What can parents do to aid a narcotics abusing addicted family member, a son, a daughter, a loved one?

One of the worst diseases to hit a family is substance abuse, as there is no cure—

Worse there are parasites that prey on addicts misusing these weak sick people robbing their money, emotions using them to commit crimes and other illicit acts including rob family members, forge and steal—-

The disease is progressive and kills about as many victims as cancer and heart disease every day———

Then there are the ‘enablers’ the pathetic family loved ones who will not face the disease and stokes it with money so the addict can continue to fund their habits and disease until they end their lives or hit their bottom and get help—

And do not delude yourself the disease of substance abuses is hereditary—–

And this disease ruins homes lives and puts people in prison every day—–

Families, mothers, fathers, husbands, wives are helpless as the only cure is the addict themselves——and they can be very cunning as to the addictions when it relates to the medley of mood altering prescription drugs and cocaine ——-so what can families do that are mutilated by the reckless acts of the addict.

These addicts will lie, steal, rob, sell their bodies and worse for a fix—

We have been contacted by many families who are desperate for guidance as these addicts are targets for scams, swindles, thefts and interaction with the corrupt and swindlers —the addict is preyed upon by these criminals as they are easy prey—–

The result is the fracturing of a home and emotional and financial loss and suffering——-

We have seen the dastardly acts of corrupt lawyers, promoters and swindlers who have raped the addicts supplied drugs and manipulated and plundered the addict and the addict’s family——

Scams Inc has asked its reporters to interview Hazelton Rehabilitation Center in Oregon and Betty Ford Clinic in California.

We have learned much about the disease and the liars and thieves who prey on the addicted for unjust financial gain and we have learned about the many who blind themselves as to their family members addictions and stupidly finance the disease out of weakness and stupidity.

Scams Inc has assembled a number of case histories that we will be reporting on in the hopes that the addicts will seek professional help and guidance at Hazelton or Betty Ford.

We hope that the expose of the despicable who have preyed on these addicts will be exposed as the thieves that they are——

Finally there are the desperate and despicable supposed mental doctors who also prey on the addict and who prescribe mood altering drugs that fuel the disease—including prescription marijuana.

Scams Inc, in this expose, on drug addiction will name all names we have verified including the culprits who have robbed, plundered and stoked the addict’s disease to further the crooks’ self-indulgences whether sex, money, power or worse.

We have assembled and will be exposing many names. We have confirmed the corrupt actions of these parasites and how these sociopaths ruin lives and fracture families. All of this and more we will be laying out in detail and which we will also be submitting to Hazelton for their publications———stay tuned.