the Corrupt.

We will show you how many Prosecutors in the past have turned a “blind-eye” to clear evidence of judicial corruption and political crimes because they favor going after “the low hanging fruit” and because of the political bosses ignore what they are told to ignore.

There will be exposed the dozens of corrupt judges that appear to their work-bench to the NY State and City Courts every day. They continue to rob due process, cheat, lie, manipulate or trash evidence and who because of a “fix” a “Bribe” will excoriate you. They will steal your reputation, your home, your money, custody of your kids, even put you in jail on bogus charges. A corrupted judge has no morals or conscience. This has been the game of these crooks in black robes for a couple of hundred years.

These Documentaries will show you how these State Judges have been selected, usually in back rooms with the Bosses or a Fixer selecting anyone who will fork over the bribe for the Appointment. These farcical acts will be shown to yo and how after the unholy deal is made how a Governor “signs-off”. Elections of a judge is also ajoke, a set-up usually unopposed.

You wil see how the corrupt such as Clarence Norman, John Sampson, Tweed, Crews, DeSapio and many others could put Joh Gotti on a Judicial Bench. This is why the NY State Courts are and have been a cesspool of incompents, corrupt and slime-balls. The Documentaries will give praise to the many fine Judges trying to conduct legitimate Courtrooms among the twisted unethical surroundings.

We will expose, by names the current group and the many Allumnai judges who did their stint at courthouse robbery, and have “retired” from the Bench in NY. We will have Interviews regarding the murder of a Sunny Sheue, a Asian man who was murdered while standing up to a NY Supreme Court Judge Joseph Golia in Nassau County. Mr Sheus made a YouTube Video Stating that if he is murdered it was “Judge Golia’s People who did it”. Sheue was bludgoned to death 2 weeks later and his murdre yet unsolved. This was about 2006.

We will in there Documentaries have Interviewes with many Courthouse Victims, ansd from many Hi-profile individuals who have a great disdain for Political Corruption. Many believe that Oversight is mandated and thar Judges must be thoroughly Vetted and Screened by competent and honest persons before anyone is considered for judgeships.

We will review and explain in the Documentaries (like a mini “American Greed Show) the bad acts, corruption and worse of current Supreme Court Judges including Judges Joan Madden, Paul Wooten, Sherry Klein Heitler, Michael Stallman, Appellate Judge Luis Gonzalez, Court of Appeals Judge Shela Abdus-Saalam (formerly in Supreme NY), Judith Gisch ands JHO Ira Gammerman, Referees Jack Suter, Louis Crespo, Leslie Lowenstein, Corrupt Lawyers who also fuel these depraved unprincipled  Officers of the Courts, who include George Pavia, his wife and son Antonia and Jullian, Jay Itkowitz, Michelle Maratto Itkowitz, Joseph M. Burke, Kenneth V. Gomez, William Russo, Mtthew Abrams, Joel Hecker, David Deemer, cliend Dr John Siebert, a convicted suspended Doctor for sex abuses of patients and a tax cheat.

We will show you how Roy Cohn dispensed “Brown paper bags” to many 60 Centre and 100 Centre Street Judicial “bag-men”. We will have interviewes with persons who wittnessed judiciak frauds in Brooklyn years ago and who attended Roy Cohn’s Annual Gala Birthday Party where Judges and Politicos rubbed elbows with guestes such as Vito Genovese, Joe valacci, Tony Solerno, Frank Costello, Carmine Persico  and made their bones by yet more fixes for money and “Favors”.

We will reveal for the first time, insights and admissions from Albany and NY “big-wigs” by words from L. Judson Morehouse, Len Hall, Jacob Javits , Walter Bligh, State Liquor head Marty Epstein, and many others who have revealed over 50 years ago the bad-acts, collusion and Fixes in the NY Albany Hallowed-Halls.

All will learn what to look for in any Court to see quickly if you are a target in a Fixed Courtroom with a bribed judge. The Documentaries will show you “how David Copperfield makes the Statue of Liberty Disappears”, It is not Magic, it is a Trick”. Once you know how it is done you are no longer in awe. The same in a corrupted court room. Yo will know what to look for, what to ask and if you smell a Rat, get out of there. We will also show you what to do to protect yourself from these “bandits”. Knowledge is Power.

We will show you that you must not be afraid or intimidated by the Black-Robed Person. They are no better than you. When you buy a can of peas, you looh ah the ingredients to see what is in the can and where it was canned.

Think about it—-“When was the last time you asked who that person in Black Robes sitting at a big, hi Desk is”? Where they came from and how did they get there? Probably Never. well we will educate you  as to who to ask, how to ask, and how to get honest answers. After all you are in Court to protect something. You are entitled to know who is sitting in judgment of your Matter. Right?

In Federal Court it is another World, as all Federal Judges are Fine, Gualified and Honest persons, Appointed by the President, Vetted by the FBI and voted in by the Congress and Senate. You need not ask about a Federal Judge’s Background as it is revealed on the Court’s Web Site.

THese Documentaries will hopefully cause the public to focus on the fact that they have a very good chance to either been cheated or will be in State Courts.We aspire that the public will begin to realize that a corrupt judge is as bad as a corrupt police officer.

In a corrupt court you can loose all, no less than being raped, and we all can make a difference to put a stop to Judicial robbery and the Corrupt lawyers that Fuel them and cheat and rob you.

We will give you periodic updates as to the development of these important News Documentaries that we plan to have programed by many Organizations.


Now comes cheat, extortonist and inveterate con–man Kenneth V Gomez, Esq. Gomez Blog tells it all as to his lies, forgery, fraud and cover-up of his and Pavia’s racketeering and courthouse robberies, all now documented and in the hands of Federal Prosecutors.

Mr Gomez is a corrupt perverted invidious character who will sell the soul of his mother and say she had none. Gomez came on the scene when various savvy litigants uncovered a NY Courthouse racketeering enterprise involving George Pavia and his wife Antonia and son Jullian, lawyer Jay Itkowitz, Judge Joan Madden, Joseph M. Burke Esq, Gomez “partner” and sex-deviant and convicted sex abuser John Siebert, MD.

 Gomez,bag man-extortion front was called in by Pavia to commence extorting a Pavia tenant who had uncovered Pavia’s bribery, fraud and evil scheme to loot and rob rent-stabilization from tenants at 18 E 73 St, NYC, the Pavia brownstone. Pavia was caught engaging in perjury, forgery, suppression of proofs and worse.

Gomez soon set-up his extortion blogs to malign Pavia and Siebert adversaries, lie, cheat, harass, extort, and engage in manipulation a fraud on the court to aid Madden and Pavias in robbing rent stabilized rights so that the Pavias could sell their brownstone for about $20million due to its location on 73rd Street between 5th Ave and Madison Ave. The Pavias were found to have engaged in filing false Documents at the DOB, the ECB Court, the DHCR and at Supreme Court NY. Gomez aided in these criminal acts, engaged in perjury and fraud while supposedly “representing” Pavia when it got “to Hot” for Itkowitz who was already in deep-water by his perjury, obstructing justice, fraud by secreting evidence that the Pavia building was deemed hazardous. Itkowitz orchisrated a sham hearing in concert with Madden and Pavia, to secrete the truth as to ith illegal conditions at rental units and covered-up by Pavias fraud, perjury and racketeering.

Then Gomez, as Pavias bag man engaged in fraud and deception, unjustly enriching himself by “buying” a supposed Judgment for $6,500 that a tenant never knew existed and in 3 weeks secured a conversion of this tenants med-mal settlement of over $200,000, thanks to Gomez perjury and a corrupted Judge “talked-to” by Madden. This Judge was later elevated to the NY Court of Appeals as part of the NY State polluted court system.

 Regardless, the fix was in and Gomez, fronting made-off with a unjust enrichment of over 30 times in 3 weeks—-IE from $6500 to over $200,000. What legitimate judge do that, particularly since there were 3 UCC Filed Secured Creditors who were circumvented to give Gomez this illegal and racketeering windfall. This is courthouse corruption in living color. Judges Madden and Shela Abdus-Saalam will surely be exposed along with Gomez on thew Documentaries in work now embracing NY State political and Judicial Corruption. Judge Abdus-Salaam is now at the Court of Appeals. Amazing is it not?

 For what Abdus-Salaam and Madden orchestrated stealing a man’s “blood-money” of a settlement for cancer malpractice is so vicious it is beyond words. The NY State Courts have no conscience, they will commit murder of litigants for a bribe and we will show that in the Documentaries for all to see with names, interviews and proof of the systemic pollution that mandates sanatizing, jail and oversight.

Gomez also stole Medicare liened funds in the process of this racketeering scheme along with Burke, Siebert Madden and others.

Then Gomez began his diabolic acts toaid thief Siebert and his partner Burke, as the Bag man with Burke and JSC Wooten. Gomez engaged in Ghostwriting, aiding in purging court records, mail fraud, wire fraud, harassment and extortion by phone and fax, extorting Siebert sex victim, engaging in lewd acts before Siebert victim Ms Rachel, and filing false and forged documents on his blog.

Gomez recruited some drug abuses to lie and cheat in court filings and bribed them. Gomez has continued his malicious interference into tenant-litigant’s medical care, family, associates, newspapers, tv stations and others to damage and injure this man to allow this Pavia-Siebert Theft and racketeering to continue.

Gomez has been now proven to have been engaged if extortion, thefts, racketeering and bribery, as well as theft at the courthouse and from Medicare.

We have proof of Gomez violations of law, forgery and worse. You see Gomez is a man without morals, assets and integrity. He is a male whore who will sell his body to anyone who will pay him.

If fact Pimp Gomez will do and say anything just like his crew of perverted racketeers, and we have the proof of it. We know every move of Gomez now as he and his Infected group ate like trapped-rats on a sinking ship. Gomez must pay for his lawlessness and will.


George Pavia Esq, his desperate social climbing wife Antonia, and his cheating drug-abusing son Julian have used George Pavias law license as a front to cheat, lie, bribe and defraud the IRS, their Rent-Stabilized tenants at 18 East 73 Street NYC, and engage in racketeering using the Pavia “Bag-man” a part-time lawyer, a proven extortonist, internet fraudster and thief Kenneth V. Gomez. Gomez has been “pimping” for Pavia and convicted sex-pervert John Siebert for many years. Gomez has engaged in perjury, fraud on the court, collusion with Helmsley Enterprises at the direction og Pavia to rob by fraud-on-the -court, over $200,000.00 in medicare liened funds and money belonging to a cancer patient.

Pavia recruted Gomez to engage in rampant fraud, trickery, perjury and worse before NY Supreme Court Judge Joan Madden. They orchestrated a scheme to deprive Due-Process, secrete evidence, file illegal criminal charges, cause Madden to preclude proof and findings that the Pavias engaged in perjury, forgery and thefts at the Dept of Buildings in NYC and at the DHCR and Ecb Court in NYC.

Gomez, Pavias and Madden engaged in a scheme to railroad a legitimate Claim and embraced the Pavia’s perjury, their acts of mail and wire fraud, hiding the proven “Hazardous” conditions at their 18 E 73 St Building as found by DOB Inspectors over 7 times and Affirmed after Hearings at ECB Court. Madden preclkuded all of this and concocted a scam of allowing Pavia and Gomez to claim that a tenant was a nusuance for responding to Pavias harassment, hazardous conditions and cheating by faxes to Pavia’s office. The Nusuance Statute meanwhile requires such Nusuance Acts to be within the Building. Madden aided Pavia’s fraud, perjury thefts, forgery and would not allow any DOB Inspectors to testify. Madden was bribed by the Pavias who ended up robing Rent Stabilization secured by the DHCR who proved Pavias lied and cheated and who recruted a mafia-career criminal Ted Kohel to be their “witness” at the DHCR. Madden condoned this as well.

So the Pavias, by arceny, cheating and bribery robed rebt stabilization and were illegall enriched by $20million re the sale illegally Empty 18 E 73 St NYC, over $200K in medicare theft and millions in tax evasion.

Further the Pavias Gomez Madden and others then railroaded the Tenant that found-them out with other Corrupted Judges at 60 Center Street NY Supreme Court. Madden has made a crusade of Retaliation, spite and worse along with Pavia Gomez and his Partner Joseph M Burke Esq and accused Pedophile and suspended Dr John Siebert.

To further prove the Vicious and Diabolic acts of Madden and Pavias, Madden issued a Bogus Order stating that the Pavias could not be Sued unless Madden granted permission to do so. If this is not clear and convincing further evidence of Madden’s corruption and larceny, we have a 747 aircraft to sell you for one thousand dollars.

Pavia is a lawyer, a proven thief. The Irs recently found that the Pavias in fact engaged in documented and multi-million dollar Tax Evasion. The Pavial have been proven by the ECB Court to have engaged in perjury and fraud. The Dept of Buildings charged the Pavias with forgery and the Filing of a “False Certificate of Correction” re their 18 E 73 St Building. The Pavias were convicted at the ECB Court and the Conviction Affirmed on Appeal. Pavias chose not to perform the mandated and Hazardous conditions at 18 E 73 St thus  further imperriling the safety of the very tenant Pavia, Gomez, Madden robed, cheated and have Targeted.

Pavia is now a trapped Rat, as all of his, his wife, Gomez, Burke, Siebert and others have been carefully retained, assembled with evidence of this racketeering scheme. Pavia has been living in a fancy Park Ave Building, lying, cheating and using other persons money unjustly obtained to further the Pavia charade. The Pavias will soon find out that their cheating days are over and the time has come that all of their ill-gotten gains will evaporate, and Antonia will reappear as the “bag-lady” that she is and George will become more contorted, vicious and exposed as to what he has been since he Ratted on many Jews as a Mussollini Facist. Georges putting others in the “gas-Chamber” gave George a “Pass” to escape the Facist-Nazi torment and get to America so George could cheat, lie and rob US Citizens. George and his wife are cheating social climbers using others “blood-money” and robed homes to live on a cloud. They are as bad as the Nazi Dr Mengele.


Scams Inc and its associated News Organizations and Domains have been investigating the catastrophic amounts of Fixes, Bribery and worse ongoing in the NY State Courts, Supreme Court in NYC, and the Appellate Division. 1st Department in NYC.

For over a decade we have carefully assembled documentary proof of fixed cases, ghostwriting of Decisions by corrupt lawyers for lazy and bribed judges, referees, and JHO’s. We have retained private investigators with forensic and criminal experience to conduct detailed investigations involving many corrupt judges, referees, jho’s, law clerks and others at the 60 Center street Courthouse, the 1st Department Appellate Division and others. We have also gone back many years to compare the pattern of illegal and unethical acts of judges, long gone and the many lawyers that bribed, contaminated and fixed the many courtrooms in NYC.Wooten has harmed many litigants since 2009, when he was “installed” in Supreme NYC. We have received many emails from litigants that Wooten has looted by his Fixed Orders. We ca not name them but some are women that Wooten, we are told, just did not like, and thus he railroaded them according to the complaining supposed victims. Wooten is the same guy who issued a Order in 2009 that a 5 year old could be sued for hitting a woman with her tricycle. We have determined by documentary evidence, interviews, and reasonable inferences that Wooten is a thief, a perjurer, a incompetent judge who obtained his judgeship by fraud, deception, a pay-off, without vetting,screening and who ignores laws, rules, CPLR, Constitution, Judicial Mandates, cheats, forges, steals Records and colludes with small time lawyer Joseph M Burke, Mafia Lawyer George Pavia and extortonist Ken Gomez to engage in looting fraud and mail and wire fraud and much more in concert with JSC Madden and looting Medicare Liend Funds. We have been told that George and Antonia Pavia confessed to Federal tax evasion as well.

We have found that the tactics are about the same but the bribes now have evolved from the “brown paper bag with cash”, to more up-to-date methods. such as off-shore accounts, gold coins, fancy new teeth, plastic surgery, trips, mortgage payments, and more. We have also found that many Supreme Court State  Judges are “appointed” by the NY State Governors. The Governor usually has no clue who the appointee is and relies on the local political bosses in Brooklyn, NYC, Westchester, Nassau, etc. We have seen and confirmed that for years, these “political bosses” put up for judicial appointments the persons that they can control, bribe and thus ‘fix cases”. Many Supreme Court NY judges for over a Century have been selected for appointment by the likes of Boss Tweed, Carmine DeSapio, John R Crews, Clarence Norman and many others. These judges, when a supposed election occurs fo their ‘tenure” the fixer-bosses see to it that these polluted “appointee” are “unopposed”. Thus there is and always has been a “Stacked-Deck” in the Unified NY State Supreme Court.

This is not to say that there really are a number of qualified and honest judges in these NY Courts, but they are usually isolated as the entire place has been polluted by corruption, bribery, fixes, lying and cheating. We and our associates and investigators have for years, been carefully digging and exhuming evil, warped and criminal acts engaged in by the many “bad-actors”ensconced at the Supreme Courthouses and hiding behind law-licenses. Our Investigators have uncovered and confirmed fixes, fraud on the courts, bribery, perjury, forgery, purging courthouse records, collusion, extortion, forging the Court Docket and much worse, by judicial manipulations of the rules of law, lies, forgery and on and on.

There has been a ongoing investigation into the vicious murder of a litigant in NY State Supreme Court who uncovered the illegal conduct and Fixed Decisions of a Nassau Supreme Court Judge Joseph Golia.

Based on the proof assembled by the staff of Scams Inc and its allied News Organizations on the Internet and otherwise, and based upon the fact that portions of our findings of fraud on the court, ghostwriting, fraud, perjury, trickery collusion and other acts of Obstruction of Justice has been undenied and confirmed and supported by documentary evidence, there can be no doubt that the findings of judicial crimes aided by corrupt lawyers are true, accurate and are all violations of State and Federal criminal Laws under Title !8 and RICO, etc.

At least one of the Investigators who has worked on these matters and who has assembled evidence material over the past decade or more, we are told, intends to publish a YouTube Video, in disguise, to report some of the findings of rampant criminality ongoing at the App. Div. 1st Dept and Supreme Courthouse in NYC, Brooklyn and elsewhere in NY State, with particular reference to NY Supreme Court at Center Street, NYC, and in Kings County, where his investigative work was mostly performed.

Judge Paul Wooten, who was a Kings County, Brooklyn NY L & T lawyer for a few years, made a short-lived and farce run for Brooklyn DA on the advice of now convicted State Senator John Sampson and pugilist State Sen. Kevin Parker. Wooten was told to “get out of the race” by Clarence Norman, the now jailed Brooklyn seller-of-judgeships”. Wooten got out and made a deal with Norman, after he “gave” $12,000.00 to State Sen Parker. Wooten who had zero experience, was a small-time lawyer in L& T Court calling himself a “lobbyist”, and working out of a one or two room office. Wooten, based on proofs and evidence finagled his Supreme Court Judicial Appointment via Norman, Sampson and others. Wooten sat in Brooklyn for a short time and then was reassigned to NYC Supreme Court at 80 Center Street.Wooten was and is a “hustler and desperado” who from the outset plotted to use his Judgeship to feather his own “nest” by fixes, court abuses and corruption. Evidence and background checks reveal that Wooten is a incompetent, has little knowledge of the law, is void of integrity,and relies on his law clerks to write Decisions or has the lawyers who have bribed and compromised Wooten, Ghostwrite the Decisions for him. We are convinced that Paul Wooten is a sociopath and a vicious spiteful and unethical vulture, and who, based on the black and white material evidence of Wooten’s perverted and corrupt activities, he has the integrity of a cobra.

Wooten, was approached, as we have learned, by (the Pavia fixed ) spiteful Judge Joan Madden, who had been “flagged”for her being “corrupted” by George Pavia Esq,  allied with Joseph M Burke Esq, Kenneth V. Gomez Esq and convicted sex offender Dr John Siebert. They needed Wooten, a new judge, mailable and a willing target, to be given “marching-orders” to “black-jack” cases involving over $50 million or more in claims that was being pursued by a sick, self represented plaintiff, for a Fix to be sure this pro-se man would loose his claims and allow convicted sex offender and thief John Siebert, a perjurer himself, to be illegally enriched by a scheme of larceny and fraud on the court. Then Wooten and the “gang” could ‘cut-up” the “Bounty” of Courthouse Robbery.

Wooten was elated finding himself a big-deal fix. and  jumped at the opportunity, as he had already proven himself a crook by buying his “Back-Robes”. Meanwhile, Wooten was never Vetted, Screened, Investigated and never Filed the mandated Judicial Application of some 47 pages for Judicial Appointments. Wooten was “appointed” by short-term Governor Patterson who  at the time, 2008-2009, was dispensing Judgeships  like Hershey makes “Hershey_Kisses”. Patterson also used bad judgment by elevating Judge Luis Gonzalez to Chief Judge Of the App Div 1st Dept. Soon after, Gonzalez confessed to a Tax Scam, a Rent Stabilization Scam and padding the Courthouse with relatives, ex-wives etc, with hi-paying jobs at the expense of NY State. Our Investigators have garnered much about Gonzalez and his “bad-acts”, spending habits and hi-life living, on a judge’s salary.

Wooten was then in 2009 transferred to 60 Center, nicer Digs and to Part 7 where the Fix was made to rob this Pro-se Litigant. We will not go into all of the over 6 years of Wooten’s now well documented  paper trail of adulterated corrupt acts,  but we will tell you that Wooten has been caught engaging in over 6  years and multiple acts of fraud, larceny, and criminal acts of fraud, perjury and collusion with Burke Esq, Gomez Esq, Dr Siebert, Pavia Esq and others in furtherance of this RICO Scheme of grand larceny. Wooten has also left a paper trail of engaging in mail Fraud Wire Fraud, fraud on the Court, perjury, trickery, forgery of court files and the Docket, bribery and compromising and steering a transparent and sham Inquest, grounded on black and white perjury, fraud and forgert by Burke, Wooten, Siebert and Gammerman. Wooten’s illegal oral Orders Steering the Scam to JHO Gammerman, purging the Court Records, collusion with Joe Burke Esq, in scheming to file a illegal Note of Issue, violation of Uniform Rules, Ghostwriting, depriving access to the Court, depriving oral arguments, ignoring Injunction Mandates, refusing to Disqualify himself as required by law, and violation Court Rules and the Rules as set forth by the US Supreme Court. Wooten is also a incompetent thief and fraudster-judge allied with Lawyer Joseph M Burke a proven perjurer, trickster and thief, also caught in a criminal conspiracy.

We have assembled evidence that this clear and convincing conduct engaged in by Wooten, Madden, Gammerman, and others frauds, and proven corrupt conduc. This has been repeatedly condoned and ignored by the new Supreme Court  Admin. Judge Peter Moulton as if it is “business-as-usual  at 60 Center Street NYC. These Judicial Frauds and the now proven acts of Wooten, have been likewise performed and evidence proves by the Pavia’s Bribery of JSC Joan Madden and the Pavia’s theft of Rent Stabilization and thefts fro their renters and others. George and Antonia, have confessed to Tax Evasion acts uncovered by Forensic Investigators working for our affilliates and associates. George and Antonia Pavia have been confirmed by Courts to be Forgers and to have engaged in Perjury, for their unjust larceny.

We have evidence that Madden was corrupted by George and Antonia Pavia, Kenneth Gomez and others. Madden precluded all Courthouse and DOB findings of the Pavia’s Forgery, False Filings, findings that they are perjurers by the DOB and ECB Courts and tax evaders. We have credible evidence and reasonable inferences that George Pavia bribed and compromised witnesses, such as Tod Romano, Fatima Amir, Carinne Pulitzer, and others to lie, and condoned by Madden to illegally permit the Pavias to defraud and defile the Court and Rent Stabilized Renters, so that the Pavias could Rob over $20Million by fraud and corruption . Madden also ignored Res-Judicata, Deprived evidence and colluded to allow Pavias to rob the tenants at 18 East 73rd Street NYC and allowed Pavias to loot and rob over $20million by fraud on the court, spoliation of evidence and character assassination and railroading rent stabilization rights. These are just a few “horror-Stories” orchestrated by the Corruption at the NY Supreme Court, robbing legitimate Litigants as a result of fixes and bribery of the many depraved money-hungry unethical so-called Judges.

We have assembled proof of the complicity of this Multi-Million Dollar RICO Scam involving JHO Gammerman, Judge Michel Stallman,  former Judge Harold Beeler, Referee Jack Suter, Lois Gonzalez, and a number of Law Clerks and others. We have admissions by Gloria Smith Gottinger of Wooten’s threats, bullying of Trial Support Office to take illegal and fraudulent “oral-orders” from Wooten, demanding the steering of a set-up phony Inquest to Gammerman, circumventing the Rules of the Special Referee Part and we have other evidence of Burke, Siebert, Gomez Pavia, George and Antonia’s— perjury, trickery, fraud on the court, and mail and wire fraud and RICO. Madden and Pavia colluded and compromised many. All of these acts have been Reported in News Reports and they remain undenied by the accused.

These issues will be further revealed on YouTube by the Investigator.

Importantly, we hand others have retained a Emmy Award winning Producer of Documentaries, to create a 30 min or more Documentary about the systemic Court Corruption that has grown to catastrophic proportions. In a State and City where apartments have sold for $100Million it is despicable that the NY State Courts are polluted by incompents, crooks, liars and cheats.

With the public focus still on the “bad-acts” of some Police, it is about time we all focus on sanatizing the Courts where these bribed and fixed Judges can, will and have, stolen your money, homes, kids, liberty and even your life. Afrer all these evil corrupt judges have a good thing going. Under the guise of God, and the supposed law, will ‘stick-you-up” better than a criminal with a gun. So whe the find out that anyone is on to them they will target you, pollute your Rights, deprive your Due Process, extort you use their Black Robes to loot and Rob you and even arrange a Murder as what happened to Suny Shue when he uncovered Judge Joseph Golia’s corrupt acts, larceny, and Golia’s filing false financial statements with NY State, Shue was murdered and his Murder yet “Unsolved”, but still being Investigated by real Investigators as ther is no Statute of Limitations on Murder and there is no Statute of Limitations on Fraud on the Court by any “Court Officer”. Court officer is defined as “a judge, a jho, a referee, a lawyer, a clerk, or anyone employed by a Court System. Also, if a Judge fails to Disqualify himself and continues to deprive “Due-Process” as afforded under the US Constitution and any State Constitutions, by Federal Law,, that Judge has “wares against the Constitution” and his or her Judicial Immunity is Vacated and thus liable for Criminal and Civil Prosecution.

Thank God that the Federal Courts have fine, honest vetted by Congress and highly competent Judges. in particular the Judges at SDNY in NYC.

We plan to have this Documentary on NY State Court Corruption launched everywhere and free, on Networks, Cable, Internet, Netflix, Amazon, Congress, the White House etc. We and our Parners in this Documentary want to expose to the world just how warped and infected the NY State Courts are.

Judge Wooten’s thefts, schemes, perjury, etc, and years of corrupt acts are the “tip-of-the-iceberg” of the disgraceful, debased and contaminated acts of Judicial looting and stealing under the guise of honesty and non-existent judicial integrity. A thief by any other name is still a THIEF. Judge Paul Wooten is a documented by a plethora of evidence material, Wooten’s own Decisions, Tape Recordings of interstate telephonic Court Hearings, perjury, documented, forgery of Court Records, ex-partie meetings with Lawyers, violations of Court Laws and Rules and other acts of fraud on the court from 2009 through 2015. In a nut-shell, Judge Paul Wooten is a unethical, warped and illegally installed judge  in violation of Vetting Rules,engaged in rampant RICO Style Criminal Activities. Wooten has been Reported in detail to the charade and “toothless-tiger’ of the Commission on Judicial Conduct, a Lee Kickler, who is a well known phoney condoning judicial corruption and illegal acts and abuses. Wooten was Reported to Admin. Judges Heitler and Moulton, and these rampant and documented criminal acts of Wooten are welcomed and condoned. Why? Because these acts are the norm in this contaminated State Court, as Fixes Bribery and Corruption is why these crooks want to become State Supreme Court Judges and that is why they pay the bribery fees to the likes of Clarence Norman and others. Madden’s crimes, fixes, retaliation, illegal court room corruption so far Ignored by Moulton, Heitler, and others, as they are all part of the State-Court Code of Cover-up Corruption, larceny and the Unified Supreme Court, 60 Center St in NY State the by-line is “money talks and BS walks”.

Now that the US Attorney SDNY has much of this evidence of rampant Judicial criminal conduct with proof of Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Fraud on the Court, RICO Extortion and much more, house cleaning should begin soon.

Then with the Documentary on Court Corruption in NY State Supreme Courts, the YouTube Exposes, and the Reports to Sen Schumer and others who have spent fortunes buying apartments in NYC and will never see “Justice” unless they retain a “Fixer” “a Rabbi” to make Deals with the Devil perverted “Draculas in Black Robes” ensconced at 60 Center Street NYC Supreme Courthouse. We think that there will be a sufficient Public Out-cry that the many corrupt Judges,the corrupt Lawyers and others who aid in the looting of Litigants money and rights will be convicted as the Evidence is overwhelming against these violators of the Public Trust for illegal gains by misuse of the Courts and the Public they rob. Madden has been active in the “pollution” department since she was at the NY L & T Court years ago. Investigators have found Madden to be a vicious, spiteful and corrupt judge and individual who was warped and perverted by George Pavia Esq and his wife Antonia. Madden manipulated the  law to rob the Pavia Tenants at 18 East 73rd Street NYC of their money and Rights so the Pavias could rob millions thanks to Madden’s Court-Room corruption and misdeeds of Railroading and fraud. Tha Pavias are and have been cheaters, liars and admitted tax thieves.

We are told that much of this evidence has been turned over to the US Attorney’s Office SDNY, att: Preet Bharara. Based on the detailed evidence and the gravity of the situation involving Public Corruption in the NY State Supreme Courthouse and some corrupted Judges, we believe that there will be a sanitazation of these contaminated State Judges and the corrupt Lawyers who have bribed and Fixed them, for unjust Rewards.

If any one referred to in this Report wishes to deny any portion of the Exposes, please refer to the Terms-of-Use, and communicate with us by email. We will review the “objection” and Answer it on the Internet so the public can see the “objection” and the “Answer” from us. If any portion of these Exposes are incorrect and proven to be, Scams Inc will expunge all such portions forthwith based on the refuting evidence after Scams Inc reviews and verifies the objection.


One at first blush can only guess why Judge Paul Wooten, of the Unified NY State Courts, conducting his perverted acts out of Part 7 at 60 Center Street NYC is “IN Bed” with Burke, a crook, a liar and a cheat and undenied. Wooten became a Judge in Brooklyn, by, we have learned, making a “back-room” deal with now jailed and disgraced “political fixer” Clarence Norman. We have read most of the Decisions signed by Wooten, and they reveal one glaring thing. Either Wooten is a incompetent and a Idiot or he is a Crook. Now we all know that most judges in NY State Courts rely on the Courtroo Law clerks to craft the Decisions. Of course under the dominance of the judge. Here Wooten has a Rachel Mandel doing this job. Before her there were others. Wooten bought his Black Robes with the aid of Norman in about 2008. Wooten was later transferred to Supreme NY.

Wooten has displayed a series of acts involving many Litigants that has given rise to careful analysis of the Wooten Activities, in and out of the Courtrooms.

We have evidence that Wooten was lured to Lawyer Joseph M. Burke by another corrupt Lawyer George Pavia Esq, who compromised JSC Joan Madden in a scheme to allow Pavia to steal Rent Stabilization Rights from his Tenants at 18 East 73 St. NYC.

Wooten soon after was witnessed having ex-party meeting with Burke and others. Soon Wooten began to issue Decisions and Orders in a Major Case comdoning Burke and his Client John Siebert’s Fraud, perjury, thefts and eve ghostwriting of Court Decisions. Wooten soon after conspired with Burke to engage in a Courthouse scheme to rob over $50Million by perjury, Judicial collusion, Wooten’s falsifying the Court Docket, violating Rules of the Court, steering illegally, bribery, bullying, fraud violation CPLR, and issuing Decisions that were Grounded on Burke fraud and perjury. Wooten also recuted JHO Gammerman to engage in yet more fraud on the court, turn a blind eye  to Burke-Siebert’s perjury, larceny and thefts by abusing the Public Trust, mail fraud, wire fraud and rampant courthouse criminality,

Evidence now appears clear that Wooten formed a “unholy-alliance” with Burke. Siebert, Pavia and others to loot and rob what looks like now over $60Million, bu using “the pen not a sword”. Wooten and Gammerman have generated Decisions that are flaigrantly in contravention to the Court Records and based on trickery, deceit and misrepresentation, so that these crooks can scheme to “cut-up a supposed “booty” by phony Courthouse adulterations.

We have proof that Wooten is and has been a liar, cheat, and a man without morals or character. Wooten has displayed in many of his Decisions that he is a man without consicence and a money-hungry disgrace to the Judiciary. His Decisions we believe, many involving Siebert and Burke, have been ghostwritten for him by Burke and or Burke’s Partiners and done so to railroad a Adversary by criminality and done to steal anothers money and property by courthouse criminality.

So, based on the proof we have and the Interviews, Wooten and Burke are in bed together in a diabolic scheme to rob millions due to a Litigant, unconditionally from Siebert.

Now that Wooten has “made his own bed”, he will have to sleep in it as his “cans of worms” are open and will be carefully analyzed for years to come. Possibly Wooten and Burke will also share the same Bed in a Jail Cell as well, who knows?


George M Pavia Esq and his wife Antonia have been engaged in criminality for years. George has used his law practice as a front for his criminal affilliations involving the Mafia, and other unsavory jail birds such as Ted Kohl, who was owner of Herbert Construction. Kohl was jailed for money laundering, tax evasion and other crimes including perjury. The Pavias recruted Kohl to provide them with perjured Affidavits as part of their desperation to avois Rent Stabilization at 18 East 73 Street NYC.

The Pavias are lecherous phoneys. George has been engaged in corruption Courts for a long while. He engaged in fraud, perjury and other depraved acts at the DHCR, the Dept. of Buildings, and at the Courthouse in NYC. George is a sociopath and a thief. The Pavias concocted bold faced lies to disenfranchise Rent Stabilization from all tenants at 18 E 73, a brownstone Pavia owned, that he robbed from his In-laws the Pierce Family. There were 4 Tenants and the Pavias. The property had 7 units.

The Pavias engaged in suborning perjury, perjury, bribery, tampering fraud on the court and much more. The DHCR Ruled the Pavia Property Is Rent Stabilized.(ie 18 E 73. St). Pavia Appealed and lost. So Pavia engaged in compromising Judge Joan Madden who he got a Case grounded on Pavia’s Fraud and perjury to. Madden was Bribed and began to loot the Court with rampant Deprivation of Due Process. A lawyer involved, before he died early this year confessed that Madden was Bribed by Pavia and that Pavia came to him to “throw the Case” for his Client.

George and Antonia have unjustly enriched themselves by Madden’s Judicial corruption and fraud, Robbed Rent stabilization and then sold 18 E 73 St. for over $19Million depriving tenants of their Rights. The Pavias “paid-off” Madden for her Fraud on the Court, except Pavia forgot that Fraud on the Court voids all Decisions and Orders of that Court, and they never become Final.

We have learned that the Pavias have been foung Guilty of Tax Evasion, and we have seen Evidence of the Pavia’s perjury fraud, looting, bribery and havving Madden in their Pocket. Madden is also engaged in suspect acts as a NYCAL Judge and also aided Pavia and ihs lawyer Kenneth V. Gomez Esq, in Stealing over $230,000.00 in a Patient’s Med-Mal Recovery and stealing Medicare Liened Funds for themselves. We have evidence of that as well. Pavia and Gomez, in concert with the Court and others failed to advise Medicare of its entitlement to these Funds. Madden orchestrated this scam as well.

We also have learned that a Victim of the Pavia-Madden Theft, Fraud and courthouse swindles will soon be Filing legal action in Federal Court seeking substantial Damages and proving the Pavia’s criminality, fraud, bribery, perjury and unjust enrcchments.

The Pavia’s are thieves, phoneys, tax evaders and perverted warped cheaters.


Judge Paul Wooten, from Brooklyn, who we have learned, bought his “Black Robe” and a NY Court Judgeship by an alliance with Jailed peddler of Judgeships and extortion a Clarence Norman, in Brooklyn. Wooten was a L&T lawyer and broke, who tried a charade Run for Brooklyn DA. When he quit that effort he made a unholy alliance with Norman as we are told. Wooten spends more than he makes, and now he is in “the Big Apple”, at 60 Centre Street Courthouse, the most polluted and corrupt court in America.

Wooten has commenced when he was placed in Part 7 at that Courthouse, corruption, Fixes, Ghostwriting, fabrication of evidence, stealing Records, tampering and forgery of the Court Dockets, intimidation of Clerks, Steering matters to his corrupt Referees and JHO”s who will engage in the Fraud on the Court directed by corrupt Wooten.

Wooten now has been caught with the “Smoking-Gun” in his hand. He has been caught in a perverted scheme of bribery, collusion, filing perjured and ghostwritten Decisions, crafted by a corrupt lawyere and others. Wooten has been caught intimidating Trial Support Clerks, falsifying Records, violationg Uniform Rules, illegally Restoring cases, engaging in dicumented Mail and Wire Fraud, spoliation of evidence, stealing Records and forging others in concert with his corrupt allies. Wooten has schemefd to rob millions from litigants by judicial fraud on the court, corrupt acts, filing fraudulent and illegal Decisions, engaging in systematic perjury, and cheating.

Now Wooten is trying to cover his tracks by refusing to Disqualify himself for his documented corrupt acts and depriving his” targets” from access to the Courts thus engaging in deprivation of Due Process and violations of the US Constitution.

We are told that Wooten and others at that Court have been Reported with Evidence to the US Attorney, Southern District of New York and Preet Baharara.

Wooten has been proved to be a thief and a despicable corrupt and incompetent crook. He is a desperate man who owes Norman and many others and is desperate for money. We have been advised that Wooten’s lust for the Hi-Life and spending cash has gotten the better of him. Possibly the Criminal Division of the IRS is investigating and will do a “standard of living test” on Wooten. Then he can look forward to being charged with corruption, bribery, mail and wire fraud and tax evasion. Time will tell. One thing is for certain —-Wooten is a depraved crook who has violated the Public Trust and we have the proof of Wooten’s Crimes.


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