New Radio Show Launches to Help Fight Scams and Swindles

radio_radio_logoScam SOS, a new radio program focused on exposing tricksters, shady deals and injustice scams, announced its inaugural episode will air Saturday, April 11th from noon to 1pm. The show, starring Jim Couri and Morgan James, will air weekly on Palm Springs’ own Money Radio 1200AM KPSF.



Scams Inc has recently learned that thanks to the efforts of many of the persistent Reports and Exposes of the despicable acts of Bribery, Tampering, Collusion, Back Room Fixes and deceit, dishonesty, immoral and wicked acts by Corrupt Judges, Corrupt Lawyers, Corrupt Court-Referees; the DOJ and the White House have begun to really open the New York Can of Worms ongoing for years in the Courthouses.

Bribery, fixes, cheating and collusion in the NY Courthouses have been rampant since Boss Tweed, and continues today, unabated.
Many qualified News Organizations both Print and Internet have qualified and Reported the dastardly acts of many NY Judges who have been bribed and otherwise tampered with by corrupt lawyers.

Scams Inc and Scamraiders have provided Washington with car-loads of documentary proof of corruption, ex-parte thefts, bribery, manipulation of the laws, preclusion of material evidence and worse to rob litigants and favor the fixers.

Scams inc has proved that the Commission on Judicial Conduct is for the most part a charade and a frasical Agency going afier “small-fry” and ignoring the proofs of major corruption ongoing in the Supreme Courthouse in NYC, Brooklyn, Westchester and bryound in the Unified Court System.

Now there is evidence that the DOJ and the White House are taking seriously the despicable conduct ongoing in the NY Courts. IT PROVES THAT PERSISTENCE PAYS OFF.

We will post along with this Report a current Article from Expose Corrupt Courts and related comments regarding the current interest by Washington in the misuse of the Courts by some of the Judges, Lawyers and Referees——–These despicable acts of corruption and Courthouse back-room FIXES affect all of our Rights under the United States Constitution and our Bill of Rights——–stay tuned


Email Scam Warnings

by: BB Lee

Most people online are very familiar with the Nigerian Email Letter Scams. They’ve victimized thousands over the years and continue to do so. I am certain you’ve received many in your inbox over the course of your online experience. They are easy to recognize to the experienced. But if you are new online check out the following signs. These words are usually included (IN BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS) in the subject line.












Did you know, according to online resources, these emails also originate in Ghana, Togo, Benin.

Even more surprising, according to online resources, is that many of these swindlers are not even staying in the country the solicitations originate from. Their home base might be in Europe, Canada, even the United States!

What can the average online business person do to avoid these scammers?


Read On!

How The Scam Works!

The scam artist proclaims he is an exiled leader or person connected with a former regime. The scammer tries to convince you he was forced to leave his/her home country by new government officials.
Next, they will claim to have a large sum of money, usually millions of dollars, which needs to be transferred to a “”safe bank”” outside of their country. They must do this before the money is confiscated by greedy government officials.

They would like to transfer this huge sum of money to your personal bank account (lucky you?) You as the owner of the bank account are promised a large percentage of their millions!
Next, they might request you send them your bank account info, a copy of your business letterhead, your business card. Many will then ask the victim to send good old American Dollars to cover transfer taxes in advance!

These Internet Fraud Artist are very adept at baiting a hook, tossing out a line, and reeling in potential victims. If you receive one of their fraudulent email pleas for help contact your local authorities or email provider immediately.

Signs Of An Email Scam Follow:

Any deal too good to be true.
Email originates from Ghana, Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Europe.
Letters claiming ties to high ranking government officials.
Request for advance payment in US dollars for transfer fees.
Request for personal banking information.
Statements you have a undisclosed mutual friend.

People Most susceptible To Scams:

People looking to get rich quick.
Naive types.
Newbs online.
The Elderly.

Take the time to pass the information on to defeat Internet fraud artist. Only through education, awareness, and taking responsibility will these fraud artist be stopped.

About The Author

BB Lee is editor/publisher of SmallBizBits Business Newsletter.

Fake IRS Demand to Fax Personal Data Using Phony Form

by: Identity Theft 911

A new identity theft scam uses fake IRS correspondence and a doctored IRS form to con personal and financial information out of non-resident aliens with U.S.-based income. The fraudulently obtained information is then used to steal the taxpayer’s identity and financial assets.
Fake IRS form
Targets of this scam are sent a phony IRS Form W-8BEN (“”Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding””) which has been altered by the scammers to solicit detailed personal and financial information. The information sought typically includes:

Date of birth

Social Security number

Passport number

Bank name

Account number, type, and date opened

Email address


Daytime phone number

How often the recipient visits the U.S.

Information on the recipient’s spouse, children, and parents

Fake IRS letter
The bogus IRS form is accompanied by correspondence, purportedly from the IRS, that is aimed at non-resident aliens who have U.S.-based income derived from investments in U.S. property, such as securities or bonds. The fake correspondence claims that the recipient will be taxed at the maximum rate unless the form is filled out with the requested personal and financial data, then faxed to a specified fax number.

About 2.5 million non-resident aliens receive U.S.-based income, according to the IRS.

The scam, which has been reported in South America, Europe, and the Caribbean, exploits public anxiety about dealings with the IRS and unfamiliarity with the arcane details of U.S. tax laws and procedures. “”This is an international variation of an old scheme where scam artists try to get valuable information by pretending to be from the IRS,”” said IRS Commissioner Mark W. Everson.

“”Taxpayers should be wary of strangers trying to obtain sensitive personal information, whether it’s in person, over the phone, through the mail, or over the Internet.””
Facts worth noting

IRS representatives call taxpayers’ attention to the following pertinent facts:

The IRS does not allow forms to be faxed.
The IRS does not request personal information from non-resident aliens on the W-8BEN.
A genuine Form W-8BEN would sent by the recipient’s financial institution, not by the IRS.
The rate at which a non-resident alien pays tax to the IRS depends on the terms of the tax treaty between the U.S. and that individual’s country.
Note that while there is a legitimate IRS Form W-8BEN, it does not ask for any of the personal information listed above — except, in certain cases, a Social Security number or IRS-generated Taxpayer Identification Number. The non-resident alien’s financial institution (whether a bank, a brokerage firm, an insurance company, or some other organization) acts as the non-resident alien’s withholding agent for any income from a U.S. source that is subject to U.S. income tax. The W-8BEN is used by the financial institution to determine whether or not the customer is exempt — and, if not, the appropriate amount to withhold.

Reporting this scam
The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) investigates identity theft related to tax administration. Non-resident aliens who have received a fraudulent letter and form should report this to TIGTA in one of the following ways:

Call the toll-free fraud referral hotline at 1-800-366-4484;
Fax a complaint to 202-927-7018; or
Write to the TIGTA Hotline, P.O. Box 589, Ben Franklin Station, Washington, D.C. 20044-0589.
Recipients of this scam should not under any circumstances provide personal or financial information or follow any other instruction given in the fraudulent letter and form.

All Rights Reserved

About The Author

Identity Theft 911 provides one-on-one counseling, strategies, and resources to targets of identity theft. Combining an intense one-to-one focus with a comprehensive nationwide resource network, the company specializes in helping individual and enterprise clients resolve the financial, legal, and emotional fallout from identity theft and related crimes.


Kenneth V Gomez Esq has been accused by persons he has extorted as a ‘stalker’, ‘a ass-hole’, a ‘extortionist’, ‘a thief’, ‘a lewed dishonest thug’ and much more.

Gomez is a hired pimp who has been recruited by disgraced Dr John Siebert, a proved sex pervert and healthcare insurance thief, and recruited by Mob-front, perjurer, and tax thief George Pavia.

Gomez is so obsessed and fixated on Jim Couri because Jim has not only uncovered the crimes of Pavia and Siebert but he exhumed the neuroses of Kenneth V Gomez as well.

Jim exposed that Gomez is also a sexual deviant as reported by Ms Rachel, and Muriel Karass who swear that Gomez has stalked them, harassed them and exposed himself to Ms Rachel.

Gomez has also been exposed as a perjurer, a thief of Medicare funds, and exposed as a rampant Internet liar and perjurer.

Kenneth Gomez sells out to any one where Gomez can use his ‘poison-pen’ to malign and defraud for a few bucks as shake-down money.

Gomez is clearly a demented vile sociopath.A man without a home or conscience. Gomez makes his supposed office in a closet of fellow corrupt Joseph M Burke’s Russo and Burke Esqs office, also a group who are known Courthouse manipulators and who have represented Dr John Siebert while Siebert has been Ejected out of 4 NYC Hospitals and evicted from % medical offices, for demented perverted sexual molestings of Siebert’s Patients.

Kenneth V Gomez has displayed mental and psychological lunacy by for over 4 years of harassing, extorting and Blogging about Jim Couri.

Gomez is the only person maligning Jim who Gomez claims is ‘broke, dying of cancer, is a crook, and worse’. Yet Gomes doesent even know Jim Couri.

Gomez apparent preoccupation with Jim is soly motivated as retaliation by Gomez’s Sponsors, thieves Pavia and Siebert, and because of Gomez’s self obsessions, fixations, phobias, and jealous infatuation with Jim and Jim’s inate abilities to uncover, exhume and cause to expose Gomez’s and pals demented monstrous and wicked acts of extortion, harassing, abusing and threatening.

Scams Inc has Reported and Posted a plethora of Proof of Gomez’s perverted and criminal acts, all undenied by Gomez.

Gomez on his ‘lone-ranger’ Soap-Box has continued his demented fixations about Jim Couri with doctored forged exhibits, lies and misrepresentations.

Gomez has meddled into the affairs of his targets, by stalking, faxing, posting frauds on his Blogs, extorting and worse.

Scams Inc is very interested in Gomez’s phobias, infatuation, obsession, preoccupation and fixation into Jim Couri and other victims of Gomez—– as Gomez’s acts are not normal and they are clearly sick and demented —-ARE GOMEZ ACTIVITIES THE ACTIONS OF DEMENTED SICK OBSESSION OR THE ACTS OF A SOCIOPATH?——-stay tuned


George M Pavia a self-confessed former Facist and run-away from Italy in 1942 for we are told ‘treason’, has been engaged in Mafia activities, tax evasion, bribery, extortion, threats, corruption, perjury and money laundering for years.

George Pavia’s former wife (Elena) and Mental Doctor (Arnold Hutchneicker have branded George a mentally deranged sociopath, suffering from elitist dillusions of grandeur, and psycopathic tendencies.

George has bee caught wandering the hallways of his brownstone in a bathrobe with his genital exposed, and engaging in threats and abuses of former tennants Rosenberg and others.

George Pavia in his desperation has engaged in tax evasion, bribery in NY Courts, tampering and collusion.

Yes, Scams Inc has the ‘Goods’ on George, Antonia and his co-conspirators, Thug Kenneth V Gomez Esq all undenied. Thefts from the IRS, Medicare, NY State Department of Taxation and Finance, and corrupting Judges and Referees in the NY Unified Courts.

RICO charges will be coming soon we hear—-stay tuned

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