jsConfessed sex-offender and convicted sex pervert Dr John Siebert is back at his medical scams and depraved con-games.

Siebert, using his self-styled “midwestern charm, that got him kicked out of 5 NYC Hospitals for malpractice, narcotic abuse, sexual abuses of patients and other perverted acts, is again conning and cheating the family of Hank Gibbs to raise money for Hank’s about 8thSiebert reckless surgeries on this now 13year old Sacramento Kid.

Siebert began is warped and perverted con on Terri A. Gibbs when hank was about 5 or 6 years old, defrauding the Gibbs family into believing that Siebert, the only surgeon in the world, to be able to cure Parry Romberg Syndrome by surgery.

Siebert is and was a Charlatan, a fraud, a cheat and a Huckster. Siebert has been proved to be a sex pervert, suspend from NY State for sex abuses by NY State Dept of Health, Fired by 5 Hospitals, evicted from 5 Medical Offices, Investigated and admitted Pedophile,Healthcare Insurance Thief and a Medicare and Medicaid Thief. Siebert has stolen Millions, he has been caught in a major tax evasion scheme and caught engaging in bribery, perjury and fraud in various Courts. He has ben caught engaging in threats of murder and extortion by emails, and is now restrained by Nationwide Restraining Order against him issued in a California Superior Court in 2015 and Renewed for cause in 2016 for 3 years until 2019.

Siebert is a sociopath. He has robbed and molested many. Now he again has bamboozled Hank Gibbs and his Family into anther wasted, expansive and useless surgery so that UW Hospital and Siebert can be unjustly enriched by a futile surgery.

Scams Inc Investigations has contacted many Associations, surgeons, Organizations and Insurere and Medicare regarding the prospects of surgical intervention involving persons with this Disease. The overwhelming responses reveal that Surgery is futile untill the disease has “run-its-course” which may be Never. It requires that the Victim undergo MRI Scans to follow the Progression.

Parry Syndrome progressively detoriates the Tissue and skin of the Patients affected areas. This is usually the face, eye sockets, jaw mouth, etc.Resulting in facial asymmetry.

The Medical Community’s opinion is that there is no treatment or surgery that can stop the progression og this Disease. It is defined for the most part as a neurological disorder.

Other than a charlatan thief such as Siebert, who has conned many for his own unjust enrichment engaging in medical malpractice, fraud and interstate fraud; no legitimate Hospital or Surgeon would participate in this surgical scam.

In fact, most all surgeons agree that “Intervention” is futile until the Disease has run its course. This abstention is to avoid unnecessary pain, suffering and further injury to the Patient, often Minors, unnecessary Hospital and Surgical expenses that will only result in a momentary visual “improvement” and soon afier, like oli and water the tissue and bone will continue to detoriate.

Many recommend immunosupressive drugs, medical managment and MRI’s to follow the progression and hopefully the conclusion, which may take years or never.

What Siebert has done with the Gibbs Family, Hank and many other of his Victims, is to lie, cheat and fleece these families for large fees and large Hospital bills to waste hopes, cause pain and more injury.

UW Hospotal have been caught filing phony al false Press Releases about Siebert while knowing that Siebert is a sex Offender, a cheat a tax swindler and a confessed Morally Unfit Doctor. But UW and Ron Slwinski.President are also money grubbing cheats, otherwise why would they employ such a pervert Dr John Siebert?

Well this time, Scams Inc has the Proof of Siebert’s Racketeering by Mail Fraud and Wire Fraud.

He has lied to Terri Gibbs, Hank Gibbs by Phone and email. He has Filed a Stack of false anf fraudulent Documents with the Gibbs Medical Insurere, provided by Terri’s Employer in Sacramento California. This Fraud on a Healthcare Insurer by Siebert is a crime, scheming to collect Insurance Funding by fraud, perjury and larceny, in concert with UW Hospital and Gibbs.

THe supposed Hank surgery is to take place in July 2016, with stolen Insurance Money and also as in the past the Giggs begging people at “garden-fund-raisers” so that Siebert can loot them as well.

If Siebert were a legit. Surgeon he would provide his surgery for free. But Siebert is a criminal, a cheat, a fraud and a self confessed sex pervert and morally unfit doctor.

We believe that the Gibbs family are also remiss, gullable and stupid, putting their son Hank through eight medically contraindicated surgeries that are being performed by the RASPUTIN OF THE OPERATING ROOM.


fred_gingerGeorge Pavia Esq and his unprincipled wife Antonia have been living the “Hi-Life” and spending other peoples money that they have swindled for years, while extorting threatening and engaging in bribery and worse to embezzle multi millions by racketeering..

If anyone has seen the CNBC Show, American Greed, we see the same diabolical conduct of swindlers fleecing, cheating, lying, and extorting so that these swindlers can use embezzled funds to put on a false front of respectability. Sooner than later these fraudster and thieves run out of time and money, and they get caught at their own con-games.

George Pavia began his larceny at a young age in Italy during WW-2. George was a member of the Nazi-Mussoloni Parties and a Jew. Rather than help the Underground George took a different road. The road of a “Squeler”, and “Ratted” on other Jews. No matter to George that the people hi turned-in would be on the road to Concentration Camps and the Gas Chambers, all George wanted was money, and a road map out of Italy. He got it and made his way to America.

Soon after he married a woman who had a few bucks. George used her money to pay for his education and law school. He fleeced her and then met Antonia who had Parents Mr & Mrs Pierce who were wealthy, but Antionia was a cheat just like George.

When these two evil persons were bonded by the Devil, they conned the Pierces to give them 18 E. &#rd Street NYC, a brownstone off 5thAve, in NYC. They had Renters who should have been Rent Controlled as the building was built in 1860, but George, a true thief, failed to properly Register the Building.

Thereafter George became a Front for Mafia and Organized Crime persons in NY and Italy. He began a law office that “Made-its-Bones”on conning, cheating, casinos, illicit enterprises, construction fraud, fixing judges in NY State Courts, aracketeering, embezzlement, extortion and other methods of larceny.

THe Pavias have abused and cheated Tenants, stolen Rent Stabilization by fraud, bribery, proven perjury, filing forged documents with Courts and NY C Agencies and threats of murder.

George Pavia and his entire family have been engaged in money laundering, thefts, criminal Tax Evasion, perjury and thefts of Millions of Dollars as a Ring Leader of a RICO racketeering Enterprise involving NY County Judges, other lawyers, a sex-pervert and tax evader Doctor John Siebert, who has been convicted as a sex pervert and fired from 5 NY C Hospitals and suspended from the practice of Medicine in NY State. Siebert’s partner in crime is a group of perverted, extortonist lawyers Joseph M Burke Esq, Kenneth V Gomez, Abrams Deemer Lawyers, and others.

George fixed and Bribed his way to cheat his tenants out of Stabilization Rights by using Judge Joan Madden to preclude Evidence and lie and cheat the tenant, allow Hazardous conditions, ignore Pavia’s forgery, perjury. cheating and falsification of Evidence. Some hell of a Court.

THen Pavia, as part of Racketeering, engaged in rampant Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Extortion Threats, embezzlement, Bribing other Judges to get Siebert off the Hook for money that he Swore to owing, $40Million, bribed and induced Judge Paul Wooten to forge the Court Docket, purge Court Files, use the Phones to concoct a scam of HIPAA Forms, place forged Court Filings in the Record Room of the Courthouse, Fabricate pleadings, condone obvious and proved Burke and Siebert’s Perjury, trickery, fraud on the Court and collusion with JHO Gammerman.

Pavia orchestrated the illegal Steering to Gammerman, the Fraudulent Inquest, Wooten Judicial Larceny and forgery and the fraudulent Pleadings, Decisions and Orders of Wooten after he was Fired from NY COunty Supreme Court for acts of Proven Corruption, fraud and incompetence. Many Law Firms complained as to Wooten and his fraudulent conduct.

All the while Pavia was center Stage in the scam. Pavia also orchestrated with Madden, Gomez, Siebert and Burke the Theft of over $230,000.00 in a Med-Mal Case by fraud upon the Court, by a series of acts of perjury, fraud and chicanery by Gomez, Marion Polovey Esq and Leona Hemlsley Enterprise. Gomez is Pavia’s Pimp-Lawyer along with Jay Itkowitz and wife Michelle.

The Pavias as a result of their Racketeering, mail and wire fraud, collusion, money laundering of Millions, extortion in concert with RICO Enterprise as per 18 USC 1962, have unjustly enriched themselves by these Racketeering activities.

The Pavias also stole and converted the Pierce NYC Brownstone at 15 E. 77th Street, NYC as well. By a fraudulent scheme of peeling-off small percents of the Deed to themselves and adult children, after about 6-8Months, the swindle of the Property wa accomplished without a penny in consideration. Then The Racketeers sold the Building for Millions stolen by the Pavias money Laundering. One of their tenants  they embezzled figured the Tax Scam out, Reported it to the Criminal Division of the IRS and THe Pavias were Caught, Confessed and are paying the Fines, Tax and other consequences now.

The Pavia became Defendants in a Racketeering Case filed earlier in 2016 alond with others. They were properly Served. They failed to Appear, Answer or Move. When the Default time had been reached, the pavias were given timely and proper Notice.

They failed and refused to respond and the Plaintiff has Filed a Default Judgment against the Pavia’s for Over $40Million, plus Interest.George Pavia and Pavia Harcourt, his law office also has just been Sued in a unrelated Case charging that George and Pavia Harcourt embezzled over $29Million fom a Woman’s Estate, money laundered it in Off-shore Banks, evaded taxes and cheated this woman and her Administrator by false promises, fraud, breaching of fiduciary duty etc.

Ti is now clear that the Pavia’s are worse than Bernie Madoff. They have lied, cheated, recruted Gomez to launch Extortive Blogs, mailgning anyone who Pavias rob and loot as their beliefe that a best defevse is the best offense, They have harasses, interfered with their victims homes, stole them by fraud larceny and bribert-forgery and perjury. Pavias have along with their Racketeering Enterprise used Siebert to engage in tax evasion, perjury, falsifying Records to get Bogus Judgments against victims and then have Siebert File perjured amended tax returns to nsecure million in Bogus Refunds. Wooten engaged in this scam by misuse of his illegal and ill-gotten Judicial power to engage in Judicial racketeering, forgery and fabrications. All of this is well documented. And all of this orchestrated by Ring-leader George Pavia and his corrupt wife and Family, all the beneferies of the Tax Scams and other RICO thefts also documented by the IRS and others.

Thus, another swindler is about to be fully exposed, Bank acconnts Frozen, Judgments, more Tax evasion Charges, Indictments are sure to be on the Horizon and Convictions. The Pavia’s used stolen money to buy their present “abode” at 580 Park Avenue Apartment 2C, their home in West-Hampton, Stocks, bonds, antiques, jewelry and other looted assets from all of their victims. This involves a fortune in thefts and damages. In fact re RICO all damages are Trebled.

In Som, the pavias are pure sociopaths. They have financially ruined many and stolen their homes and money, then dress-up in stolen emoluments, socalize as if they were Italian Elite, not give a damn who they raped, looted and extorted, and start again in the morrow, They are now going to get “WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND”, and many will watch and relish that these criminals have been exposed, Disgorged of their stolen ill gotten gains of Millions and jailed.

These Pavias have conned, cheated lied, extorted, embezzled, bribed and swindled for over 50 plus years, and they will “Rot in Hell”.


cartoon-thief-running-12229311Scams Inc has written many Verified Exposes abour the diabolical, depraved and racketeering activities of George Pavia Esq, Pavia Harcourt and Antonia Pavia.

We have proven that the Pavias are phoneys, cheats, perjurers, forgers, tax evaders, filers of forged Documents in Court proceedings, a State and NYC Agencies, Courts have confirmed the Pavia perjury and fraud. We have proven that the Pavias and their Family, by bribery, extortion, intimidation, creating phony Plans and submitting them to the Dept. of Buildings thus imperiling their tenants, the Pavias stole the Rent Stabilized Rights from Tenants and looted over $20Million by fraud, lying and bribery of a judge.

The Pavias have been cheating people for years. They stole Mr Pierces Home at 15 East 77th Street in nyc, robbed over $17Million on that by a Scam of filing a systematic conversion of Deed to themselves and their adult kids. The Pavias were Reported to the Criminal Div. of the IRS and were Caught. They Confessed. As yer the NY State Dept of Fimance and NYC Tax Dept are yet to come.

Meanwhile George Pavia has been engaged in fixing other judges at NY County Supreme in a embezzlement scheme of over $40Million in concert with others, He has been caught on this as well and reported to the US Attorney SDNY and the CID as well.

We have audio tape Recordings of George Pavia engaging in Perjury in a Court Setting to rob Millions. The Pavias and Pavia Harcourt are a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE, under the RICO Statutes 18 USC 1962, and Mail and Wire Fraud with intent to steal others monet and Rights.

Only a few days ago we uncovered yet another Pavia and Pavia Harcourt uncontionable Scam, this time involving a Estate and the Pavia RICO Enterprise. According to Court Papers, George Pavia and Pavia Harcourt ESQS, looted and embezzled over $29Million from the Estate, Money Laundered it via”secret bank accounts” robbed the IRS and violated tax laws, and misused their law practice to cheat and conthe Administrator to the Estate by engaging im violations of 18 USC 1341 and 18 USC 1343.

George Pavia his cheating ways and his Pavia Harcourt will be exposed and all of their stolen funds will be disgorged from all of them.



lawyer-cartoon2Americans Against Corruption Reports have been given  what appears to be black and white proof of David J Richardson Esq, and Sulmeyer Kupetz Esq’s (SK) Fraud upon the Court in litigations at the California Superior Court and Riverside Federal Court. Such of there acts involve rampant, systematic and repeated acts of falsifying declarations, suborning perjury of their clients, filing false Records with the Court, falsifying proposed Court Orders, falsifying evidence, filing reckless motions, replete with perjury, fraud, false hearsay, shrouding their clients crimes, and thereafter lying and cheating the Courts.

We have been provided Richardson and SK’s Pleadings and declarations and the declarations Richardson concocted for his clients. They are corroded with falsified and fabricated claims in direct contravention to the evidence. These corrupt lawyers simply make up false events, phony and irrelevant case law and Statutes, engage in secreting and surppresion of evidence and intentional fraud upon the court.

These corrupt lawyers have been engaged in misuse of the California Courts for many years. The Fixer Howard Ehrenberg, is a good “gland hander” a “political fixer” and has by his misuse of the Courts unjustly enriched himself, Sulmeyer and minion Richardson.

Richardson uses the Archives of Sulmeyer to extort, cheat, embezzle adversaries. Richardson has with a “straight-face”, fleeces the court, misuses and fabricates Court Minutes, falsifies required Court Notices, misuse the mails to engage in fraud, embezzlement and larceny, and then lies upon lies to try and cover his criminality. Richardson is incapable of Litigating with a honest “deck”. THe man and Sulmeyer are cheats, fixers, and have no conscience to engage in racketeering, larceny and tampering.

Richardson as been caught engaging in fraudulent Pleadings, rampant perjury, hearsay, fraud upon toe court, mail and wire fraud and defrauding “Court-Call”.

Richardson has by criminal intent, fraud upon the court, forgery, suborning perjury and worse, secured favorable Rulings by cheating fraud upon the court and polluting the judge.

These acts of fraud and chicanery have caused the Refferal to Federal Law Enforcement the Federal Criminal Acts engaged in by Richardson, Sulmeyer and his Clients.

The Judge has been reported with evidence to the California Commission on Judicial Performance and to Law Enforcement. In Fact the corruption engaged in as generally reported on hers has resulted in the deprivation as a result of fraud upon the court, mail and wire fraud and violations of 18 USC 1962, et-seq, the collection of RICO Damages that are confirmed by evidence, admissions and other Records. The sums embezzled by these corrupt lawyers SK and Richardson and their clients exceed $200Million per RICO.

These flim-flam lawyers either “hypotnized” this Judge in superior Court or something else has gone on as the Rulings by this Judge exhibit partiality to be kind, but in reality, incompetence, judicial larceny, and a scheme to disenfranchise due process by obstruction of justice in concert with lawyers and clients who have a long paper trail of engaging in fraud, falsifying court pleadings, forgery, mail and wire fraud and racketeering.

Finally, if Richardson and SK wish to deny these documented claims, follow the Terms of Use and make yopur objection not by self serving lies but wit proof. It will be reviewed and we will provide our proof to establish that Richardson, SulmeyerKupetz ate Litigation Cheats, embezzlers and perjurers.


Michelle Maratto Itkowitz

Michelle Maratto Itkowitz

Scams Inc has written a number of Exposes regarding the invidious, adulterated methods of Jay Itkowitz Esq and Michelle Maratto Itkowitz Esq, the “BONNIE AND CLYDE of the Eviction racket at the Courthouse.

The diabolic methods these Itkowitz cheaters implement in “emptying a Building od a group of apartments is parallel to “Frontier Justice. The Exposes Scams Inc have published expose much of the skulduggery of the Itkowitz “Gamesmanship” as Jay referres to his and Michelles acts of perjury, suborning perjury, filing bogus documents to the DHCR, the Dept of Buildings, the ECB Court, falsifying damage and blaming the Rent Stabilized Tenats and bribery. Filing illegal and bogus Nussuance Charges and falsifying evidence, bribery of a MY Supreme Court Judge and worse

None of our charges have been objected to by Itkowitzes, as permitted in Scams Inc’s Terms Of Use published on all of our Sites.

Scams inc have assembled evidence of Jay Itkowitz acting for a corrupt lawyer and brownstone owner, engaging in a 3 year scam of stealing Rent Stabilized Rights by suborning perjury, allowing  hazardous conditions to remain in disrepair. Condoning the Owners to ignore 8 DOB Violations, condoning and participating in Filing Forged and False Certificates of Correction with the DOB, Falsified by the Owners under the Aegis of Michelle and Jay Itkowitz. These Certificates falsely Swear that all Hazardous Conditions confirmed by Inspectors of the DOB had been corrected. In fact nothing we corrected and the Rent Stabilized Tenants remained under Hazardous conditions and were constructivly evicted.

No matter to Itkowitz, who lied and cheated in the Courthouse Hearings, engaged in ex-parte phone conversations with the Judge, refused to allow his phone records to be produced, and fixed the judge to preclude all material proof of the Violations, the ECB Court findings of fraud, perjury and forgery, engaged in by Itkowitz client owners.

At  ECB Hearings where Itkowitz sent a attorney as Itkowitz knew that the tenants were on to them, and the ECB and the DOB caused large fines and still Itkowitz continued the legal Gamesmanship of perjury, Fraud upon the Court, a charade In-Limini Hearing where Jay and Michelle had the Judge in their pocket, brought in 2 persons from the DOB who were never at the Building, presented forged and falsified plans, suborned this perjury so that the Rent Stabilized tenants would be robbed from theit rights and homes.

Rather than negotiate legitimate purchace of these Rent Stabilized Rights, Itkowitz and the lecherous owners chose to engage in Courthouse racketeering, extortion, embezzlement and perjury to steal these rights.

Then Jay Itkowitz and Michelle fabricated a Nussuance charge for a tenant writing letters to the Owner at his Office. Then the Owner filed bogus criminal nussuance claims against tenant with the advice and recommendations of Michelle and Jay. The Criminal charges were dismissed by the DA Office and after that occured and after These Itkowitz lawyers violated the laws of Rent Stabilization, ignored DHCR Orders, Ignored ECB Court findings of Itkowitz and his Owner’s forgery, perjury and harassment of tenants chose to bring in a Associate who continued the Itkowitz larceny, bribery and cheating.

The end result was as a result of a Fixed Judge the Owner cheated the tenants out of their rights thanks to Itkowitz “Gamesmanship”, larceny, thefts an the Owner sold the Brownstone for $20Million and the tenants were, up to now, robbed.

The light at the end of the Tunnel is the fact that The Owner has confessed to tax evasion, and Jay Itkowitz, Michelle Mararro and others have been reported to Preet Bharara and the Public Corruptions Unit ath the SDNY US Attorney’s Office in NYC, with a car-load of evidence.

The Itkowitz Firm are adulterated, unethical and cheating lawyers who have no morals at all. They will intimidate, abuse and cheat the “small-guy” for a pay-day.

We have seen how these cheaters work. they attack their opponents by lies, false claims, misuse of the Rules of the Court, Bullyism, chicanery, trickery and fraud upon the court. They will use every gimmick they can to loot a rent stabilized tenant out of their home.

The Itkowitz Firm used forged Documents in Court to steal a tenants home for a greedy cheating Owner who was later convicted of Tax evasion arising out of the advice-gone-wrong to a owner from Michelle and Jay.

Scams Inc have listened to recordings of Itkowitd intimidasting a tenant and we have seen emails from Michelle to a rent stabilized tenant implementing modes of extortion regarding Itkowitz posting of Lies on the Itkowitz Blogs and what they demanded to remove this fraud causing injury tonthe tenant.

So, anyone who fools for the Itkowitz Family’s “Gamesmanship” will only be another victim of the Itkowitz swindles, trivckery and cheating.

Scams Inc has all of the evidence of all of these charges, and Michelle and Jay know this and that is why the made no objection to the number of Exposed on Scams inc and Scamraiders Archives.

The Truth is the best defense, and the First Ammendment to the US Constitution.

In a nutshell Michelle and Jay are unethical liars and depraved supposed lawyers who practice “LYING” not “LAWYERING”.


Philippa Pavia

Philippa Pavia

George Pavia Esq and wife Antonia are perverted, evil crooks. They have been cheating people for years under the guise of acting like Italian elite but in reality they are unethical perverted and found in NYCourts to be perjurers, forgers, and rapists of Rent Stabilization from their Tenants.

In fact the Pavias are so perverted, greedy and criminals, they were ordered by the NY Dept of Buildings (DOB) and after 5 Inspections of 18 E 73 St NYC was found to be Hazardous to Tenants, these warped Pavias filed a forged Sworn Statement to the DOB that they had cured the Hazardous conditions.

After it was uncovered that these cheats engaged in fraud the ECB Court had a  trial where the Pavias lied under Oath. They were Cited at ECB Court and at the DOB to be perjurere, Forgers and impereling Tenants. Rather than make Repairs, the Pavias bribed a NY Judge to allow the Pavias to engage in fraud, perjury, filing false evidence causing witnesses to perjur themselves and file forged plans, records and engage in rampant deception, George engaged in threats of murder, caused the Judge to preclude material proofs fabricate others and cheat and steal rent stabilization from the Pavia tenants so that they could rob the Property without paying Tenants their Rights.

The Pavias paid off the Judge, engaged in blatant perjury and while this was ongoing these criminals stole the home of Antonia’s senile Mother on 15 E 77th St giving small pieces each month to the Pavia cadult children Philippa and Julian themselves and a crook Ehinkeberg.

The Pavias sold that stolen home for about $18Million and money laundered those sums using Philippa and Julian as “Mules”. You see George is also a Mafia Front engaged in extortion, gambeling Racketeering and embezzlement. George hen after robing rent stabilization at 18E 73St, sokd that for $20Million and again used a phony loan transaction for $5Million to usee to buy a Apartment at 580 Park 2C , con the Board appearing to be a proper person while he in fact is a cheat, tax evader, perjurer and forger.

Pavia then engaged in a massive Tax Evasion Scam, lootion fortunse using Philippa as a stooge. In Fact Philippa a now Veterenian at Blue Pearl Vet Partners in Brooklyn but Blue Pearl is in Florida with Clinics in many States. Except Blue Pearl does not know that Philippa is a Front for George and Antonia Pavia’s Criminal Enterpriese of Tax Evasion, bribery, Orchestrating Courthouse Racketeering and looting and stealing Millions by Mafia Tactice, Judicial embezzlement, Thefts of Medicare Money by using Kenneth Gomez as a front in concert with Leona Helmsley, “The Queen of Mean”and using others to try and scam the IRS for millions.

Recently George and Antonia and philippa ware exposed in a large Tax Evasion Scam. They were Caught evading Tax on the house at 15E 77th St NYC that the Pavias and Philippa and Julian stole fom Mrs Pierce, a senile old woman.

THe Pavias wew Reported and caught. They confessed to their crimes and are now paying swindled Tax, fines etc. Now we have exposed these charlatans in another tax scam to loot the Government out of $125Million in a phoney claim secured as a result of George Pavia’s Courthouse bribry and racketeering.

The Pavias have no morals, they will lie, steal, use theit relatives to steal for them or steal from them. The Pavias have stolen much, threatened, used Mob figures to commit perjury for them, use lawyers to extort, form extortion Blogs to rob people, file forged Records, engage in perjury, karceny and other warped acts involving interstate commerce to rob others and engage in threats of murder.

WQe have proof of George Pavia threatening a person that he was going to murder or cause a hit on this person. George Pavia and his family are criminals with a false front of pure Bull. They have fooled the Board of 580  Park until the Board gets the Full Pavia sordid story from Georges days of Ratting on Jews in Italy for Hitler and Mussollini (that George Confessed to).For Favors and escape to America. up to his admission and conviction for tax evasion, these Pavias are unprincipled socipoath and in fact George was called a unstable, perverted narcissit by a prominent mental Doctor.

We have evidence of all of these charges and that Philippa Pavia was used as a “mule” Front for her parents aiding in looting the IRS, Tenants and others for over $40Million in Pavia embezzled Funds belonging to others. Soon the Pavias will be paying the price for Grand larceny, fraud, extortion and other crimes. Sadly, Phiolippa and Julian, who are liars as well as George used Julian to engage in fraud at the Courthouse to cover-up George and Antonia’s thefts of Millions, perjury forgery and other illegal acts. They say” the apple does not fall far from the tree”. and the Pavias have trained these Stage 2 Pavias —-Philippa and Julian—well to continue George and Antonia’s legacy of cheating, looting and Mafia conduct.


justice-for-saleScams Inc has in its possession a plethora of evidence of corruption, fraud, perjury and more, involving the recently installed NY COUNTY SUPREME COURT ADMINISTRATIVE JUDGE PETER MOULTON. This proven thief as been caught (and undenied), engaging in repeated acts of judicial extortion, collusion embezzlement, mail and wire fraud, depriving due process, obstructing justice, covering up the criminal acts of terminated corrupt Judge Paul Wooten, Lawyer Joe Burke, convicted sex pervert, Dr John Siebert and others. Moulton in the process, has abused his position as a Judge and misused his Administrative Office to bully and demand Courthouse Clerks engage in acts that violate the laws and rules of the Courts, commit fraud, deprive access to the Courts and other illegal and unethical acts.

When Moulton was appointed “Administrative Judge” he was supposed to be a sanitized version of ousted  Adm. Judge Sherry Klein Heitler, who was also a lead judge in the NYCAL- Sheldon Silver Scandal. Moulton was to take charge of the “NY City Asbestos Litigation (NYCAL)” along with Joan Madden another proven corrupted Judge who we have a carload of proof of Madden’s corrupt-fixed activities involving George Pavia Esq, Antonia Pavia and the collusion and theft by Madden and the Pavias of Rent Stabilization (Undenied by the Pavias and by Madden). Madden engaged in corruption, preclusion of evidence, filing falsified Decisions, conspired with the Pavias, lawyers Itkowitz, Russo Burke, Kenneth V Gomez and others to loot millions unjustly for the Pavias at the expense of tenants. Thus a crook is a crook and Madden is a Crook and we have the Proof of her larceny to use her “Black-Robes” to enrich herself and George Pavia Esq. by a racketeering scam.

Well, Peter Moulton has proven himself to be a corrupt cheat, and a Judge who is a proven perjurer, cheat, and judicial con-man. Scams inc have been investigating Moulton for about 15 months at about the time he was morphed from 111 Center Street to 60 Center and his new-front position as the Heither replacement as Administrative Judge.  Moulton was a “company-man” and made his “bones” with Michel Stallman and Shlomo Hagler for a few years. Moulton started as a “private” and moved ahead in the Mafia style Unified Court “set-up”to become a “corporal”. So what better stooge and front but “baby-face Peter”. But Crooks come in all sizes and shapes but their MO is the same and if you know how, one can sift them out quickly.

Moulton moves into the 60 Center Street Digs and begins his chicanery and charade. Moulton has to protect the corrupt judges from exposure as these racketeers are the life blood to the Courthouse judicial Mafia. Do you think that these “hard-stealing” judges can live on their salary when millions are changing hands ath their will by judicial flim-flam, bribery and “stings”? Think again. Just like the Mob, when a Judge makes a Score, via a Fix-Bribe, all of the crooks “cut it pu. Recall the Godfather and Hyman Roth and then Paulie in Goodfellas. That is Money Laundering and RICO.

Moulton was part of the Corrupt crew and knew that Paul Wooten had gone far to far and was caught be a number of Litigants and large Law Firms.  Moulton had married  a Doctor Chris Cretura, and loves living the high life of custom shirts, suits, elite jewelry, gold watches and fine travel and dining. of course with OTHER PEOPLES MONEY. So Moultion, had to protect Wooten who was issuing Bogus and falsified Judgment for Millions, cheating, engaging  in forgery, falsification of Records, collusion with Madden, Gammerman and others to engage in grand-larceny, extortion and embezzlement. Moulton also knew that Wooten was illegally installed as he was never Screened or Vetted and was made a Judge as a result of a Clarence Norman–John Sampson Fix.

Moulton had to act so he caused Wooten to be “permanently transferred” to Brooklyn. Yet this was done in violation of the NY Constitution as to “permanent Removals of a Supreme Court Judge”. No Matter to Moulton as he is a pure thief. Meanwhile he and his wife put on a air of affluence and honor with NY Presbeterian Hospital where Dr Chris Cretura practices. We do not believe that Mrs Moulton, a “cum-laude” Graduate does not know that her husband Judge Pater Moulton is not a crook who violates the public trust for unjust rewards in concert with other judicial racketeers. We at Scams Inc have all of the evidence to prove our charges and much of it has been delivered to Preet Bharara of the US Attorneys Office in NY (SDNY) and other Agencies. We have also advised the Criminal Division of the IRS- Department of Treasury of the millions that are collected by corrupt State Court Judges in bribes by cash or kind that evade Taxes. Meanwhile these Bandit Judges spend more than they make.They all love luxury. We nailed many that way. One Judge was spending about $10K cash every weekend at Bergdorf Goodman Store. We caught this guy and “nailed him” . Soon after he was out from his “bribery-mill” in Brooklyn. Sooner or later all of these crooks get caught as they think they are smart. In reality, they are all sick-stupid sociopaths. They were given a shot to be a “roll model” but they chose to be what they really are. polluted-perverted dumb criminals misplaced in black robes rather than a a orange jail-house jump-suit.

We have recommended a standard of living test be made on each of these judicial crooks. A fortune in undeclared income will be found, they will be charged with evasion, exposed for their courthouse racketeering and disgraced. The system is perverted and must be cleaned out and will be.

Scams Inc will be providing all of the Proofs we have and will continue to assemble more as these judicial crooks must be exposed, financially ruined and jailed.

Moulton is a example of evil and diabolic unethical acts at the Courthouse. Moulton,  in his temerity,
desperation and scheme to quell any proof of the courthouse looting of hundreds of millions, began to bully Clerks at Trial Support (Gloria Gottinger) and Motion Support ( Ms. Daureen and Lou Spinelli), Motion Ckerk Steve and others. The scam? Moulton set up a “underground” system to have Motions in Cases where Wooten and others has been Bribed and Fixed, delivered to Wooten in Brooklyn for Wooten to Decide. This scheme was a fraud, illegal and proof that Moulton is a thief and a incompetent.

Listen, when it gets really hot there has been MURDER also. See the Sonny Sheu Case all over the Internet. Sheu said on You Tube, that if he gets murdered, it is “NY Supreme Court Judge Golia.” He was murdered 2 weeks after making that revelation.

Wooten, a proved thief, sociopath, embezzler and crook, was mandated to Disqualify himself based on Federal Law and on the grounds of multiple Motions made as far back as 5 years, proving Wootens “bias, partialiaty, fraud upon the Court, etc”. Wooten, in violation of the US Constitution and mandates of the US Supreme Court Refused. Thus, by Law all Orders and Decisions rendered by Wooten after “Automatic Disqualification” are Void as a matter of law. No matter to “Warped Moulton”.

After more “Heat” and further exposes of the corrupt acts by Moulton, he tried a New Scam. When a litigant called Moulton’s Chambers who was complying with a illegally secured Order issued by a now “retired” Judge Harold Beeler, who issued this Order binding Joseph M Burke and others, this litigant asked that the Court comply with the Beeler Order. After call and call back Moulton “granted permission per the Beeler Order fo this litigant to make 3 Motions to Vacate Wooten’s Forged, fabricated and falsified Decisions illegally granting $15 Million to sex pervert Dr John Siebert and ignoring and illegally falsifying incidents and dismissing this mans claims that Siebert owes and swore to owing over $50 Million including interest.

Moulton thereafter engaged in about 3 months of documented judicial larceny, fraud, collusion with Lawyer Burke in a scheme to quell and quash these Motions. Moulton then out of desperation and knowing he was caught in collusion with Wooten and Burke to embezzle about $100Million, then Assigned to himself (Moulton) these Cases that They had set-up a criminal scheme to have Wooten derail again.

Moulton then engaged in Mail and Wire Fraud and Fraud upon the Court by Issuing Decisions on the Motions made to Vacate Wooten’s Falsified Decisions embezzling about $100Million, Denying the Motions by fraud, falsely stating that this Victim Litigant failed to seek and obtain “permission re the Beeler Order”.

The facts, transcripts of the phone calls and the Moulton granting the “permission”, the emails of gratitude, the delivery of all Motions to Moulton and other “black and white Proofs, confirm that Moulton has begaged in Grand Larceny, Obstruction of Justice, Denial of Due Process, violations of the US and NY Constitutions, Mail and Wire Fraud, Racketeering, collusion and attempted cover-up of Judicial Crimes and Fraud Upon the Court.

Thereafter, Moulton has suborned to Frauds of his Staff, S. Whitehead, Hasa Kingo Esq and Andrea Fields Esq. They have also engaged in Money Laundering, RICO and deprivation of access to the court to enforce the legal rights of a American Citizen who has been the Victim of Courthouse larceny, embezzlement, cheating and chicanery.

Judge Peter Moulton has been caught in the labarynth of criminality of his own makng. His Sister is the TV Cook Sara Moulton, who must be appraised of her brother Peter Moulton’s crimes, tax evasion, violations of the Public Trust and Grand theft.

Scams Inc also must advise the Board of Presbeterian Hospital that one of their Doctors Dr Chris Cretura, wife of proven Judicial Crook Peter Moulton, know or should know that they are engaged in looting and excoriation of Victim Litigants by judicial cheating bribery, fixes and extortion, and living on looted money that is undeclared to the Federal, State and City Tax-Collectors.

We have given Moulton Scams Inc Terms of Use 4 times and asked that he deny our charges, for which we have evidence. Moulton continues his judicial scams and railroading to shroud his criminality. Moulton does not deny anything. Rather he engages ig fraud upon the court,  fabricating  evidence, covering up Wooten, Madden, Gammerman and others judicial thefts and thumbs his nose at the laws to cheat Victim Litigants.

We at Scams Inc have sufficient Proof to call Moulton a thief, cheat, an fraudster and embezzler who will be fully exposed as a corrupt judge. If he is not as we charge, we encourage Moulton, his wife, Dr Cretula, or sister Cook Sara to deny the proofs and submit their evidence in contravention to the Proofs and facts Scams Inc has assembled.


peeweeScams Inc has been following the corrupt, depraved and crooked conduct of Paul Wooten since he finagled his “Black Robes” as a result of a lawless scam in Brooklyn with convicted State Senator John Sampson and jailed Clarence Norman a purveyor of “selling judgeships”.

Wooten was never screened, vetted, and simply showed-up in NY County after a short Stint in Brooklyn. This Wooten was a third-rate Landlord-Tenant Lawyer, and a guy who has no compunctions to steal, take a bribe and worse.

Wooten became NY County Supreme Court Judge at 60 Center Street, NYC and in Part 7. Soon Wooten had his own Side-Line Business Up and Running. The Business of Bribery, Fixes, forgerry, Fabrications of Evidence, purging Court Files, ignoring Laws, Rules, collusion with corrupt lawyers, luring in corrupt other Judges, JHO’s, Referees and Court Employees.

Wooten was on a role. He had begun a Business of Judicial Fixing so long as the Client or Lawyer paid the freight. If Wooten felt he could make more by Robbing the Victim Litigant we hear he would take some “Up-Front” $$$$, and take a piece of the Score, on the “Back-End”.

Wooten was fixed by many during his 6 year stay at Part 7. He was fixed and bribed by Joseph M. Burke Esq; John Siebert; George Pavia Esq; Kenneth V. Gomez Esq; with the guidance and “introduction” to the Wooten Corruption Bazzar” by another warped Judge Joan Madden.

Wooten soon after was writing Decisions and Orders that bore no relevance to the Facts, the Documentary Evidence, and Wooten was simply fabricating Evidence, falsifying the Court Docket, falsifying and purging Courthouse Records, having Burke and Gomez Ghostwrite Decisions, and scheming to Rob Millions.

Wooten engaged in the same conduct with many Cases in his Court Part &, including Stealing money, Rights, Property, Jobs, Contract Rights, and by fraud judicial racketeering, money laundering, embezzlement and obstruction of justice, stealing millions and creating havoc in the Courthouse.

Many Large Law firms filed Complaints that Wooten was a idiot, incompetent and/ or a crook. Evidence of Wooten’s criminal acte were delivered to the US Attorney’s Office in NYC, and to Others. Wooten was finally on 1-24-16 Fired from Part &, and from the NY County Jurisdiction in NY.

Wooten then Forged additional Fabricated Decisions and Orders without a shred of basis in fact or law out of his Desperation, without Authority, and after he was no longer in Part 7 and at NY County Supreme Court. Wooten in these Decisions engaged in Falsification of Claims, Forgery, Fabrications of Documents and supposed happenings, and outright Judicial Perjury, Fraud Upon the Court, and Judicial Larceny. Wooten has been engaged in this form of embezzlement and courthouse larceny since the year 2000, and he has now been caught.

Wooten has kured into his “Den to Swindles and Chicanery, including JHO Ira Gammerman, who engaged in Fraud and deception re a Transparent fraud of a “Inquest” defiling the Evidence that Gammerman, a old-line Bull-Dog , KNEW was a Shake Down, but Gammerman wanted a Score for his “Retirement” and “old age”. Gammerman is now about 87, and when this embezzlement occurred Gammerman was 85.

Gammerman was bought off as he is a Wise old Former Judge who has been engaged in uncovering frauds and larceny for years. Now the Worm has turned and all of the other bad acts of Gammerman will now “bite him in his ass”. Gammerman bet on Wooten and Burke and LOST.

Meanwhile, Wooten was supposed to have been Removed PERMANENTLY to Part 97 in Kings County, Brooklyn Civil Supreme Court on Jan 24, 2016. It is Now almost May 2016 and Wooten is not at any Part in Brooklyn. Part 97 is Dark, and Wooten is not to be found.

His Law Clerk that aided Wooten in the creation of Forged, fabricated and falsified Decisions and frauds in the Wooten Courtroom, Rachel Herovitz Mandell is also Missing. We have spoken to other and previous Law Clerks of Wooten. Some Refuse to Talk and others present a piciture of a desperate incompetent crook, who misused hie Public Trust to engage in Judicial Larceny, extortion, embezzlement and fraud, injuring many litigants.

Further the Rules of the NY Constitution Mandate that if a Supreme Court Judge is Permanently Removed, a Formal Announcement is Required and such “PERMANENT REMOVAL” must be presented to the NY State Legislature. None of this has been done.

We also have evidence of Complicity with Wooten and his Crimes by the New “supposed White Knight of Honor” Administrative judge Peter Moulton, who has colluded with Burke, allied with Wooten, ignoring the US Constitution and the Rules of Judicial Disqualifications.

Rather Moulton schemed to have Motions delivered by Currier to Wooten in the :”Bathrooms” of the Brooklyn Courthouse, as Wooten is we hear now “On the Run” and might be Charged with what is Clear and Convincing Judicial racketeering, Mail and Wire Fraud, Embezzlement, Extortion, Larceny, deprivation of Due Process, forgery, and obstruction of justice to name some that has been evidenced bo Documents and others Pleadings.

Moulton knew and knows Wooten is a thief but moulton seemingly wants a piece of the Wooten ‘s thefts, embezzlemets and racketeering. After all Moulton wants to enjoy the “fruits” of his and Wooten’s Corruption, Extortion and Courthouse Robberies and Stings.Moulton had no choice but to kick Wooten out of NY County, but even then, Moulton has desperately covered up Wooten’s Fraudulent and Falsified Decisions, in a “Last-Gasp” scheme to embezzle Millions from Victim Citizens.

Burke, Pavia, Gomez, Madden, Gammerman and others have been a part of this Money Laundering and racketeering scam all evidenced and delivered to the US Attorney Criminal Units.

Meanwhile Wooten is in Hiding, Many have been looking for him. It appears now that Wooten’s cheating, trickery, deception, refusal to Disqualify himself and Wooten’s Grand Larceny will result in the Inevitable. Wooten sharing a Jail Cell with his pal Convict NY State Senator John Sampson and his other Rip-Off” Swindlers.




As all of our Readers know by now after over eight years of dedicated Reports and exposes grounded on our “FACTS AND ONLY THE FACTS”, Scams Inc and every affiliated Domain, share the common goal of Investigating and Reporting all aspects of swindles, scams, corruption, polluted state Courts, bad-actor judges, corrupt lawyers, and virtually every form of corruption sadly that wrecks the fiber of the American way.

We have never been sued as all of our Exposes are supported by irrefutable Documentary Evidence.

Probably, the worst forms of corruption is the Judiciary, as these judges, if corrupt, can and will by the depraved, unethical and polluted acts effect the lives of millions of American citizens yearly who step into a State Courtroom and as a result of a bribe your adversary has assured himself that you are in a fixed courtroom and YOU LOOSE. These acts of back room set-up in State Courts are sadly the norm, not the exception.



In Federal Courts Judges are selected by the President, then the FBI conducts indepth Investigations, then each Appointee is carefully Vetted, Screened, and interrogated by and voted upon by the US Congress and the US Senate. This is why the Federal Court’s function without the perverted minutia ongoing in State Courts in sadly many of our States,

We are now taking all measures by informing the Presidential canditates the grave importance of complete change, including investigations Reports, Subpoena power and removals and indictments of the corrupt. We are Lobbying for a Sub-Cabinet Department for this purpose under the aegis of the White House.

You see that unlike the Federal System, State judges are selected by “back-room” politicos, who then simply cause a Governor to “sign=off”. Many of these “boys” who finger an appointee, have been charged and convicted for “selling-judgeships”, such as Clarence Norman, Vito Lopez and many more in NY and Brooklyn, NY. This goes on all over America and in virtually every State.

Many State Judges are political hacks, stooges for Party Bosses, lazy, incompetent and corrupt. The temptation of bribes by a corrupt lawyer, friend, former client or a “fixer” is usually so tempting that these improperly or not at all “vetted or screened” appointees.

We have made it our business ans a Internet News and Investigative Organization yo look into many bad acts by State Judges for years. We have spent months watching judges in their courtrooms, researching Cases and decisions, questioning Court Clerks, former law clerks and others. We have uncovered many corrupt and bribed judges and confirmed our evidence before we have “put pen to paper” Reporting about a corrupted judge and his or her “invidious acts” and deprivation of a victim’s rights. When we “have the goods” we will publish Exposes, and Report these Villians in “Black Robes” to the Federal Law Enforcement.

We also have multiple emails where Victims of all scams and swindles will send us information that our Investigators will promptly review, call or email these victims and if the charges are correct we will research them.

The complaints as to the depraved acts by State court judges are usually 4 to 1 as persons are not just reporting “sour-grapes” because the may have “lost” but they are presenting proofs that confirm, judicial larceny, ghostwriting of decisions, judicial fabrications of evidence, falsifications of court records, forgery, collusion with the fixers, purging of records, causing the dockets to be falsified, planting records, condoning perjury, and much more.

Sadly, many victims are unaware that the have been conned and robbed by a corrupt court and million are stolen by these depraved judicial crooks, but more and more we are educating these Citizens by our Reports, Exposes and otherwise. We have been extorted, threatened by corrupt clients and lawyers, but we now have put into place proper security measures at all of our locations which we keep secret. We are ready to react to any foolhardy attempt to threaten and deprive any of our staff, consultants, etc of any of our rights and safety.


Scams Inc and American’s Against Corruption Reports and Americans Against Corrupt Courts learned about David M. Chapman about 18 months ago when a Riverside California lawyer made some statements about Chapman, his courtroom activities and supposed “Decisions”. We put the “folder” on the back burner until Nov. 2015. One of our Investigators began to do some research about Chapman and his education and background.

We learned some rather revealing facts about Chapman who was “appointed” a Judge by Gov Jerry Brown in about 2013, and was “re-elected” by default as there was no opposition.

Chapman was educated at Arizona State University. As best as we have determined, Chapman might have done most of the required courses by “mail or internet” which this University is known for.

After Chapman secured his “Degree”, he then went to a supposed University that either merged or is not operational, as all we have been able to find on a quick review of “University of San Fernando Valley College of Law”. This university is also not approved or accredited by the American Bar Association. It is not accredited by the Comm. of Bar Examiners and it is not approved by the California State Bar. We have not made a in depth investigation into these Schools but we have not been able to find any further Credits for this supposed Chapman “Law School”.

After graduation it appears that Chapman became a ADA in Riverside after he passed his Bar Exam and was assigned Bar # 76046. Later on Chapman joined the law firm of David Anderson, who specialized in negligence, med. mal practice, and accidents, insurance etc litigation.

We have spent some material time observing Chapman in his Palm Springs Courtroom PS2. We have read many of his Decisions as posted on the Riverside Court Docket, read many supposed transcripts and we have interviewed a number of litigants who have been before Chapman in his Court.

We dont know if any reader has had the fun in watching the Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, Demi Moore Film of 1991 “Nothing But Trouble”. Dan played Judge Alvin JP Valkenheiser of the New Jersey Village of Valkenvania.

Judge JPV, was a guy who wrote his own Laws, Rules based upon how much cash they had in ther pockets and what vocation they were involved. You see John Canday played the Cop who stopped any car on a NJ road near Valrenvania and promptly took the Victims to Judge Alvin’s Courtroom, Day or Night. Now Judge Alvin knew nothing about the Rules of Law or Courtroom decorum, he only knew what he wanted, which was making out he knew everything, and if you questioned Judge Alvin, he might even sentence you to a fate worse than death.

If Judge Alvin liked you he would have a dinner of boiled franks with you and hot “Cool-Aid as a chaser. Judge Alvin used and misused his self styled Power as he wished under his guise as a Judge. Judge Alvin hated Bankers and he made it clear that if a Banker came in with a driving infraction he would sentence him to “death”. Judge Alvin was a bully and made his own Laws.

These Victims tried to explain the Laws to Judge Alvin and explain the US Constitution, Due-Process, and That Alvin must allow these Traffic victims including Chevy Chase and Demi Moore a new judge, but Judge Alvin would hear none of this as he was the Judge and he made the Rules of Law. We will not tell you how the Story ends as it is worth all to watch and enjoy, but this is just a “Fictionalized-story” from the fertile mind of Dan Aykroyd who wrote and produced this curious and funny story on film.

Sadly, the conduct exhibited by Judge David Chapman is not a fiction. Judge Chapman we have observed and read his condoning fraud, perjury, hearsay, accepting fiction over facts, condoning forgery of the Court Minutes, fabrications of documents by a lawyer, ignoring Court Rules when expedient, and turning blind eyes to perjury, filing false documents all to the detriment of his “disfavored” litigants.We have seen evidence of fabricated Chapman Court Minutes, false Proof of Mailings Attested to by Chapman’s Court Deputy and Chief Clerk Ms Becky Willeford. This was by all evidence a dastardly act in concert with a obvious corrupt and favored lawyer and firm by the evidence colluding with Ms Willeford and Chapman. The Victim Litigant has demanded Chapman’s Removal and a Full Hearing with Testimony from all Persons on this and other documented Judicial arbitrary, capricious acts and repeated smothering of the facts and condoning and accepting fiction, hearsay and documented perjury. We have see this Chapman “shell-game” in at least two recent Cases improvidently before Chapmain one involving more than $100Million and another involving about $50Million.

Chapman has ignored, flouted and thumbed his nose at the mandates of the US Constitution Due Process clause, the Ratifications of the US Supreme Court which mandates a judge to Disqualify himself even with the appearance of partiality. Chapman has written his own Laws to defile the United States of America and by his deliberate and warped acts Chapman has”Warred Against the US Constitution”, for rather obvious motives. The United States Supreme Court has held that if a judge wars against the Constitution or if he acts without jurisdiction (by his not having disqualified himself as obligated, he has acted in his personal capacity and not in judicial capacity.

Thus it has been held that any decisions and orders issued by a automatically disqualified judge are, void as a matter of law and have no legal effect as a fraud on the court. If a judge acts acts without jurisdiction and wars against the Constitution he has engaged in criminal acts of treason to the Constitution, engaged in extortion and interference with interstate commerce. These are the apparent holdings of the US Supreme Court The disqualified judge will not enjoy any Immunity from criminal prosecution under these circumstances.

It is apparent that Judge Chapman, being a Indio CA negligence lawyer engaged in personal injuries, and attending what appears to be a “third rate” supposed law university, either does not know the Constitutional mandates for disqualification, or by his imperious activities, bullying and willingness to cheat, thinks that he (Chapman), is above the law and can thumb his nose at the US Constitution, the US Supreme Court and Federal Laws which here include acts of mail fraud, wire fraud, and other fraudulent acts of skulduggery, in concert with documented and undenied crooks.

We have seen these acts first hand and by communicating with a number of apparent victims on the “short-end” of Chapman’s “razel-dazzle”and spurious acts in the Chapman contaminated Courtroom in Palm Springs, California.

To further solidify and confirm our findings that Chapman is a and views about Chapman’s unprincipled conduct was when a 77 year old, self represented litigant suffering from stage four cancer expressed his honest feelings open court. These expressions were based upon the evidence and Chapman’s conduct and rulings that were bogus and grounded on fraud, perjury and hearsay were a mode of Chapman’s “sand bagging”,.Chapman threatened this man with “Contempt”. Such would be a abuse of judicial power without basis holding him in “contempt” for expressing his verified opinion, based on facts and evidence.

Then Chapman motioned the courtroom Guard to stand in an accosting manner, blocking this ill man, as to intimidate this senior citizen and alarm him further. All of these Chapman acts confirmed mandates for Chapman to disqualify himself pursuant to the Constitutional, Federal and California Laws Laws.This conduct is clear and convincing JUDICIAL INTIMIDATION AND EXTORTION.

We are also shocked to see that Judge Chapman and his Court Clerk , “Ms Beckey” are misusing the Judicial Bench as a “Soap-Box” to try and obstruct justice, defile due-process to shroud what appears to be “shady-dealings” and altering court records in order to smother the full expose of Courthouse corruption involving corrupt lawyers and racketeering litigants who by evidence been proved to be crooks, liars and perverted, all proven by documentary evidence and also undenied.


OR IS HE?????????????????




Americans Against Corruption and Americans Against Corrupt Courts are Divisions of Scams Inc. Our News Organizations Mission is to “HELP VICTIMS HELP THEMSELVES” and to present in our ARTICLES since our inception in 2008, “FACTS AND ONLY THE FACTS”. In order to accomplish these Missions we take pride in the great Investigative efforts our Staff undertakes to gather evidence BEFORE we print any Exposes about any persons or entities. We have never been sued as our evidence when a Report is Published is usually incontrivertable. Out Terms of Use are clear as to any rebuttals.

We have uncovered many acts of criminality in virtually most areas where Citizens of America have been scammed, conned, swindled, and bamboozled. Whether they are swindled and injured by a corrupt incompetent lawyer, a corrupt judge, a unfit doctor, a corrupt stock deal, insurance scams, auto scams, IRS Scams, or any other situation where a citizen has



been”ripped-off”, Our Staff will review your Proofs and if credible, Investigate, assemble evidence and launch a Expose. Scams Inc will also inform the appropriate Law Enforcement Agencies for their Investigation and Prosecution if they deem appropriate.

Scams Inc and all of its Affilliated News Sites enjoy large amounts of “Traffic” daily and often Law Enforcement visits our Sites as the Reports Scams Inc launch contains only credible and evidenced charges about the targets of the Exposes.

Here we have a very disconcerting situation that Brian Harnik and Mary Gilstrap have refused to respond to. We know that Scams Inc Founder (whose name we are not authorized to use), was a active client and friend of Dick Roemer the senior partner of Roemer Harnik and Nethery Esqs during the late 1990’s to about 2004. Mr Roemer passed away soon after.

Harnik as is our founder are from Brooklyn NY. Harnik met with our guy in 2006 and boasted about his being a ADA in Brooklyn and how often he was confronted with NY State Court judicial and police corruption. We assume knowing the fact that our founder was and is a active advocate for State Court’s oversight and elimination of supposed Judges engaging in deprivation of due process, obstructing justice by judicial racketeering, bribery, collusion and worse.

A few years later, while in California, our founder was retained to aid a La Quinta Bistro in the sale of its lease and business, except their lease was about over. The owner of the Bistro was guided by our founder, who secured the new lease on favorable terms, for the Bistro, and engaged in ghostwriting the landlord in the negotiations. When all was concluded Harnik and Gilstrap maliciously interfered into the fee arrangements between the Bistro and our founder at a time when our founder was undergoing multiple cancer surgeries.

This warped conduct was apparently orchestrated so that Gilstrap’s client, a restaurant broker Bob Hughes would convince the Bistro owner that it was Hughes who was selling the Bistro and Hughes was entitled to all fees. The fees earned that was agreed to originally by the Bistro owner with our founder was about $30,000.00 for valid and successful services. There was no question of these lawyers film-flam and their interference into a well concluded valid transaction were done so that Hughes would earn money that was not his. We were baffled by this invidious perverted act by Harnik-Gilstrap for $30,000.00 so we began to look into this more carefully. What we have assembled is for another Report. Meanwhile, the swindle of this relatively small sum of money was orchestrated by Gilstrap and Harnik. We also found that there was something else that Harnik and Gilstrap were after, far more thn a $30,000.00 Score. Our founder did not want to waste time on ‘small-potatoes” but wanted to learn the underlying chicanery scam. So he walked away, and decided to wait. That was about 2011.

Our founder thereafter, in early Feb. 2016, decided to file a RICO Case in the Palm Springs Branch of the Riverside Superior Court, involving other persons having nothing to do with the Bistro matter. After the Complaint was drafted he decided to phone an send a few Desert Law Firms this Draft. He called Brian Harnik and spoke to secretary Liz about the Draft. She said she would speak to Harnik about looking at it. A few hours later she called and said to please email it to Brian as he is very interested in it. At the time neither we or this plaintiff knew of the involvements or relationships among Harnik, Gilstrap and the presiding Judges in the Palm Springs Branch of the Superior Court, but we did suspect that Harnik of malice base upon his conduct in the past so we decided to put some “bait on a hook” and ‘go fishing”.

Soon after Harnik, instead of saying that he could not be of help in the matter, became abusive, nasty, and outright irrational including making unfounded comments towards our founder and others, by phone. Our Investigators began to dig deeper and we uncovered a unholy alliance including phone conversations ongoing between and among Harnik, Gilstrap, Joseph M. Burke Esq, a defendant in the RICO Case and a proven perjurer, fixer and courthouse cheat. What makes matters worse is the acts and patterns, subsequent to these incidents engaged in by Judge David Chapman ( a pal of Gilstrap and Harnik, we have now learned), the judge assigned to this RICO Case. The Chapman conduct re this RICO Case has been flawed, spurious, arbitrary and capricious. In fact it has been highly unusual and a display of a pattern of condoning obvious lies, fraud and hearsay repeated and repeated by defendants and their lawyers.These and other clear unethical acts display judicial arrogance, lack of judicial fitness and repeated violations of judicial obligations. It is patently clear that this Case before Chapman has been polluted and perverted. Chapman’s patterns are obvious to persons who know about judicial trickery. These repeated courtroom distortions are and have been is as convincing as a “boil on one’s face”. Remember it is not the crime but the cover-up that has the “teeth”. What Harnik and Gilstrap are up to is even more perverted and warped and invidious.

We have written Harnik and Gilstrap at least 3 time and faxed and mailed these requests for there response. No response has been made. We know of the interference by them in the administration of justice by their undenied communications with Burke and with Sulmeyer Kupetz, and Howard Eherenberg who supposedly represent some of the defendants in the RICO Case. This Case involves mail and wire fraud extortion, embezzlement bribery, and rampant violations of 18 USC 1962 RICO. and the thefts of over $100Million.

Sulemeyer Kupetz are well known for ther abuses of the Courts, fixes, fraud upon the court and perjury. We have irrefutable evidence of David Richardson’s (a partner of Sulmeyer) proffering rampant fraud, hearsay, and perjury on the Palm Springs Superior Chapman Court, filing falsified proposed Orders, perjured Declarations, wire and mail fraud, etc. These obvious activities have been oddly and alarmingly ignored by Chapman. We have had our Investigator in the Chapman Court Room often, and we have all of the Court Transcripts.Our deduction based on the Evidence and “Reasonable Inferences” are that Harnik and Gilstrap have apparently intentionally and recklessly interfered in to this Court thus polluting and tainting the impartiality of the Court and causing the deprivation of Due Process. The entire Proceeding and the flawed and fallacious Chapman Rulings have been flawed and askew to and belied by the evidence and proofs produced by our founder, the plaintiff

Making matters worse is the fact the only other Palm Springs Judge is a Judge James Latting, whom we do not know, but before his selection by Gov Brown was a “of Council” partner to Harnik and Gilstrap, both of whom are apparently rabid to railroad and interfere into this important Case as they have done in the past.. This Case involves over $100Million, trebled based on RICO, the prior case was for $30,000.00. Of course this outrageous Gilstrap-Harnik undenied interferences can have grave consequences. Thus it is mandated that these persons to be examined “under-oath” as to these diabolic interferences to get to the literal truth of this meddling by lawyers Harnik and Gilstrap.

We were advised by other and ethical Desert lawyers about the Burke “calls”. Burke is a confirmed thief and cheat in the NY State Judicial System and who have caused Judge Paul Wooten to be permanently removed from the NY County Bench for judicial fraud embezzlement and racketeering in concert with Burke, George Pavia and John Siebert and others.

Thus their MO is and has been bribery, fixes and fraud, so the spurious, falacious evil continues, now in sunny Palm Springs, CA.

Harnik and Gilstrap should be ashamed of themselves and the memory of a fine person and lawyer Dick Roemer. Whatever spite and malice Gilstrap and Harnick harbor, they must cease their interferences as this shady dealings may cost them dearly. Their undenied sully acts of spite and interfering with the administration of the Riverside Courts can not be helpful to anyone.